Saturday, August 6, 2022

Been A Little While, Eh?


Hello my friends, it's been a very long year for me so far, although I've tried to keep up with you all through your blogs!  Let's see, what's happened this year.....

I guess it started with my hubby falling on the ice in January.  He hurt his ankle quite badly, couldn't walk at all, then fell every day again with the crutches.  A week later, I fell myself, in the garage, and ended up not being able to walk or use my right arm.  I fell on my shoulder.  What a blessing that my son was here, and was able to move our coffee makers upstairs!  

After 3 weeks of not being able to get downstairs, my brother called and told me he thought our mom was having a stroke.  Somehow, I managed to get dressed and into the car, and took her to the hospital. It may have been a mini-stroke, but they ran all the tests and she seemed fine to them.  I brought her home, and from that night on, she was living with me.

Eye surgery.  Pacemaker surgery.  Learning how to do insulin (she couldn't remember how to even pick her finger to get blood).  Finding all new doctors for her.  A fall, and a week later, we all got covid.  

After the fall, I took her to the ER, as she was acting goofy again - they kept her for a UTI.  By this time, we had been through the quarantine period for covid, but she was still testing positive so they stuck her in isolation.  This is how I had to visit her:

And my gosh, was it hot!  She made it through that, and came home, then fell again that very same night - hard - and had an ambulance ride where they again kept her.  This time, because I wasn't with her, and she was still testing positive, they wouldn't let me in with her.  She went from there to a nursing home, where they took abysmal care of her, and she finally came home.  Malnourished, with cellulitis, and very weak - but glad to be home.

Because, you know, home is where your daughter spoils you rotten.

During all of this, my arm was still not functioning, but it's better now, I can almost lift it as high as my shoulder.  And it doesn't wake me at night anymore.

Needless to say, I've done nothing else.  All of my sewing stuff is either packed away or given away.  My drawing supplies and paints are languishing.  My house is a disaster.  But you know?  God is so good!  My house is also filled with laughter, good food, and blessings too numerous to name.  

I have to admit I've missed blogging.  It's become a record for me of the years that have gone by.  Now that I can hold a camera with two hands again, I think I'll start back up.  For myself, though, to remind me - I know with no quilty content, I won't see most of you again.  And that's ok, we're all busy, believe me I understand that!

So - in the next month, barring any unforeseen problems, my son will be getting married.  And I have to find something to wear.  I also just (foolishly) cut 6 inches off my hair, so I may have to find a hairdresser.  Hard to cut your own when one arm doesn't work right, lol.  Life is full of the little daily things right now, so we are looking forward to a major occasion!  




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