Wednesday, September 29, 2021






Computer on;


You know what this means?  It means I'll wake up soon.  By the way, Scho-ka-kola (or, as we call it, German meth chocolate) was given to the German soldiers in WWII - it was a coveted bounty for the Allied soldiers.  It has caffeine in it.  Yes, you can still buy it today.  It helps me wait for my morning coffee.

It's a chilly morning here, with another beautiful day on the way, sunny but not as warm as it should be (according to heat-loving me).  We had flooding rain last week, and lost our power for four days!  Thank Jesus for generators.  We had just had groceries delivered, and managed to keep everything just fine, although I couldn't cook.  But morning coffee, with the coffee-maker plugged into the generator, made up for it.

While I wait for this morning's delivery of groceries, I thought I would upload some more scriptures.

Scripture Quilt Block 21

Scripture Quilt Block 22

Scripture quilt block 23

Scripture quilt block 24

Embellishments set 6

Click on the title to download.  There's only one more set of embellishments to upload, I guess I'd better get busy far, my "art" days haven't happened, there's been far too much going on.  But I have been doodling!

More of a practice, you know, just to warm up and get in the mood.  I need to remember to switch my phone to airplane mode while I doodle, as interruptions don't help the flow.

Sunday I met with a quilter, and gave her the rest of the fabric I had from my best friend.  I kept a tiny amount - as mum would like me to make her a new rice bag, and I'll need one as well.  I also kept the fabric from my boys' scripture quilts, and enough batting to finish them, as I anticipate getting back to that this winter.  But oh the relief of not having all that fabric sitting in totes, gathering dust (metaphorically speaking), guilting me!  I'm so glad it went to someone who will enjoy it.

So that's it for me this week, I'll have mum tomorrow - I need to write out some checks for her, she can no longer see to do even that.  It just breaks my heart - she's an artist, went to art school right out of high school, and I know the feeling of never getting enough of seeing the beauty around us.  But for an artist to not be able to see....oh it's truly heartbreaking.

Friends, have a lovely week, I may not post next week or even the next one after that - I'm taking a little road trip and will tell you all about it coming up.  Be well, be happy, trust the Lord and keep those fingers busy!




Yvonne said...

Scho-ka-kola...I had never heard of it and yet the Germans are our neighbours. A few weeks ago I stopped drinking coffee, I always started the day with 2 or 3 mugs and had one in the evening. But I suffered from heartburn so much that I thought it would be better to stop for a while. Well, I went cold turkey, have been shivering for one day and had a terrible headache for 4 days. But my stomic feels much better now, no more pils to calm it down.
Hopefully I will be able to drink coffe again in the future but I think I will only be taking one cup a day....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely scriptures. Sorry your mom's vision is failing. Have a blessed day. PattiK

Tanya said...

Glad you are well. I can't imagine having to live four days with nothing but a generator but maybe a household should always have one just in case. I'm not ready to give away my fabric just yet but I am so happy that I have a friend who comes over weekly to use it just as if it is her own!

Susan said...

Haven't been able to get to my email for a few weeks. What a nice surprise to see more of the scriptures pages and embellishments. I am so sorry your mom can't see hardly anything now. I am sure it is tough on both of you and you both are in my prayers.

Susan said...

I hope your mother has many visions stored in her mind that she can see over and over again. Thank you for the scriptures.


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