Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Hello dear friends.

How is everyone doing?  Spring is springing up here, the greening has begun, especially on this very watery day.  Buds and blooms everywhere, heralding great things to come.

We're all doing well here, nobody sick, although our city has had a tremendous amount of sickness.  Hubby and son are both laid off, we've been doing grocery pick-up so we don't have to go in stores, and I've also been ordering our vitamins online.  Mom switched her prescriptions to the Walmart that has a drive-through.  I had to take her to urgent care on Saturday (I think it was Saturday!) as she apparently has an infected swelled up 3 times the size of normal, red, hot, and started moving into the rest of her hand.  She's doing better now, with prescriptions.  We would sure appreciate your prayers - her doctor is not open, and if anything goes wrong I'll have to take her to the ER.  We really don't want to go there....

Has anyone else had a lot of trouble focusing on things?  I keep skipping around, unable to settle; of course that may be because hubby and son are home, in and out of the sewing room.  I've been reading a lot, watching BritBox and quilting - 

I've made ONE mask, boy that was hard, apparently I can't do anything but quilts!  I did end up giving it to my aunt, who is a nurse.

I used a cut-up t-shirt for ties, that worked really well!  The other side has a different fabric.

My son got me a boom arm that sits next to my big comfy chair - it holds my phone, so I can watch movies with my glasses off while I quilt.

It swivels and goes up and down, I can get my phone exactly where I want it.  Clever son!

As I was working on May's Applique Club projects, I discovered something about my machine.  I've only had it for 20 years.  I can mirror my blanket stitch - so that I don't have the bulk of my project in the throat of the machine!  Sometimes when I use the backing fabric for binding, I like to blanket stitch the binding down on the front - and this was a game changer for me.

Honestly - I know I only had 8 hours of instruction on this machine when I got it, but 20 years to figure it out!  Maybe I don't sew enough, lol!

And speaking of sewing, I should get back at it.  I'm working on June's Club projects now.  The Applique Club page has been updated with pictures of May's designs, if you didn't see them on my facebook page.  Also, Jenny is doing something wonderful - 

Pop on over to Jenny of Elefantz and join the fun, these projects are just stunning!

Praying you all stay safe and well, and are keeping your hands busy - see you soon!


Nancy J said...

Allie, hope your Mum is better every day. ED is not the place to go now. Our son-in=law had a heart attack last Saturday, Annette was not allowed to go in at all!!! One day in the local hospital, Sunday transferred to a much larger one about 2 hours away, that has a specialised cardiac unit, more ECG and blood tests, and Tuesday surgery and a stent inserted. I am so thankful for all hospital staff who are working with the PPE gear on, taking extra care, and saving lives, if this surgery had not been done, I don't want to contemplate the alternative. I, too, cannot make myself be motivated in any way at all, and yesterday did go out, the first time since March 17th, ( I know the dat as that was the other s-in-law's birthday, ), had gloves and a mask on, bought one item from the garden centre, phoned in what I wanted, they rang when it was ready, contactless payment, not allowed into the shop, and felt very safe. We all mange in our own way through this, and I long for life to be normal again, but I feel the new "Normal" will not be like it once was. However, blog friends will be the same, and I send a heap of love and thoughts that all stays well with you and your Mum XXXX

Julierose said...

I think your mask looks great--nice job--I don't like to sew anything other than quilts either--but I made masks for my family--after the 1st one they went along easier...I think understanding the directions is the big least for me--
Stay safe ~ ~ ~ ~ waving from afar...Julierose

Lin said...

Do hope Mum's finger is getting better Allie. Glad to hear that you are distancing as much as possible - one hears awful stories of people ignoring the advice. Stay safe and well my friend. xx

Karen said...

I hope the antibiotics work for your mother as you are so would not be good to have to make an emergency room trip.

And I am sorry to hear that you have family that was laid off. Does your area have plans to open things back up soon? Here, things will gradually start opening on a limited basis. That starts on Monday.

e said...

There is never a dull moment at your house, is there :)
I completely understand being unfocused and disjointed, but I have to say I really like the excuse that I have to stay home. For most of April, I was very productive. This week has been challenging. Once a week grocery trips are wonderful. Other things, like you, get ordered. Having Honey Do and Newton home can be challenging sometimes and affects my focus. But for the most part I don't mind.

Stay safe, know that you are loved :)

Jocelyn said...

It's been hard. One day running into another. Hope your mom is doing better.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So glad Mom is better. Prayers continuing.

Focus..oh focus??? What was the question?

West Michigan Quilter said...

Hi, Allie, what a nice post. So sorry to hear about your Mum. I hope she's all better by now. I see you've been busy mask making. Love that Boom arm from your son. He is so good to you. Yes, I've had trouble focusing too. I guess it goes along with being isolated. I'll be so glas when this is all over. Take care, Hugs

Fiona said...

lots of love to your mum.... who I still want for my surrogate mom... I am not very focussed and jump from one thing to another but I am sewing like a crazy woman... I think that is how I cope. not much sickness here really... we shut down pretty soon just going out once a week to get food.

Take care... xx

Tanya said...

Hope your mum's finger heals quickly. No, we don't want to be going to the hospital more than we have to, do we?!

Love that swivel arm that your son got you! I'll have to see if there is something like that in Japan!

I'm going to go check out Jenny's blog now! Thanks!

Dolores said...

Glad to hear everyone's fine and that your mom's finger survived. I'm pretty sure there are things I don't know about my machine and I've had it since the 1980s. Let's hope that we don't all have to start wearing masks. Take care.

Águeda said...

Dear Allie, I'm so sorry to hear your family was laid off. But, glad to hear everyone's fine.I had a lot of trouble focusing on things, I'm having a lot of trouble focusing on things right now, really...
You and your family are in my prayers. Take care of yourself. A big hug.

KaHolly said...

Hugs to your mum! T-shirt straps are genius. I’m going to try making a whole mask from a t-shirt to test breathe ability. Cloth masks are great for short spurts to the store, but man, after awhile, they are very uncomfortable.

KaHolly said...

Just checking back in! Hope everything remains well in your household. Glad I did, too. I need to check about mirroring mt Applique stitch, too.


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