Friday, February 28, 2020


It's a bitterly cold day today, the kind that makes your face hurt when you go outside, so I'm hibernating.  If you live somewhere warm, please appreciate it for me.  

My poor blog has been so neglected of late.  I was thinking about it earlier, and how neglected my home has been as well.  Winter is a time of very low energy for me, apparently I require sunlight and warmth similar to plants.  I hate the thought of spring cleaning - but I really do understand why it's necessary.  Hard to find the energy when all you want to do is snuggle down in about 23 quilts!

My son and I went out during the latest snowstorm, to an antique shop and new-to-us restaurant.  I only got one thing - a new (old) frame for an April design.

Love the reddish brown color.  I did find something else I wanted, but the price tag was ridiculous!!

A Lucy head vase!  Isn't she gorgeous?  But way over my budget!

I've been keeping busy in between my sessions with the couch, working on April's Applique Club designs

and also the quilt my best friend never got to finish.

Tons of hand quilting.  The March issue of the Applique Club will be going out Saturday night - 

Mostly I've been reading, old favorites from years back.  Reading doesn't require energy.  I don't like feeling so unproductive though, so today I'll attempt to vacuum.  A side bonus, the exercise will warm me up!  Maybe I'll even break out the mop - after all the snow and salt and mud, my poor floors could use it.  Nobody takes off their shoes when they come in here - I can't walk without mine, and hubby and son wear boots which are difficult to take off and put on constantly.  I'm thankful we have no carpet!

May your day be sunny inside and out - 


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