Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Creating Text In Word 2003

 Today I'm going to show you how to create text for an embroidery in Word.  My version is 2003 - I'm not sure how to do it in a newer version.  Are you ready?

Open Word.  Type in what you want - I'm showing a bible verse, as we're doing a bible quilt on my facebook group.  In the top right toolbar, click the "center" icon so your text is centered.  There are three buttons - left justify, center (highlighted yellow in the picture below) and right justify.

Next, highlight your text by clicking your left mouse button and holding it down, and dragging the cursor over the text.

Now click on the "format" tab on the top left toolbar, then "font".  A window will pop up.  This is where you'll choose your font - for the bible quilt, I'm using Bradley Hand ITC, a free download, just search for it on google if you don't have it installed in your computer.  The size of the font for the verse itself is 40, and you'll have to type it into that little window above the font sizes.  For the scripture reference name and number, the size is 36, you'll change that after you've changed it all.  

Click ok, and the window will disappear and your lettering will have changed.

Now highlight the scripture reference, and change the size to 36.

After you do this, you can change how you want the text to be laid out.  I prefer not to have it long and narrow.

Then save it to your desktop or a folder, give it a name and print - you're ready to trace it onto fabric and embroider!  

Clear as mud?  I'll have you know I learned how to take a screenshot just for the tutorial, I know how to do it on my phone but didn't know how on my laptop.  What fun!  There's nowhere to save the screenshot except in Word, as it copies the window to your clipboard, and you paste it into Word.  Otherwise I would have highlighted the buttons to click - I sure hope you can read them.  Let me know if you have any questions!




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