Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Keeping Me Busy

Good Wednesday morning, lovely friends.  I've hardly been around lately, and I thought I would show you what's been keeping me away.

my last picture of my bff

Before my best friend Cathy passed, she had come over so I could help her baste a quilt.  It was a gift for a wedding.  Well, she passed before it could be quilted, so I am going to finish it up for her - it's so large I decided to hand quilt it, as the arthritis in my neck won't allow me to machine quilt big quilts anymore.  There's another one just like it that she pieced for her daughter, I'll be hand quilting that one as well.

I'm also still helping out with her house, they're going to have an estate sale next week.  They've been very fortunate in already selling the house.  An answered prayer.

Last night, all my neighbors and I went to city hall, to block a proposed senior care facility built onto a house in our little neighborhood.  Right in the middle of the block.  We won!  It would change the neighborhood dramatically, and we like our little "country in the city" neighborhood just the way it is.  There are tons of other sites he could use.  Yay for us!

Jacquelynne has done a post this morning on all the bloggers participating in her new upcoming BOM, Happy Little Things, and is having another give-away - go enter!  There are awesome bloggers participating in this!  Click here:>  Meet the Bloggers

The last thing keeping me so busy is my new Applique Club - I'm already working on September's designs!!

Calendar Bird BOM

Poor little birdie wants his legs put on!  Jenny mentioned to me that I'd forgotten to show you up close pictures of August's designs, yikes, so I'll rectify that right now....

Daisy Chain Table Topper

My first time doing big-stitch quilting - I love it!!!!

Prim Flowers Wall-hanging
With Hanging Tag for Bible Verse

Calendar Bird BOM

Remember, if you want to join in on the fun, you have until midnight of July 31 to sign up to get August's patterns!  
Click here^
scroll down, and click "subscribe"!

Today I'm off to run mum around, she's almost out of insulin and we can't let that happen!  I'm hoping to get some quality time with my sewing machine tonight....I hope you get to spend time with yours as well!
See you soon!


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hand quilting those two quilts will be a huge undertaking, but I think every stitch will be a labour of love for Cathy...and may it bring you comfort too, Allie. xxx

I've finished my version of the Prim Flowers wall hanging (thank you for letting me proof read your first issue and play around with that pattern as well). I love all your first month's patterns but that one grabbed my heart straight off. Will share photos on my blog later today or tomorrow.

May the Lord BLESS you so very much.
Hug mum for me!!


Jocelyn said...

So kind of you to hand quilt the two quilts that you friend left behind. An Hooray for winning against the building of a senior center. We also fought a builder who wanted to build 70 units on land just north of our little neighborhood. We won and now he is going to build homes on 1/3 acre lots. More in line with our neighborhood.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I hope you might be able to hand quilt with is still so fun to sit around together, chat and quiet!

Binsa said...

Lovely kindness Allie in handquilting the quilts.

Lin said...

So glad you are going to complete your friends quilts for her Allie - she would be delighted. Lots of lovely designs. xx

Little Penpen said...

I'm so sorry about losing your best friend. Her quilt is very pretty and will be extra special even now.

West Michigan Quilter said...

So sad about your friend. I'm sure she felt your loving and kind touch in all you did for her. Hugs

TerriSue said...

Dearest Allie,
I got a huge quilting frame from freecycle a couple of years ago. It is in my garage at the moment. Oh how I wish you were in the area so that we could put your quilts on it and quilt them together and just talk. How healing it would be for both of us. Just how do you miss someone you have never met in person so much? I just joined your Applique Club. I thought and thought about it and finally decided that I would be able to find the cost somehow. Have a wonderful day.

Dolores said...

Your stitches are great. Will you be showing us the quilting design that you are putting on the quilt that you are hand quilting? I love your birdie BOM. Keep cool with the sewing.

Kath Mattus said...

So very sorry you've lost a treasured friend. Her family will be so richly blessed that you are finishing her quilts :).

Oh, I do love the Prim Wallhanging. So pretty!
Have a very blessed day!

Karen said...

Wow, hand-quilting, big big job. Love your daisy chain table topper. So bright and cheerful. Take care, Dear, and don't don't work too hard.


Rosemary said...

I just joined the club last week and I assume my first applique will be the August. I love applique and am excited to start these. Are the previous ones available for purchase? I would love them all. Thank you so much

Michele McLaughlin said...

You certainly have been busy Allie! I love your applique projects (your stitches are so nice and even!!!) and your friend's quilt. Keeping you in my prayers!

KaHolly said...

Hand quilting your friend's quilt is a mammoth undertaking! I’d comment on Jacquelynne 's blog if she had a Jump to Comment button, but it always takes forever to scroll to the bottom. Have fun on your date with your machine tonight!

Susan said...

September's banner is as cute as August's! These are going to be wonderful. How sweet you are to complete your friend's work on earth for her. You will receive many blessings, and probably shed many tears as you hand quilt those two.


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