Wednesday, April 10, 2019


You know, when we first moved in here, I had no plan.  This house has SO much storage - I just didn't know what to do with it all.  So I pretty much threw everything in wherever it would fit, knowing there'd still be so much space I could still find everything(*snort*), and that I would have plenty of time to sort it all out.

Fast forward 3 years.  Yep, it's all still there where I threw it.  Funny how that works.....sigh.  Every spring I think I'll get on it, but so far, I haven't.  This year, since I'm no longer working or even making patterns, I'm on a mission.

My main motivations is....spiders.  There are two huge trees right next to the house, a balcony under them where they breed, and none of the doors and windows fit properly.  You would not believe what gets in here.  The best way to keep them from breeding IN the house is to clear out all the clutter, and make it easy to keep clean.  

Today, I started with the most important room in the house, the sewing room. 

Every drawer, every cupboard.  This box above is all of my patterns that I've purchased over the years.  And it does go back years - there are many more that are on my computer!!!!

I went through all of my books from all their scattered locations - and after removing all the patterns from my book cupboard, all the books fit!!

There's even room for more.  I won't show you the top of the cupboard, that holds all of my own patterns, and they are an unholy mess.  I'm saving that for a rainy day.

I went through all the drawers in my dresser, found two plastic shoeboxes that now hold office supplies and trims.  Everything in order, how I love it.  Maybe now I can find things!  I still have to clean out the china cabinet, clean out the bookshelves and sort through fabric, but wow I feel so much better.

Oh, and look what I found - 

We used to have a book called The Taxi That Hurried, when the boys were small, and I drew the taxi and made a pillow for my boys.  Apparently I also traced their handprints - those are from 1997, when my oldest was 5 and youngest 3.  What a treasure.

So - being that I'm on a mission, you won't hear from me much for the next little bit.  I intend to clear out the entire house.  The enormous linen closet upstairs has boxes with who knows what in them, hopefully no spiders.

I'll leave you with a picture my son took of me, with his special headgear for working on pens - we were cracking up at how it made our eyes look, and had to take pics!!!!

Gee grandma what big eyes you have....and that hair won't win any awards either.....

See you later, allie-gator!

Friday, April 5, 2019


I just never know who I'm going to see outside my sewing room window - I almost had heart failure earlier when I caught something large moving out of the corner of my eye, turned around and there were four deer looking at me.

We've had so much rain lately that we joke about waterfront property without the high taxes.

The neighbors (non-verbal) don't seem to mind.  Although this guy finally got annoyed with me taking so many pictures and turned his back.

He finally waddled off with the Mrs. to hunt in the neighbor's lake.  It's just so odd to have them paddling around your lawn.

I've been sewing a bit.  This morning I worked on a secret project, and confirmed my suspicion that I will never make a full-size pieced quilt.  Ever.  Then I turned to a rather organically growing project....

This one is pure play.  I drew the design pieces, stitched them down, and am adding things as they come to me.  No planning involved - I love working this way.  This may become a table runner for my foyer, we'll see.  I'm using fusible web and straight line stitching around the pieces.  

I'm still searching for work, checking the job sites every day, and still getting calls for all kinds of things I can't do - such as truck driving - I can drive a semi, but I'm not licensed for it.  In the meantime, I play with fabric, and sometimes mum.

I hope all is going well with you, I'm getting around to blogs more often now and that's a good thing.  Love seeing what you all are up to.  Enjoy your weekend!

See you soon - 


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