Thursday, March 21, 2019

Block 8 Grow in Grace

A few hours early this week, as I have a job interview in the morning - here's block 8 of Grow in Grace!

I love this one - I have a very soft spot in my heart for dandelions, first flower my son ever gave me.  Only one more week to go, can you believe it? I still need to write the finishing instructions.

Mom got me again.  We went to the drugstore to pick up her eye drops, which we had to wait for.  While waiting, mum said, "you could go to school to be a pharmacist, you know".  Thinking only that they're on their feet for 12 hours shifts, I replied, "why would I do that???"  She answered, "don't you like to do drugs?"  At which point she saw my face, and we both doubled over laughing.

The entire pharmacy staff came over to see why we were crying, and I told them what she said.  They looked at me like YOU DO DRUGS?  So I had to explain that I used to be a pharmacy tech....I don't think they believed me.  Now there's a whole store that thinks I'm a druggie.

Gotta love her!

We seem to have a new pet.

A cute little kitty that freely roams our backyard, and I believe is living in the lean-to behind our shed.  I've been putting out bowls of tuna and trying to get a good picture, but it seems feral.  I was hoping to snap a good shot and take it around to the neighbors to see if it belonged to anyone.  It seems to like our house, but not us!

That's all the news in Allieville, remember if you're not on facebook, please email me at allieoopsdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com with which block you'd like.  I may not see your comment here, google is still playing up with notifications.

See you soon!


Kate said...

Your mom is one in a million! ^^
I can still see the tiny hand full of short dandelions with a face so proud to be bringing me some flowers - I, too, like dandelions and whilst I never pick a bouquet I make jelly and other good things with them and often they are the bees first food ... some see a weed and others see a wish.

Kathleen said...

That is hilarious about what happened in the store!!
Allie, I'm trying this again. I made a change in my blogger profile. Hopefully it will recognize me?

Nancy J said...

That is a good laugh. A few years ago I went to a "Senior's" update your driving skills.The instructor started by asking " How many of you are on drugs"? No one put their hand up. he replied." Come on, look at your ages, surely most of you must be on some medication " Someone replied.... Medication is not taking drugs!!! I didn't like the instructor from that moment. His teaching then went from bad to worse, so after lunch I didn't return . The next time you go to that pharmacy, be careful what you say.

Stina Blomgren said...

What a lovely way to start the morning reading your story... Thankyou so much! Love the dandelion block...I love them too..always like little suns ...cheering up ....and also among the frost flowers after a looooooooong winter! I do hope I don’t show up as a no reply...have done a lot of changes lately on my blog and settings... so this is a test... please let me know .... if no reply mail at kviltstina at gmail dot com.

Little Quiltsong said...

Another lovely block. My mom loved dandelions too and their bright yellow glory. As a little girl - I loved the aftermath of blowing all the fluff around :)! Thank you for this lovely block design, Allie - looking forward to you sharing it also :) - thanks!

Karen said...

I just love this series, Allie (although I ALWAYS say that....and its ALWAYS true). Your Mom's a hoot and a half. Love your stories of her and you. I can just picture you guys in the pharmacy now :) My Google identity picture went away a few weeks ago, so I've been fooling around a bit to get another up and going. Always something.

Binsa said...

Enjoyed your post Allie made me giggle

Fiona said...

you and your mom get up to all sorts of nonsence…. good luck with the interview....


Susan said...

I LOVE dandelions! They are one of my favorites, so this is my favorite block, definitely! That is a beautiful colored cat, looks Siamese?


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