Friday, March 1, 2019

Block 5 Grow in Grace

I cannot believe it's Friday already....not sure where this week went!  But it is, and block 5 is in the facebook files, as always, email me with your block number request.

This week is "Be holy".

Short post this week due to time constraints - I have a job interview this morning, yippee!  And my son is taking me to see the Rhythm of the Dance tonight.  My Irish toes are already tapping.

Mum is getting her heart catheter next Friday.  She talked to her doctor and they will try to mitigate the effects of the iodine.  She's feeling much better about getting it done now.  But prayers would be much appreciated.

Off to clean up - hope my interview pants still fit - 


Kate said...

Love this design, Allie, thank you. Good luck with the job interview and have fun tonight!! I'm pleased to hear the good news about your mom. k^^

Nancy J said...

Please let us know how things go with the cath lab test and your interview. They do say that a job is given out by the first minute into an interview!!! I'm sure you will fly through with a purple rosette.

WoolenSails said...

Another beautiful block, and yes, the weeks are flying by.
Prayers for your mom and that everything goes well so she can start feeling better again.
I love irish music, sounds fun.


Little Quiltsong said...

Another lovely design Allie! Looking forward to you sharing this one also. Will be praying for your Mom - thank you for letting us know which day it will be. My heart goes out to her and to you all. All the best with your interview!

Tammy said...

I will be praying for your Mom . And that all goes well with the Iodine....Hugs Sweetie

Kathy said...

Keeping your mom in my prayers.
Good luck with your interview!

Binsa said...

My thoughts and prayers for your Mum Allie. Ahh I love the irish dancing.

Karen Schurr said...

Hope all went well with the interview and will keep mum in my prayers.

Susan said...

I think this bouquet might be my favorite, but I'm not positive. I do like it a lot! How did the heart cath go for your mom today? I hope it was easy. And your job interview? You didn't mention anything in the 7th post.


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