Friday, March 29, 2019

Block 9 Grow in Grace

I can't believe it, but here is our very last block in the Grow in Grace project!

Be forgiven - you know, looking back over my life, I find it so difficult sometimes to understand how God could forgive me, and yet He did, and He does.

I've also completed the finishing instructions.

A very simple quilt - cuz simple is what I do - you know me and piecing, lol.  But I am very pleased with the final result!  Now to get it quilted and bound.

As always, email me at allieoopsdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com if you're not on facebook, and I will email you the designs.

I took mum out yesterday, and she didn't get me in trouble once.  It was amazing.

I'm going to celebrate a big birthday in a couple of days - and a few days ago I got a very special surprise in the mail.

Our own darling Jenny sent me the most gorgeous needlebook ever in the history of needleboooks.

As you can see, it's already in use!  I was gobsmacked at her teeny tiny stitches....

That little birdie is smaller than a penny!  Jenny, thank you for this beautiful treasure, it will be by my side with every stitch I take, to remind me of my sister in Christ across the miles.  Jenny celebrated the same big birthday last month....otherwise I would swear we were separated at birth.

Well, I guess I should go work on a new project, it's very strange to not have something new to upload every week!  I'm not lacking for ideas, I think I'll try to translate some of them into cloth...

See you soon!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Block 8 Grow in Grace

A few hours early this week, as I have a job interview in the morning - here's block 8 of Grow in Grace!

I love this one - I have a very soft spot in my heart for dandelions, first flower my son ever gave me.  Only one more week to go, can you believe it? I still need to write the finishing instructions.

Mom got me again.  We went to the drugstore to pick up her eye drops, which we had to wait for.  While waiting, mum said, "you could go to school to be a pharmacist, you know".  Thinking only that they're on their feet for 12 hours shifts, I replied, "why would I do that???"  She answered, "don't you like to do drugs?"  At which point she saw my face, and we both doubled over laughing.

The entire pharmacy staff came over to see why we were crying, and I told them what she said.  They looked at me like YOU DO DRUGS?  So I had to explain that I used to be a pharmacy tech....I don't think they believed me.  Now there's a whole store that thinks I'm a druggie.

Gotta love her!

We seem to have a new pet.

A cute little kitty that freely roams our backyard, and I believe is living in the lean-to behind our shed.  I've been putting out bowls of tuna and trying to get a good picture, but it seems feral.  I was hoping to snap a good shot and take it around to the neighbors to see if it belonged to anyone.  It seems to like our house, but not us!

That's all the news in Allieville, remember if you're not on facebook, please email me at allieoopsdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com with which block you'd like.  I may not see your comment here, google is still playing up with notifications.

See you soon!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Block 7 Grow in Grace

Good morning, everyone, Block 7 of Grow in Grace is ready!

In the facebook files, or email me at allieoopsdesigns(at)gmail(dot)com with the block number that you'd like.

Here's a pic of the finished quilt top.

I really love it!  I don't have a large enough piece of batting to quilt it right now, so it's in the pile of tops.

We had a taste of things to come yesterday, it was 62F and rainy.  I got mom out of the house, over to visit her best friend, it was lovely.  I also took a short video of the deer, they came back - we hadn't seen them hardly at all over the winter, they must have greener pastures somewhere.  With all the rain, there are lakes in the backyards, and the deer were having great fun!  One of them was herding ducks - nose down, walking them over to the other end of the lake.  They were noisily protesting.  Wish I'd gotten a video of that!

Have a lovely weekend, my friends....

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Mum Update

Thank you all for the prayers - Mum is doing very well, there was no blockage so she didn't have to get stents put it.  The Dr. said the heart spasms should be able to be controlled by medication, and they have the perfect one for that.  They'll monitor her closely and only time will tell if she needs a pacemaker/defibrillator - she already has a pacemaker, which is how they found this.

She's recuperating at home and loving all the attention.  She couldn't use her arm where they went into the artery for a few days, so she's being waited on hand and foot.  And we are happy to do it!!!

Thanks again for all the prayers!!!!


(Psalms 73:26) "My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever."

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Block 6 Grow in Grace

I'm uploading block 6 early this week, mum goes for her heart cath in the morning - this week is "be fruitful" and it's my favorite!!!

I had finished up the stitching part of the blocks yesterday, and today started trying to figure out how I wanted to put them together.

I had to trim them all down to 8 inches, as they had frayed so badly and gotten all wavy from the embroidery.

Normally I like to pink the edges when I do embroidery to prevent fraying but this time I plain forgot.

As always, email me if you're not on facebook and I will email you the pattern.  If you don't get an answer from me right away, it's because I'm at the hospital, and just can't.  I have no idea if they'll keep her overnight or what.  I guess it depends on what they find.


Friday, March 1, 2019

Block 5 Grow in Grace

I cannot believe it's Friday already....not sure where this week went!  But it is, and block 5 is in the facebook files, as always, email me with your block number request.

This week is "Be holy".

Short post this week due to time constraints - I have a job interview this morning, yippee!  And my son is taking me to see the Rhythm of the Dance tonight.  My Irish toes are already tapping.

Mum is getting her heart catheter next Friday.  She talked to her doctor and they will try to mitigate the effects of the iodine.  She's feeling much better about getting it done now.  But prayers would be much appreciated.

Off to clean up - hope my interview pants still fit - 


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