Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Hi everybody!  I hope you're all surviving the wicked weather, no matter where you are - at my house, it's currently minus 10 with a windchill of minus 32, my windows are popping, and I've opened my kitchen cupboards and dishwasher to let warmth get to the pipes.  My radiator space heater is warming up my sewing room.

Let's had my last day of work Monday, during a snowstorm.  The powers that be are moving everything to a facility an hour away from me, and I won't drive that far for work.  Very sad...but I have to wonder what God is freeing me up for!  I will wait and see.  I've also officially retired from selling patterns...although I'll still be drawing and stitching, everything will just be shared on my facebook group.

Friday February 1st I'll be starting a new, free BOM on my facebook page [link on right sidebar].  Grow In Grace.  It's not really a BOM, as it will be a weekly upload.  These are the first four blocks - 

Just a little stitching fun.  I had planned on doing a full size quilt along with this, using up the fat quarter bundle of Hopelessly Romantic that I got a year ago, and only one block - repeated, of course - forgetting how very much I don't like piecing, and how rubbish I am at it.  I did make a block, and will do a tutorial for it, but I'm not making more, lol.  I'll do a quilt with just squares instead.  This BOM will use some of the fabric in the sashing and border, so they'll be companion projects.

I haven't been around to your blogs much.  I just haven't had the energy...either working, running mum around, or stitching on the couch.  But you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

I'll be back on Friday to share the tutorial for the quilt block, inspired by my kitchen floor, lol.  And of course the first block in our Grow In Grace wallhanging.  Until then, stay warm [or cool, and DRY for my Queensland friends!], I'll see you soon!


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year, New Group

Hi everyone, I've created a new facebook group for sharing free designs.  It's called Allie-oops Designs, I'm going to try to link it....

It's a closed group, you have to request to join.  It seemed the simplest way to share freebies, as blogger doesn't support pdf's.  This is the only way I'll be sharing free designs anymore, at least until Facebook changes things.

I started my new year off right, I got the loveliest planner - 

The best part?  It's large print!  I can actually see it!

No excuses now for forgetting anything, lol!  Thing 2 got me the loveliest pen as well - it's a vintage Scheaffer, new old stock [old, but never used], and it's a ballpoint!

Lovely to write with!  Oh and Thing 1 got me a ChromeCast and Google Home mini - yikes - it's smarter than I am.  But now I can sit in my chair and tell it to start Netflix or Youtube on my tv!  How lazy can you get, right?  On Christmas Eve, we had it playing a fireplace from youtube, and my mom walked in, looked at it, and said "it's getting warmer in here!"  Oh the power of positive thinking.

I'm still in my jammies, although I got up at 6am [no midnight parties here, lol], I hope you're enjoying the start of the new year the way you love best too.  So now, back to your regularly scheduled sewing....



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