Sunday, November 11, 2018

Coming Home

Well it's been a fun couple of weeks, mostly.  I've enjoyed working, driving through country roads and looking at all the gorgeous fall colors....

This was the burning bush in my driveway.

Not as pretty as some, but impressive still.

At least until this happened....

Melted now, thank goodness.  

Thing 2 and I went to Dublin, Ohio, for the Ohio Pen Show.  I had no idea so many folks were into fountain pens.  We had a blast!  Sam collects and restores vintage fountain pens, and was truly in his element.

That was the "parts" table.  AMAZING.

This was the Scheaffer guy's table.

I think what impressed me most was the number of really expensive pens just laying around - $2-3,000!  And no theft.  Amazing.

While Sam was busy at the show, I was checking out quilt shops.  My first stop was right by the hotel, Red Rooster Quilts....OH MY.  Budgets may have been broken.  I missed out taking pics of the shop itself, everyone was so friendly and nice I spent the time visiting and spending instead.  This was my haul....Kim Diehl fabrics!!!

I LOVED this shop.  I highly recommend it.  Fantastic selection, beautiful quilts hanging on the walls, and the friendliest people ever.

The second shop I went to was Quilt Beginnings.  Another great shop!!!  I had spent my budget at Red Rooster, so was just browsing, but you know how that goes....they had a quilt made up that I fell in love with, and when I found the pattern I simply had to have it.

She's a treadle lady!!!!!!!!!!  Can't you just see her hanging in my sewing room???? I adore her.  I've never spent that much money on a pattern in my life, but I just had to have her.

There was a little of this....

Sam is very fun to go antiquing with!  And on Sunday, I was able to meet with my homeschooling friend Martha, who I've known for over 20 years but never got to meet in person - what a dear sweet friend she is!!  So lovely to give her a great big hug in person.

The pen show ended on Sunday, and we booked an extra night so we could go to the Columbus Zoo on Monday, it was also right by the hotel.  Unfortunately, Sam woke at 2am, so sick....we ended up leaving for home around 10am.  He's better now, but of course shared it with me.

No stitching got done in Ohio, I brought it with me but the light in the room wasn't bright enough for me.  Well, and I was too busy, lol.  Since I've been home, I've worked 3 days and also been sick.  Over the worst of it now, thank goodness!

Today, my oldest son brought me a present.

LOL not really - it's his kitty, Sophie, and she's staying at my house for a week.  She seems quite happy already!!

You may recognize my over-size cutting table - it's hers for now.  She's fascinated with the windows, and she's seen her first deer!

She's enthralled....I think it's going to be a fun week!

Now let's see if I can get caught up with all of you!
See you soon!



Jocelyn Thurston said...

Hi Allie, I can't get over all those pens; I had no idea fountain pens were such a "thing" and how great for Sam to indulge his special interest. Just as you got to indulge yours! Meanwhile, we have one foot in winter but don't want it to be there just yet.
I just checked your shop...wondering if I missed your bird project you'd been working on.
Hope you are feeling all better now and if you guys have had the low sun we have, you might need to up the Vitamin D.

Fiona said...

what a fun trip and so many pens to fix.... hope Sam got as good a haul as you did. Lovely fabrics, just my kind of colours… and that pattern... amazing. I don't think I would have passed by it either. You had that early cold snap and we had an early boiling hot one!

Great to read you again...xx


Nancy J said...

Pens for one and fabric for the other, a great combination.And then a window seat for a visitor, with views to drool over, or meow and purr!!!

Jeanette said...

Goodness what a lot of pens. Love those fabrics & the pattern looks interesting. All the trees are gorgeous with the Autumn colours. Awww Sophie is so cute. Hugs, xx

WoolenSails said...

I love the fall colors, so magical to just take a drive and be surrounded by it.
That looks like a fun show, I tried them years ago for art, but I made a mess, will stick to pen markers, lol.
Great finds, always fun to check out shops in new areas.


Shasta Matova said...

Your trees are gorgeous - just love fall color. You didn't have to bring up the four letter s-word though. You were in my neck of the woods. Love your fabric purchase!

Lin said...

Hi Allie. Sounds like a great trip and the pen show looks like an eye opener! Great purchases and I LOVE the Treadle Lady! Enjoy your week with Sophie. xx

Yvonne said...

What a fun trip! Never knew there was so much to do about pens. I rather go fabric shopping too. You found some pretty ones! I love Kim’s fabrics.
Fall colors are just amazing.
Enjoy your visitir. She looks like a sweet kitty!

Michele McLaughlin said...

What a great trip! You got fantastic fabrics and love that pattern!!! Hope you are feeling better and enjoy your little studio friend! Hugs!

KaHolly said...

A pen show?!? I had no idea! That’s quite amazing. Despite getting sick, it looks like it was a fun trip.

Little Penpen said...

Awww... you are a good cat grandma! That's a cool pic of the cat watching the deer. I'm glad you had a nice time on your trip; sorry you two got sick though. I had never heard of pen collecting or a pen show until you mentioned it to me recently. There are lots of interesting people in this world. That huge pen at the one display was fun to see. Good for you to make some fun purchases... that quilt lady is awesome. Be safe in driving in your snowy weather!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Oh, yes!! Fountain pen people are very much alive and well! It is a thing!! I love my fountain pens...I would love to go to a pen show sometime. =) I am sure your son knows, but just in case, there are fountain pen groups on Facebook. I am part of Goulet Nation. I lurk mostly, but I learn so much from the other more active penablers.

Jocelyn said...

What a fun post. When I was a teen I only used fountain pens to write to pen pals. They were fun and I probably have one still around, somewhere. Glad you were able to find a quilt shop and some fun fabric. Sorry about being sick, that is always a bummer when traveling. Take care.

Tammy said...

Who knew fountain pens were collectible....That's the first I ever heard of it before. Guess I have been living under a rock. Love the pattern you bought. Very unique. Can't wait to see your version of it. Enjoy kitty sitting. Your sons cat is very pretty. I have two inside cats and I feed a couple feral outside ones as well

Karen said...

I didn't know there is such a thing as a pen show. I have heard of people collecting advertising pens which I think would not have a lot of value. I know nothing!

edith csokmay said...

Hi Allie, glad you had a good time in Ohio, wish we could have gotten together. I love both of those quilt shops and have left my budget and then some there also. We only live once. I'll be happy to purchase that pattern from you when you're finished making her. I think it's fantastic!!

Karen Schurr said...

Oh, so fun seeing all those pens! Wow. So glad you had a nice visit to Ohio (that state down South ;) Love seeing your visitor, too. Beautiful pictures. Hugs, Dear.

Evi Erlinda said...

impressive series of photos. thank you for sharing.

greeting- evi erlinda

Linda in Calif. said...

I just can't believe that people collect fountain pens! And that they have a place where there are that many! Okay - well, I'm sure people are surprised when they see us buying fabric. The best though is being able to spend time with your son. Beautiful trees - we do not have the four seasons like you - so those are gorgeous trees to me. I bet you are happy with your kitty-visitor.

Terry said...

I'm glad you had a good time in Ohio! I'm just sorry we couldn't get together. Next time come when it's warm and we'll do the zoo together! :0)

Susan said...

Did you know that Edi's husband makes pens? For a living! He's given me several, including a beautiful fountain pen, and I love them all. My son is a collector, though he doesn't have the budget for the expensive ones! He has an old Parker that belonged to my dad, I think, and that got him started.

I can see that even though I didn't have a lot of color this year, you did! That burning bush looks amazing to me, but I didn't like the snow picture. LOL Sophie is a beauty ... and did she dismember a catnip mouse there on the table?

SM S said...

Hi Allie what a wonderful time you have had,i am back i missed my blogging friends,i am now also your newest follower.What a shame Sam got sick and a buggar that it passed on to you.
Sophie looks very much at home with you,say hi to your mum for me.cheers Shez xx

donna said...

Allie looks like you had a wonderful time. I did not know there was a pen thing out there? It was sew cool to see your pictures of the pen show. Thank you sew much for sharing pictures of the beautiful foilage. Every year I say to myself we need to go somewhere and actually see the seasons change. So far the seasons come and go and we don't go. lol! We still have leaves on our trees in the yard and they are somewhere between green and brown.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving my dear.

SM S said...

Hi Allie so glad you had a lovely time,cant get over how much your boy looks like mine.
Gee the pen collection was amazing,your boy looks like he is in pen heaven.
Love your pics ,say hello to your mum from me please Allie,hope she is doing well,Cheers Shez.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Gorgeous trees!!! Good to see you and your boy having so much fun.


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