Friday, July 13, 2018


Isn't "home" one of the sweetest words?  I'm back from my son's, been home all week, but too busy to blog.  Too busy even to stitch much!!

This is only block 3.  I got no stitching done at my son's house, just couldn't get comfortable and it was killing my neck.  So I read lots of books as it was so stinkin' hot - we stayed close to home!  We did go to the church where my mom and dad were married, back in 1963 when I was 4.

I was two when my birth father died, and 17 when my adopted dad died.  Mum is one of the strongest women I know.

We also spent a lot of time eating ice cream - I had it for dinner twice.  One day we went to what was touted as the best ice cream place in the city, and it was good, they had an old telephone booth outside with Superman in it.  You can't see the suit hanging behind him...

Mom had some too, a big waffle cone filled with Moose Tracks, then later that night I had some ice cream at the house.  I told her she couldn't have any more as she IS diabetic - when I went to bed, I was almost asleep when I heard the tink tink of a spoon hitting a bowl.  You know that sound when you're scraping up the last of the runny stuff?  Yep.  She was very naughty, waiting til I went to bed!!!

We did go there to spend time with John's kitty, Sophie - 

She spent most of her time either on top of my mom or me, and also in my sewing bag!

That bag had my pillow in it that I use for hand stitching.  No wonder I got nothing done.

I took a pic of a tile in John's shower, I could see a quilt pattern here....

Love it.

I was a little bit upset with myself after eating all that ice cream last week.  I'd gone a couple of weeks ago to get new glasses, and since my vision fluctuates during the day the doctor wanted me to get tested for diabetes.  I had my physical this past Tuesday.  No diabetes, all blood work is great, and I'm healthy.

  HOWEVER.  I got the shock of my life - I've always been 5'8, ever since I was 18.  Tall and slender, wasn't able to get over 110lbs until I hit menopause.  

Well.  They measured me at 5'5.  Somehow I lost three inches just walking in the door!!!!!  I did measure myself at home, and they're right!  How does someone lose three inches??  I've called my old doctor, who is requesting my records, to make sure I'm not nuts.  The new doctor didn't seem to believe that I really was 5''s on my driver's license, which doesn't prove anything, but we'll see what my old records say!

But that wasn't all.  I now weigh 170lbs.  I didn't weigh that much when I was 9 months pregnant with my boys.  The diet started yesterday, a whole new way of eating, and the exercise started the day before!  Wow am I sore today.  We'll see how I do, I'm determined to never have to have another diabetes scare!

Last bit of news, two days in a row I've seen a huge coyote in my back yard.  I've spread the word around the neighbors, to watch their children and pets.  I'm not sad about it, the deer are taking over, as are the bunnies and squirrels.  We'd like to have a garden someday!  Just have to be careful.

That's about it, I have a busy weekend coming up, I hope you all have a great weekend and find some time to enjoy doing the things you love!!!!!

See you soon!


Little Penpen said...

LOL on the ice cream and mom sneaking hers after you went to bed. I have a weakness for ice cream too and try not to bring it into the house. However, it does find its way in here sometimes! I'm glad you and your mom had a nice visit together while cat sitting. The church is beautiful where she married your dad.

Shez said...

Hi Allie I enjoyed reading your post ,your mum looks well ,hi mum. Your sons cat looks like my sisters cat Scooter,what a shame you didn't get much stitching done,lol had to laugh at your mum sneaking the ice cream,lol. Hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Jocelyn said...

Wow! You have had an adventure. And the weight thing! Uggg! I've had a really hard time keeping the weight down since the meno :-) No fun!

BillieBee (billiemick) said... I'm going to have to measure myself. I'm afraid I already know what I weigh😢😢😢 sounds like you gals had fun. Is Mom in timeout?

Karen Schurr said...

Oh, Allie, don't worry about happens over time to us all. (the discspaces along the spine collapse with time as gravity takes its toll). I used to be 5'7" in my teens, now I'm 5'5", too! So happy your bloodwork is good and you're healthy...yay. That diabetes isn't something to mess with. Love those pics of Mum and the sweet kitten....why do cats always look like they've been caught red-handed :) Ha!

Nancy J said...

When those inches diminish it is so scary!!! I had to be weighed and measured for a recent MRI, and yes, I had lost some height. And gained some ounces... I was amazed, and so sorry to see that slide rule drop down so low. Now I do not reach grandson's shoulder!! Home, what a joyous word for so many this last week or so.

Karen said...

I want some ice-cream!

Shasta Matova said...

Oh oh I can't afford to lose any height! I'm glad you had a good time with your family. You should definitely make that tile in a quilt. It's applique or embroidery!

Jeanette said...

Great post Allie. Naughty Mum sneaking in a bowl of ice cream. Love the tile, it's like a Hawaiian quilt pattern. Hugs,xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

So pleased you and Mum had that 'time away' together :-)
Glad also that you're choosing to address those health issues...I need to as well! Love you Allie-girl. xxx

WoolenSails said...

I guess that is one thing I don't have to worry about since I don't eat sugar foods, just a pinch in my tea or coffee. I lost an inch over the years, that is a lot of height to lose.


KaHolly said...

Oh, my goodness! 3”? I’m curious to know how many I’ve lost. I was always tall and 'slender', too. At 5’7”, it was always a struggle to stay over 100 lbs. Now my weight fluctuates between 115 lbs. and 122 lbs. I laugh about it being my 'middle age spread'. Block 3 is coming out beautiful. You have such imagination!

Little Quiltsong said...

So enjoyed your post today! Wow - to the 3" - I know I'm 'a bit' shorter than before, because I'm looking more up than 'across' at people now :)! The kitty is so cute and sweet looking. Your mother - and you, have gone through a lot with the losses you had to go through. My heart went out to what you all had to endure - sending hugs, at this news! Your blog looks cute - hopefully you will get more sewing done, now that you are 'home' - yes, a very comforting word!!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Yes, home as it is said, is the greatest of institutions. It seems like you had a wonderful little trip. It is a balance thing isn't it because I too think we should be able to have our treats. Hubby was 6'4 in and is now 6'2, but I have lost just 1/4 of an inch so far.But I've made up for it in the you I now weigh more than when I went in the hospital to give birth to the second daughter, and there doesn't seem to be any movement on it no matter what I do. Good luck with the resolve...with a Mom with diabetes, does that increase your risk?

TerriSue said...

Dear Allie,
Just so you know that it does happen, at one time I was 5'5 1/2". I now have to stand extremely erect to measure 5'3". After I had my back surgery and they lifted my spine up off of my leg muscles and put in a cage in my spine I thought I would surely gain some of my height back...nope, didn't happen. As for the weight...Darling welcome to getting older.
It looks like you had a great time with your Mom. I'm so pleased for you.


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