Sunday, June 10, 2018


A very happy Sunday to you all - woke very early this morning and thought I'd play catch-up.  I've been avoiding blogging because of the huge email debacle, but I miss it.  I have turned off comments for this post, however - and probably will continue to do so until this mess is straightened out.

I've been playing with birds, and have reached the stage where I'm going to choose fabrics.  But I couldn't decide whether to make my leaves varying shades of green, or make it truly scrappy with leaves of all colors!  So I had the bright idea to make the blocks really small, and color them in.

My printer, which was working great the day before, finally decided it was time to die.  You can't make patterns without a printer and scanner - at least, I can't - so after hours of playing with it, I contemplated giving it all up.  Yep, I was that frustrated.  Fortunately, my son has an extra printer/scanner, which has the benefit of being wireless, and he's bringing it today!  Yippee!

Not a lot else has been going on.  I've been on fawn-watch, and now bunny-watch - so many young ones chasing each other around the yard.  No pictures of those, they're way too fast!

All you can see are ear tips!
My what long legs you have!

The jasmine is blooming in the driveway island.

Funny thing though - last year, you could smell it a block away, and this year it has no scent.  Anybody know why?

I was trying to put a phone number into my mother's flip phone, and really struggling.  All those double-duty I showed her my Android, how easy it was to do things, and she liked it.

I'm almost afraid to let her loose on one though, it would have to be VERY basic to keep her from visiting the wrong places on the internet by accident!  

Well I hope you are all enjoying the tail end of the weekend, I'll see you soon and maybe google will fix blogger - we can hope.  I really, really don't want to move to WordPress!



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