Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year

And just like that, we turn the page on another year - seems like it went pretty quick, doesn't it?

I'm not going to indulge in reflections of the past year, or take a look at what I accomplished - too hard to remember, haha.  I can remember what I accomplished today though, I managed to clean and re-arrange my sewing room!  I like starting a new year [or a new week, or a new month] with a fresh clean layout.

It looks a little crowded in the pictures, but it's really not.  There's room to walk around everything, and I don't have to lean over anything to get to the windows.  Not in the picture is my exercise bike, which I'm determined to get on more.

And yes, I had so much fun - watching a Bob Newhart marathon, changing furniture around, and just generally staying indoors.

As I was cleaning, I had the feeling I was being watched......

Do you see the face in the tree?  Creeped me out no end.  I can only hope it's Santa.

It's just a little after 8pm here, not quite the new year yet, but I'm planning on being asleep for it - so I'll take this opportunity to wish you all the best in the coming year, health and happiness and all the blessings you can handle.  


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

More Coffee....

I hope every one of you had a very Merry Christmas, we sure did although all the white-knuckle driving had me a little sore, lol!  Lots of snow to play in, and so many accidents on the road, I hope everyone made it safe.  I don't think I've ever seen that much traffic on Christmas Eve!

I have to show you a lovely surprise I received in the mail, all the way from sunny Spain and my lovely friend Agueda

The sweetest little doll, dressed in a traditional costume of her area.  Isn't she so sweet???  The detail blows me away.  I just love her so much!!!  Thank you Agueda!!  She sits by me while I'm stitching to keep me company.

It feels good to be stitching again, I've been too busy.  I drew up a new pattern, one that is very dear to my heart.  I was going to do needleturn, but decided that since it will be hung on the wall I'd do fusible.  I prefer wall quilts to be a little stiffer than bed quilts.  If I ever make it larger, for a bed, I'll do the needleturn.  

With all the cold and snow, I'm dreaming of a garden.

My oldest chick has bought himself a house, and will be moving out soon to his new nest.  He'll only be the second owner of this home!  I was going to take over his room for a winter sewing room, but decided against it - it's too hot upstairs!  It's 20 degrees warmer up there, almost too warm to sleep.  We really need to fix that!

And now I really do need more coffee, so I'll leave you with the hope for many blessings in the new year, may God richly bless you all, my friends...


Sunday, December 17, 2017


The birthday girl enjoyed her party - thanks everyone for the well wishes and prayers!  

My boys shuttled everyone from the shopping center, so my driveway would be free of cars, and she wouldn't suspect.  Everything went splendidly.  My aunt had made her wear an ugly Christmas sweater, and our friend Shirley got her a nice birthday hat to wear.

Just a great day all round.  

Now - to think about Christmas - been too busy!~


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Moving Right Along

Hi everybody, I'm missing you so!!!  Things are shaping up at Chez Allie, may I say I had no idea my house was so dirty - I am not the housekeeper I used to be, that's for sure.  Which almost kills me to admit, but it's the truth.  Having a party is a good incentive to clean it up though!

We've had some chilly mornings, but afternoons have been pleasant and mostly sunny.  Took a picture of the frost the other morning - you can see where the shadow of the "shed" kept the frost sticking around.

In my brief resting moments, I've been trying applique methods.  Needle turn did not go well, it never has, but I think I found my new favorite - starch and freezer paper!!!

I use the little flathead screwdriver to help turn the fabric under, while I press it dry, keeps my fingers from getting burned.  I'm going to use the bias tape marker for stems and lettering.  I watched this video

and oh is it good.  Now to see if I can get it stitched on the background fabric successfully, lol!  I may be moving to more applique and not so much embroidery - I've had trouble with double vision in my right eye lately, it's very annoying.  Before the end of the year, I have to find an eye dr. that takes my insurance.  We'll see if it will be worth all the trouble, lol!

I have to show you a picture that Carol sent me, she made my free Cup Of Kindness mug rug for a craft show - didn't she do a lovely job!!!

The dresdens are her own design!!  I was thrilled to see her beautiful work.  Thank you Carol, for sharing!

I think that's it for now, I'll leave you with an unsatisfactory picture I took of the moon the other night.  My camera wouldn't focus on the moon, just the trees - the moon had a HUGE halo, it was so pretty.

Be well, be blessed.....




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