Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Weekend Report With Allie-Oops

Hello, and welcome to the Weekend Report.  It's been a busy week here in Allie-land, apparently I'm the neighborhood Designated Babysitter for Wildlife.

This baby robin stayed on the step of the shed all day long Thursday.  Mama and Daddy would come with food.  At one point, it wasn't moving at all, and I thought it was dead.....then Mama showed up with a nice juicy worm.

Never did get a picture of that, she was too quick.  I thought maybe it was injured, but 12 hours later it finally hopped down, went over to the biggest tree, hopped up the trunk and flew off several times....little stinker.  Just a slow learner I guess.

On Friday, in the very early morning, one of the fawns came to lay by our shed.

  Every now and then, he'd look around for Mama, then go back to sleep.

She finally showed up for a mid-morning snack, baby was happy.

Then she took off again.  My friend Shirley came over for a visit, and we just sat in the sewing room, watching baby.  The sun finally got hot and he got up and moved to the thicket, where he stayed and stayed and stayed....

Later in the day, the young bucks came back, running across my patio and giving me heart failure.  The does have been keeping them away, as they'll kill the fawns.  One of the bucks came over to the peach tree there in the picture, and was eating the leaves, saw the fawn and charged him - so yours truly DB [designated babysitter] went charging out after the buck to keep him away from the fawn.  Not recommended, but he ran off.

The fawn went back to sleep, and I stayed up after my bedtime to make sure Mama came back.  She never did.  It finally got too dark to see, so I went to bed, praying for baby.  He was gone in the morning, so I'm believing mom came back. 

And this, my friends, is partly why I'm a city girl.  Nature is stressful.

And now for the flower report.  We have no idea what all is in our flowerbeds, except poison ivy, which hubby thought he was immune to - he's not.  He's covered head to toe.  Friday, when Shirley was here, we stopped to try to figure out what's growing in the island in our driveway.  

It's JASMINE!!!!  My driveway smells heavenly!!  I had no idea it would grow in Michigan.

It's thriving, growing up through our burning bush and our lilac bush.

News about Mom.  She's doing well, and is no longer trapped in her house.  She couldn't manage her steps off the porch, they're too high, so I could only take her out if the boys went with me or my brother was home.  My wonderful brother put in a railing so she can get out now on her own.

She's so happy!  And so am I.  I can't hold her up, she takes me right to the ground - she's unbelievably strong!

There has been some sewing going on, I drew up a new pattern and started a background for it, using all my light-colored scraps.

And - I don't have enough of them.  Not only that, I have nothing that looks good for the applique.  I'm re-drawing the pattern for stitchery.  Sometimes, designing can be frustrating!

As I mentioned earlier, the bucks are back, and we're not seeing the fawns or the does.  These bucks are juvenile delinquents, bold as brass.  We're currently having a heat wave, temps in the 90's all week, so they're hanging close to the shade.  I believe these are last year's fawns, not sure...

Forgive the pictures, taken through my dirty windows - I guess I need to clean them!

So, that's the weather, wildlife, floral, sewing, and mom report.  I hope you're all keeping comfortable, no matter your weather, and that you're finding plenty to keep your hands busy.  I'll see you soon!



Nancy J said...

Wildlife!!! Our son-in-law has a saying " If you have livestock, you will have dead stock!!" Not overly sympathetic, but very true. But they have over 8000 ewes, and multiple lambing births, in an area where it can snow at the worst times. Lovely babies with legs on the ground or feathers in the air. I, too, worry if I see a baby bird that I think is struggling, only to find it is having a wee rest and all is well, Great news for your Mum, she is a trooper.And the fabric strips, love those pale colours. Hugs from NZ, no frost, but some overnight rain, 6.30 a.m. down here.

darlynn said...

I read your blog religiously, yet do not comment. Thought it was time to say thank you for your blogging report on the flora and fauna as well as family and quilting updates.
take care.

Jeanette said...

Love reading about your wildlife escapades. I hope the fawn did get back to its Mum. Good news about your Mum. Hugs, xx

Karen said...

Aw, I loved reading about you dear visitations and the birdie ordeal. Life outside your window is fascinating. So happy to see your mum is doing well and happily enjoying life. What an inspiration. PS, I fell in love with those pastel rows you've put together so far. What a fresh look. Have a great week, dear.

Jocelyn said...

What a good little baby fawn. A rancher once told me that cows will set their young down and go off to feed. The baby cow will not move until mama comes back for it. Maybe it's true with the deer as well. Glad to hear that you mum is doing so much better. Independence is a great motivator.

WoolenSails said...

I have seen babies who get out of the nest and have a hard time, guess it is the fat body and short wings, but the mom always stays nearby and encourages them and off they fly. Glad your mom is doing better and the railing is perfect, will make it much easier. Love the light colors, can't wait to see what you are making.


sunny said...

Never a dull moment in Allie-Land! Love hearing about your flora and fauna. Your fabric is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what you're making with it. Say hi to Mum for me!

Verna G said...

How wonderful that you have such contact with nature! I envy you! Glad your Mom is doing well!

margaret said...

what an idyllic spot you live in, do hope the deer survived.
So good to read Mum is doing well now and can get out and about.

Binsa said...

Dear Allie what a sweet post thoroughly enjoyed it hugs lyn

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lots happening in your world Allie... fantastic photos.... fantastic your mum is doing well ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Unknown said...

Loved your latest post. Seeing and reading it, makes me a little homesick for the north - but just a little. Not a fan of all that snow!
Your wildlife pics are amazing - and what a group you babysit! ;-)
All we have are snakes, gators, and turtles.
Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with your background scraps - they sure are pretty!
Blessings, Donna

Little Quiltsong said...

So loved hearing about your wildlife resort :)! They do feel at home there. Yes, we too had a little incident with a baby robin and thought it had died - only for it to fly away when we got closer. Whew!
Wonderful to hear your mom is doing well - and that she can now maneuver the steps on her own with the new railing! Simple step depths can become an issue when not as agile anymore.
Enjoy your designing process - your blocks look lovely!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Allie,
I understand that feeling of having to keep an eye on the wildlife. I didn't know that about the bucks charging the fawns. Around here, they are urging people not to put what they think are abandoned fawns in their cars and driving them to animal shelters. Mothers are somewhere nearby and will eventually appear.
Jasmine...imagine that! I'm envious. I wonder would it grow here.
So glad your Mom is able to get out and about...looking great, btw.
Good luck with your designing.

Karen said...

Your yard is quite the nature haven!
I say it is time for some fabric shopping if you aren't finding what you need. Online or in person. Looking forward to seeing where your creativity will take you.

e said...

I can vouch for the challenge of being DB. I have my own struggles with that. Last year it was baby squirrels, this year the fawns :) But we do love our wildlife - don't we?

Looking forward to the new design. I love your fabric scraps, beautiful.

Good for Mom, never hold her back :)

claudia said...

I love wildlife, but sometimes it's sad. I've had a few crow mishaps here and it really bothers me. Some crows mate for life and when something happens to one, the mate will be bothered by it. (And in turn, bother me about it, they make a lot of noise!)
We don't have many deer where I am although they are in the area, I think my dogs make sure they don't visit. I did have a coyote pack on the property when I first bought it, but the dogs took care of that and evicted them. I now have safer chickens and goats.

Lin said...

Fantastic pictures Allie - so pleased Mum is doing well. xx

Kathleen said...

Allie, don't wash your windows. You're liable to get all that wildlife charging through them because they will think there is nothing in the way, or they will be attracted to their own reflection in a clean window and think they see their friends and try to join them!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Great photos and stories. I didn't know the bucks tried to kill the babies....that's so bad. Tell your Mom Hey!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I enjoy reading about the critters around your house. I'm a city girl too, though that was many years ago. Where I live it used to be rural but now it's semi-rural. I'm like you. I see a nature situation that needs guarding and you guessed it. I'm there. We work at attracting Blue Birds and often find the parents sitting on our window sills.

Glad your mom got a railing. I'm finding I use one whenever available...just in case. My windows are always dirty. Two dog LOVE to put their noses on them.
xx, CArol

em's scrapbag said...

Glad your mom is doing well. Fun to have all the wildlife in your yard.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allie i thoroughly enjoyed your post i was interested about the deers,i didnt know anything about them,glad you shoed that buck away and i hope the mama came back too.
Say hi to your mum she is looking well xx

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

"And this, my friends, is partly why I'm a city girl. Nature is stressful."

This made me laugh so hard!!! You are an excellent Designated Babysitter for Wildlife!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful weekend report, Allie! I love the pictures of the fawn, too. I don't suppose that mom is paying you for babysitting or protection services! The Jasmine is so pretty. I haven't seen that in a long time. Good news about your mom - that first step down looks like a long one! Is she driving now, or just out walking? I'm looking forward to seeing what your new project is.

Yvonne said...

Love the stories about the wildlife around your house....
I know it would keep me busy also if it would happen around mine.
So special to have those fawns sleeping and resting in your yard. Glad you Mom is doing better!

Shasta Matova said...

Aww - so cute. I can see why you would be protective of the fawns and baby birds. You sound like you are doing a great job as designated babysitter. Glad your Mom is doing better and you have family help in putting up the railing, etc.

Tanya said...

Your wildlife is just wonderful. Birds and deer!

And so good to see your mother up and around!


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