Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Neighbor

I had quite a treat today.  I was putting together a small quilt, lost the plot and made hst's instead of pinwheels - the border was already cut and the pinwheels were going to be the cornerstones.  I set it aside to regroup, looked out the window, and I'm so glad!!!

I had noticed this doe laying near the bushes all morning, and was sort of keeping an eye on her, hoping she wasn't in distress.  

Pretty soon, she got up and came closer, to our peach [or is it pear] tree.

City girl that I am, I couldn't figure out why she kept her head at her back end.

She was in labor!!!!

Suddenly, there were two!!!!

And they trotted happily off to the woods.

Then I realized - if I had kept the plot, and made the pinwheels like I had designed, I would have missed this whole thing.  I would have been so focused on my quilt, I never would have looked up.  What a shame that would have been.  Thank you Lord, for this precious gift!

I pray the Lord gives you gifts today too - don't forget to look for them!


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Under Cover

mum's day flowers from my boys

Well I've been missing in action around here - it's been a week, I'll tell you.  After so many years of working afternoons and nights, hubby is finally on the day shift!!!  Which means we get up at 5am.  Which I love, actually, but that's usually my bedtime!  What an adjustment.

On the plus side, I have showered, made dinner, and done all the housework by roughly 9am.  Giving me the whole day to do whatever!  This week, it mostly meant stumbling around in a fog after the first coffee wore off.

But on Friday, after two days of wicked winds, I took a good look at my sewing room.  DIRT.  DIRT EVERYWHERE.  Not normal dust, mind you, or a little dirt [that I can live with, I'll be buried in it someday after all], this was appalling.  Turns out, the dirt pile next door at the new construction has been blowing right in my windows and doorwall.

You know what?  Computers, sewing machines, fabric and paper don't like dirt.  I kept the windows closed while I cleaned, then covered everything up with sheets....

Do you know how hard it is to find anything when it's all covered up???  I also put some pieces of sheets on the may help, it may not.  I was thinking of maybe getting some cheap furnace filters to put there, to see if that would help, might work better than the sheets.  It's summer, in Michigan, nobody keeps their windows closed!  We could use the a/c, but the unit is also on that side of the house, and full of dirt.  I hope they get a lawn soon!

I did spend one day drawing up a new design.

I've been stitching when I can keep my eyes open.  Hopefully this coming week will be easier.  Hard to teach an old dog new tricks, lol!

I'm planning on coming around to visit you all this week as well, I know you've been up to stuff, can't wait to see!!!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What If

I read the most interesting article the other day, one I wish I'd written.  You can read it here:  What If All I Want Is A Mediocre Life?  It got me thinking, let me tell you....

Our apple trees are blooming

I've been feeling a bit down, because pattern sales have not been doing well.  So I've been thinking a lot about what I want out of this whole designing thing, why I started it, why I continue.

And I've come to the conclusion that the reason I do it is because I love it, I'm not trying to become some superstar of the design world, I don't want book deals or all the other hype that seems to hit so many bloggers that I've been reading over the years.  That's not me.  I don't have that kind of energy, I'm not motivated that way, I just want to quietly create and enjoy the slow process of bringing a picture to fruition in fabric.  

It's so easy to forget that, when I'm scrolling through the many forms of social media, seeing all the frantic activity of producing more and more and more.  I see the success of others, and forget who I am.  Is there coveting?  I think there might be....and yet, if I had that kind of success, it would wear me clean out!

Robin's nest right outside our garage

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE to see others succeed.  I applaud what they do, I buy their fabric and books and patterns.  It's just that sometimes, I forget myself, and what I want.  

I started designing because I wanted to earn a little money to keep buying quilting supplies.  And I've done that.  And I'm very thankful!!!  Thankful that folks like my designs enough to purchase them, thankful that I can keep creating, thankful for a humble, quiet life.  This is my corner, and I love it here.

Ok, enough of that - I wanted to show you how my little corner is coming along.  My best friend Cathy moved house, she gave me her china and corner cabinet, and this weekend she also gave me a couch and chair that had belonged to her grandmother.

Hermione approves

That is THE perfect stitching chair, and the couch is wonderful for relaxing and watching a movie.  They're already covered with quilts, as Hermione thinks I got them for a scratching post for her.  She's getting re-acquainted with the spritzer bottle.  I love vintage furniture [as you well know] and I couldn't be happier - thank you Cathy!!!

I'm still working on my apartment building, it's coming along, I've got three blocks done  - here are two, with the sashing fabric.

I'll be starting the first apartment window tomorrow, yay!  I'm having so much fun doing these, no pressure and I keep adding things, and that's ok.

I hope you're keeping well my friends, I'll be around for a visit, keep the kettle warm for me.....



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