Saturday, September 17, 2016

Seeds Of Love

Good morning, my friends.  Here in Allie-land, we're getting ready to host the convalescent, fixing window blinds so she can change in private, without giving the neighbors a show; rearranging furniture in the sewing room to make way for a power lift recliner, and her treadmill.  Surgery will be October 4th, at 5:30am.

In the meantime, while waiting, I've been stitching.  I have a new pattern for you:

Seeds of Love

The pattern is for the design only.  It measures 5"x6".  Available in my craftsy shop, link below.

It really helps to keep my hands busy!

I'll probably put my sewing machine away while mum is here, my sewing room is a good size but it's not that big.  Paper and pencil don't take up much room, so I'll probably be drawing a lot.  And entertaining - I know mum is going to have lots of visitors!

In other news, there have been some changes to The Road Home RAL schedule, and I'll have the updated schedule for you next Tuesday.  Don't want you to miss any rows, or give-aways!



Rachaeldaisy said...

You add such uplifting messages to the world with your pretty stitcheries.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful piece and saying. I have a satchel with art supplies, sometimes I just want to sit and create for fun, so need to make time each week for that.


Anthea said...

It's a lovely design Allie... and such pretty colours used in it!
I send prayers for your Mum and for all of you for a successful surgery, & a steady recovery; it must be a worrying time, however it seems the Doc has a confidence if he recommends the procedure.
Love & Prayers to you all xx

Yvonne said...

Lovely pattern from a true quote!

Jeanette said...

Gorgeous design Allie. Hugs, xx

Gretchen Weaver said...

Your embroidery project is very pretty. Applique has kind of overcome the embroidery happening here but I did prep several embroidered projects this month. Prayers for your mother for a successful surgery. You are a good daughter to take her in during her recovery. Blessings, Gretchen

Lin said...

Pretty design Allie. xx

Águeda said...

It is a sweet and lovely design.
Sometimes the sewing is our therapy and our consolation.
And if you can not sew, to draw is another good alternative.
You are doing very well for your mother. Do not forget to do well for you too. God Bless you

Kathy said...

Very pretty pattern. The flowers seem to dance.

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful design.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allie i wish your mum all the best for a speedy recovery xx

Wendy B said...

This is perfect Allie-girl....I love it! Praying for a quick recovery for Mom!.....I'm sure you'll be spoiling her no end. xoxox sugary hugs :o)


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