Sunday, August 7, 2016

Random Sunday

It's been an eventful week here in Allie-land, took mum to the doctor, the hospital [for a test], had a great visit from a good friend, and discovered the previous owners left us a gift - FLEAS.

Mum did good on her test, she was very nervous but came through fine.  She had a TEE - please don't ask me to spell it out - they insert a camera down your esophagus and take pics of your heart.  Her mitral valve is calcified, she might need a new one.  We're going Tuesday to talk to the heart doctor.

I started noticing that Hermione was scratching and biting, looked her over good and sure enough, the four cats who used to live here left her a present.  I have to get some diatomaceous earth [hubby thinks he has some] to spread around, and find something that won't harm her to put on her.  She had a bad reaction to the flea collar.  Don't we have fun!

I've been so busy fighting the good fight that I've hardly been sewing.  I am working on a new little quilt pattern - 

and drew up a new scripture stitchery - 

but I just can't keep up with myself.  Around the house, things are coming together.  I hung my Loaves and Fishes  in the dining area of the kitchen, and just love it there.

Now for some good news.  You may have noticed a button on my sidebar, about the Road Home Row-Along?  That button links you to Marian from Seams To Be Sew, who is putting the whole thing together.  There are 48 designers of rows [of which I'm one] and tons of sponsors for prizes!!  There will be lots of give-aways!  The rows all have the theme of the road to home - and they are totally amazing.  Here's a peek at my row:

Oops, can't really tell much from that, can you?  *giggle*

You can go read about the designers and sponsors at this link:  Introducing the Road Home Row-Along designers.  The Row-Along will begin in September, I believe the 6th but I'm not sure - I'll be letting you know.  The rows include paper-piecing, piecing, applique and embroidery - something for everyone!

I think Marian must be the busiest quilter I know; she's always putting together quilt-alongs!  If you haven't met her yet, I strongly recommend going to visit!

Now I'm afraid I must go put on my armor [lavender body lotion, fleas hate it] and do battle.  Prayers for strength [and mom] would be appreciated!



Fiona said...

Your loaves and fishes looks fantastic there on that wood wall... it was made for it!!! Oh dear with the fleas - good luck. I'm off to meet Marian and have a look but I just know I can't fit in another sewalong at the moment.... gosh I hate missing out on all these fun things!

Little Quiltsong said...

I'll be praying for your mom and also that you get rid of those fleas! Looking forward to seeing the Road Home Row Along.

Jeanette said...

Great spot for your wallhanging. Looks wonderful. Hope you get the fleas sorted. Praying for your Mum. I'll pop over & visit Marion but not sure i can add a sew along to my list as much as i love them. Hugs, xx

Nancy J said...

Did I see a coffee machine on your bench? The wall hanging is perfect there. Flea collars, none of ours tolerated them, so we use the 4-6 week dab behind the neck treatments. But in the carpet? not sure, what about a flea bomb, let them off, and leave the house for a few hours? Your Mum, sending heaps of cool wishes from down here, for all to go well.Hugs to you both.XXX

WoolenSails said...

We had a problem with fleas and didn't realize it until we came back after a week and they started attacking us, ugh. We bombed the house and never had them again. Love how the quilt looks on the wall and can't wait to see what you are making. Prayers for you and your mom.


West Michigan Quilter said...

Great post. Nice catching up with you. Love the quilt on the wall next to your lovely kitchen. Sorry for the poor cat. Hope things turn out okay for Mum.

Cathy said...

Good to hear Mum is doing well. Sorry about the fleas. Love the loaves quilt. It is starting to feel like home to you now. Not sure if I'm up for another sew along but a row by row sounds good. Hugs

Jocelyn said...

I love your loaves and fishes. And what a perfect place to display it. So sorry about the fleas. I hope you can conquer the problem.

Terry said...

I hope you can get rid of the fleas...they're just nasty! I don't have much up on my walls here yet. I do have several quilt ladders sitting around though.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Prayers for your Mom Allie! We have fleas this year as well and only have a house cat. Maybe they hopped on Mick from the sweet kitties next door that seem to live on our patio...:)

Thanks so much for showing your are such a tease. Sure love your new home.

Have a great day!

Lin said...

Fleas - ugh, but I suppose it could be worse. I love your loaves and fishes and it's position looks to be perfect. Lots of love and prayers to you and Mum. xx

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind you are settling into a new house while trying to keep up your normal activities. Something's gotta give! I like the peek at your new stitchery and the next postcard. I'm behind two months now, but I printed them out this morning. I am so sorry about the fleas still being around - I thought they'd be gone by now. Ugh. Prayers for you, mom AND the cat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Allie glad to hear your mum came through the test ok and oh dear your poor fur baby is struggling ,hope she is better soon.
Oh the blog hop sounds like fun,hope you have a lovely day.
cheers Shez ,my old blog is closed,if you would like to visit this is the link to the new one
cheers xx

Claudia Bugh said...

I love your loafs and fishes quilt!!! That is just beautiful. Isn't modern medicine amazing - I hope your Mom does well and gets the right treatment. Speaking of which we find the topical flea treatment works well for Simcha by K9 Advantage II (but there's probably something equivalent for cats). Good luck!

Sharon - creativity and family said...

What a week Allie, thoughts and prayers for both you and your Mum, hope the Drs will be given wisdom with her case. The fleas sound a nightmare. If ever we find we get bitten at night by something unknown I put about 40 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle and spray the carpets and mattresses and it seems to get rid of whatever the problem is. I hope you can soon get rid of your unwelcome gift! Xx

Anonymous said...

I like the new quilt pattern.

KaHolly said...

Ah, fleas! I don't miss them! Too bad the previous owners didn't think to bomb the house while it was empty! Lavender lotion is great, huh? Mosquitos don't like it, either! Good luck with that! Tea Tree oil sounds like a good solution! Your new design looks great. Can't wait to see your row! Hugs to your mom from Cape Breton! And last but not least, your kitchen looks super! Love the quilt there! XO

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Finally grabbing some blog reading time! Oh Allie-girl, I LOVE your new designs!!!!!!! You have a unique God-given style all your own that sings to my heart.
Been praying for mum and will continue.
Also prayed for the removal of those fleas! Have you cursed them in the name of Jesus? I know that may sound weird but years ago a friend's home was infested with cockroaches and she had no money for an exterminator (and we had no money to give her) so we followed Peter - money I do not have but in the name of Jesus we cursed those bugs and prayed the blood of Jesus over her home in full confidence the Lord would provide what she needed.
Well, as we were leaving her house we were all amazed. Cockroaches, rows and rows of them, were exiting her home...running from the front door into the street. Hubby and I were new Christians, maybe 4 months born again? What a miracle, and what a lesson that we can ask of Jesus anything. All to His glory. xxx

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Wow, that is the perfect spot for your Loaves hanging. We haven't had a problem with fleas but do have the dogs protected against ticks (to the tune of $700 a year). Just hate the thought of either of those pests. What a pretty design you are working through there and I will love to see the Row Along. You have piqued our interest!!

Peggy said...

Fleas are the pits! We had an infestation a few years ago and had to fumigate the whole house and treat the dogs.


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