Sunday, July 31, 2016

Postcards From Heaven, Block 8

Time for the August block of our Postcards From Heaven - are you ready?  

I wasn't sure I'd get this one finished in time, with the move and all, but I made it!  Whew!

As always, I've used the KJ bible.  

Two strands of embroidery floss for the frame, one strand for everything else.

And of course the day I take pics, it's cloudy.  

Jenny's gorgeous version.

She'll have a link on her site to the alternate words she uses.  Click here:  Jenny of Elefantz

Download your free postcard here:  Allie-oops Designs

We do try to coordinate our posts, but with a 14 hour time difference it can get difficult, so patience if her post isn't up yet.

Moving is going well, work on the old house is not, but we'll get there.  The neighbors remain friendly.

Be blessed - 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Carrying On

We haven't seen much of our pet deer lately, they've started construction at the house next door.  This is the view from my doorwall....

Apparently, our lot line is 11ft from our house, which means we lose all the trees on the south side, plus part of our patio.  We may have to have a survey done sometime.

I've been getting in a bit of stitching [or cutting, lol], got this far on my scripture quilt.

Quite a bit to go yet.  

We went to IKEA the other night, but they were closed early for some strange reason, so we went to the thrift store instead.  I found the cutest vintage sewing basket!!

So very happy it's pink!  I also found a floor lamp, 3-way bulb and it swings out so it really helps with the hand sewing.  I couldn't get comfortable hand sewing in my room, so I set up a corner just for that.

Someday I'll have a real footstool, but for now a pillow on a tote works.  I needed somewhere to put my feet up - they've been swelling so bad!
Please disregard all the junk food in this pic.  It was necessary.

Two fawns have been venturing out from the woods recently, they don't come close enough to see really well, makes me wish I had better zoom on my camera - aren't they cute?

Well that's it, guess I'd better get off here and get some laundry done.  Y'all take care!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Sewing Room

Ok - ready for some pics?  I also need your help.

First, the drawing and paperwork table, which is also the eating and playing games table, lol.

The other chair is over by the cutting table for kitty - it needs a new foot, tends to scratch the floor.

The computer/sewing table.

The cutting table is just behind it.  I put it up on bed risers, and it's now the perfect height.

Rear Wall O'Windows.  Cutting, ironing.

Tracing table [yay don't have to put my heavy x-ray light away] and Ikea cart - that holds hand embroidery stuff.  I can roll it where I need it.

Next to that is my grandpa's dresser, holds all kinds of stuff which must be organized someday.

Then the design wall, which is blocking the doorway, which is getting a door someday.  This house echoes so much - I put it there to help with noise, so I don't disturb anyone.  Of course they're mostly disturbed already.

And now my dilemma.

Sigh.  The guy who lived here before had two fish tanks, under those shelves.  It's a mess.  I love the shelves, and someday hubby wants to put two 90 gallon fish tanks under them, flush with the shelves.  I think that will look awesome.  The room behind it will become the fish room - he'll have access to the tanks, and store all his fish stuff.  However, in the meantime I'm looking at a mess!!!  

So, my question for you is, can you think of any creative way to block that off, as a temporary measure?  I had thought of getting bookshelves there to fit, but would have nowhere to put them once the fish tanks are in.  And bookshelves are expensive!  I welcome any and all suggestions.

I still have to put up all my little quilts - I've hung things up with the nails that were already here, haven't put any holes in the walls yet.  I have things that were made for me by you lovely people, and I want them up where I can see them.  That will take some planning.....although I only have one wall where I can do that.

Pics of the rest of the house will be coming soon - we're still moving stuff in!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Postcards From Heaven, News

Hi everyone, I'm still in the process of moving in, although I've been here a week and a half.  But - the sewing room is together, I'll have pics very soon.  Sewing room and kitchen - most important.

Jenny has been very, very sick, and had to take some time off blogging and stitching.  She's now uploaded block 7 of our Postcards From Heaven, although she's still recovering!!  I also told her to add the link to my KJ version, so you can get that on her blog as well.  I simply haven't had the time to upload it to my craftsy shop.  The link is here:  Jenny of Elefantz

Jenny's gorgeous design:

And my KJ version:

Head on over to Jenny's and get your free design - and don't forget to say a prayer for her!  

And now I need to go figure out why my washing machine sounds like the drum is going to break right out and go flying across the room - I'm a little scared to go look.  See you soon!



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