Monday, February 29, 2016

Postcards From Heaven, Block 3, BOM

It's Jenny's month to gift you a Postcard!  And it's a beauty!

Gorgeous, yes?  I love all the added touches she does.  Nobody stitches quite like Jenny!

I've chosen to do my blocks in redwork - 

And also, to use the King James bible verses exactly, while Jenny is paraphrasing to be more like a conversation between Father and daughter.  That means you get a choice - you can use either!  Get over to Jenny's blog and download Block 3 HERE.   If you want to use the King James, you can download my version [words ONLY] from my craftsy shop HERE.  We would dearly love to see your finished blocks, so email either one of us with your pics!

Be blessed!!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Spring is here!!!  Well, not really, but let's pretend, ok?  We're expecting 6-10" of snow tomorrow, so I need this.

I have finished my little wall-hanging, and as promised, it's free in my shop - just click HERE.  It's only free until the spring equinox though, so get it while winter lasts!  [The equinox is March 20th].

This little wall-hanging measures 9" x 18 1/2", a good size to put just about anywhere.  Put it on your front door and tell Mother Nature to get it together.  I think that's what I'm going to do.

I used a charm pack and a fat quarter for this, but you can easily bust some scraps on it!  The flower stems can be done by machine very quickly, although I did mine by hand, and appliqued by hand.

Not to mention the quilting by hand. [My favorite part.]

A very satisfying project, especially considering what we're facing tomorrow.  I'm going to look out the window and laugh.

Until I remember that Thing 2 will be riding around in a car for 300+ miles, and will have to drive home when work is done.  Then I'll look out the window and pray.  So glad he's with professional drivers.

I hope you enjoy stitching "Spring"!


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Post #595

Can't say I mind making dinner, when Thing 1 makes dessert -

Those are called Death By Oreo Cupcakes, and they are delish.  You can get the recipe HERE.
It doesn't say how many it makes - I believe we got 24 cupcakes.  However - it says to put a full-size oreo on the bottom of the cupcake liners, then fill with cake mix, and I personally did not care for the oreo on the bottom.  The boys liked them though.  If you leave the oreo on the bottom out, you may not get as many cupcakes.

Quilting has been going swimmingly, until I broke my needle!

There were a few moments of intense panic when I couldn't find the rest of it - I didn't move or breathe while I looked, and found the tip in my lap.  You can imagine the relief when I found it!

Back to quilting.....


Friday, February 19, 2016

Whirly Twirly Garden

It was a beautiful sunrise earlier, so glad I got up to see it - that's rare around here.  

Of course, it will look nicer when there's leaves on the trees.

Since I got up so early, and couldn't make any noise [night shift was asleep], I decided to finish writing a pattern.  

Whirly Twirly Garden - you may recognize it as I started to make it as an applique, which I'm still planning on doing at some point.  Just not today.

I enjoyed doing it as a stitchery, especially the scalloped border - I'm going to frame it using a tutorial from Jenny of Elefantz, using a picture frame.  You can find the tutorial HERE.   
I'm on the hunt for the perfect picture frame!

Whirly Twirly Garden is now available in my craftsy shop for instant download!  Just click HERE!

I've started quilting my applique design, and am enjoying it so much!  I think I need to make more so I always have something to hand quilt.

I'll be taking it with me tonight, mum and I are going to visit our friend Shirley.  We haven't been over there since the plague visited our house. (So glad that's over.)  We've missed her so much, it'll be good to sit and chat for hours while I stitch.

I wish you all a very happy Friday, unless you're Down Under in which case I hope you had a happy Friday, and all of you have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, February 15, 2016


Yay, I have a flimsy!!!  First one this year!

Now to dig up some batting - and oh yeah, backing!  Of course, I finished it at night, when there's no light for pictures.

Speaking of pictures, mum wishes you all a happy valentine's day yesterday!

Oh that smug look when she's drinking hot chocolate.  Once a rebel, always a rebel - she's diabetic, she should know better.  How well I remember last year, taking care of her and her almost losing her foot!

Not that *I* have any vices.....*ahem*  As I sit here eating my bag of Reese's.  I guess I come by it honestly!


Sunday, February 14, 2016


I don't celebrate Valentine's Day......

But I do celebrate sons who bring me heart-shaped jelly donuts!!!

Disclaimer:  The other two were gone before the picture. 


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Good Thing....

we don't have to get a quilting license, because the powers that be would take mine away!  I'm full of "oops" moments lately.

Today, I finished the applique on the top part of my little wall hanging - 

And started on the wording.  Of course, I forgot to reverse my template - already fixed in the pattern, but I used an earlier print-out.  I must do that at least once per pattern.

Look at that, plain as day, of course those letters aren't reversed.  I need to hang a sign in here somewhere that says "Applique  - Please Reverse Template".  In great big screaming red letters.

And then, while I was cutting a piece of fabric to get a 2-inch square, with scissors mind you, not a rotary cutter - my finger got in the way.  I could not get it to stop bleeding, I had to use a band-aid as a tourniquet.

I haven't cut myself with scissors since I was a toddler.  Maybe I've reached the age where I'm regressing.  Naturally, when I first felt those scissors cutting my flesh, I didn't open them...oh no....I closed them harder.  See what I mean about getting my quilt license revoked?  I don't even drink.  I don't need to!

I'll try again tomorrow....I think a nice hot cup of coffee and a movie are in order.


ps - the pattern will be a freebie soon as it's done, provided I survive the process!

Monday, February 8, 2016


The other night, as I was hunched over my embroidery [and my neck and shoulders were KILLING me] I decided I needed something to hand quilt.  So I drew up a little pattern.

When I'm doing embroidery, I have to take my bifocals off.  And then get my nose 2 inches from the fabric, so I can see it.  I love doing embroidery, but it does hurt sometimes!  When I'm doing applique or hand quilting, my bifocals are fine, and I can sit comfortably.  See why I needed something to hand quilt?

I do my applique a little different, especially if it also has embroidery.  I thought maybe you'd like to see how I do it, in case this is something you could use too.

This pattern has a couple of pages - one is a layout diagram, and it's numbered [every applique piece has a number], and also a reverse layout, numbered as well [with the same numbers] for tracing onto fusible web.  I trace the pieces from the reverse layout onto fusible, putting the numbers on them as well.

Every piece has a number, so I know where it goes afterward.

I cut out all the pieces, fuse them onto the fabrics, then prepare my background.

I trace the entire pattern onto my background fabric.  Sometimes I put the numbers on there as well.  No overlays, no putting my layout diagram on my lightbox, just right on the fabric.  I use a fine point wash-away blue quilting pen, because it doesn't disappear when I fuse the pieces down, but it will disappear when I spritz it!

The stems on this will be embroidery, and I don't have to worry about lining everything up just so, it's all laid out for me on the fabric already.  If your pattern has embroidery with the applique, you really want to use the extra-fine point blue pen, as with the regular ones your lines will be too thick.  Which won't matter with the applique part.

I really don't think I invented this, lol, I'm sure a lot of you do this as well - I've never had quilting classes, but in all the books I've read and videos I've watched, I've not seen anyone do this.  And it's so easy!  Do let me know if you do this too!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Confessions Of A Frugal Quilter

Lately, I’ve been getting overwhelmed by all the ads – on facebook, coming in my email, on blogs   - telling me all about the latest and greatest sewing machines, gadgets, rulers, threads, fabrics, patterns, and on and on – how great they are!  How much I need them!  Hurry before they’re gone!  Everybody else has them!

How about you?  This may come as a surprise from someone who sells patterns, but honestly, it’s true.  Companies that supply quilters have found a good thing, and they’re making the most of it.  And not just quilters, I’ve been feeling inundated with ads for just about everything lately.  It makes me tired.


I don’t have much money.  Never did.  I’m not a quilter who can buy the latest and greatest fabric or gadget.  I may “think” I need them, and want them, but do I really need them….not having the funds to get them makes me think twice, and I usually end up realizing I don’t really need them!

And then there’s my sewing space.  It’s an 11’x12’ft bedroom, that IS a bedroom.  My bed is in here.  I do dream of a dedicated studio – looking around pinterest I see so many beautiful ones.  Sometimes it makes me think that I “need” a studio.  And then I remember this picture:

source unknown
Wouldn't you love to know her?  I would.

And then I’m grateful I have any space at all.  I’m not looking much at pinterest lately, lol.

Frugal quilting, which I have no choice over, forces my creativity.  I have to use from my stash, and work with the tools I have.  The best tools I own are my hands…and I thank the Lord for them.  Working from my stash makes me use unusual fabric combinations, or fabrics [vintage sheets!] and I think produces better results.  When I think of when I started quilting, without any tools at all [cardboard templates, fabric cut with scissors, no sewing machine!] I realize that I felt a lot more freedom.  Of course,  I wasn’t blogging everything then, either…the results didn’t seem to matter as much.

painted quilts I made back in the 90's

I do have to buy things sometimes, and you bet I think long and hard about my choices.  Something I probably wouldn’t do if I could just click “pay now” with abandon.  There’s a side benefit to that, now that we’re thinking of moving – not buying means less to move. 


 How about you?  Do you get overwhelmed with all the latest and greatest?  As a pattern seller, I do want to sell patterns, but I try to keep it low-key – when I lost my job and decided to try to make a go of this, my blog got boring.  Seriously, *I* got bored with it!  I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and really want my fun blog back.  My happy place.  I don’t want this to be nothing more than advertisement for my patterns.  I think there’s enough of that already.  I want you to enjoy coming here, and not feel pressured to buy buy buy.  Blogging is about friendships. 

Leave a comment and tell me which quilter you are -frugal, or if you have to have the latest and greatest – I’d love to know!!



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