Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Scrappy Harvest at the Cabin SAL Applique Block 2

How are you going with your blocks?  I haven't been doing very well....after being so sick, and then putting my back out, my stitching has suffered greatly.  But today I got busy, and spent the day at my sewing machine, yay!  Well, part of the day.

Our second block is ready for you to download in my craftsy shop, click HERE.  This time a sweet red bird has flown in to partake of the harvest.

First, make your neutral block, but only up to log 9.  Start adding your applique, following the picture - branch, bird, and wing.

Stitch them down, then start adding leaves - the more the merrier!

You might need a little sustenance to stitch down all the leaves - *ahem*

After you get all the leaves stitched with a blanket stitch, you can switch to a straight stitch and add the legs.  Placement doesn't have to be exact.

You can add the eye either with a small button, a French knot, or a black bead - I haven't added mine yet.  Then add your final four logs, in darks, and you're done!

Here are all my blocks so far -

Not as many as I'd hoped, but as you can see I have my next neutral block ready for the house applique.  Here's hoping I stay relatively healthy for the next little while, lol, and can get more done.  I'm planning on adding more leaves to the applique blocks, going out into the darker border, but that will wait til I have a lot more blocks done.

I did also make some new curtains for my room - inner curtains, so I have light without neighbors seeing in.  I made them from a chenille bedspread.

Hermione hates them - she likes to be able to see out.  She gets quite comfy by the window, on my cutting table.

Her middle name is Spoiled Brat.

See ya soon!


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful block and I do like being able to buy patterns and tutorials with Craftsy, easy to download and the prices are good. Beautiful curtains, someday I may make some, need to warm up the windows.


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh Allie! I LOVE this block! And how the quilt is coming Beautiful.
I wish I had all my own sewing finished so I could start on this...but soon, soon. xxx

Anonymous said...

lol thats funny and boy love your new block Allie,well done xx

audrey said...

Your design wall is looking wonderful! Chocolate works like a charm too.:)

West Michigan Quilter said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better and getting back to your sewing. Love your block. Love your curtains too. Now i know what to do with that old bedspread. that spoiled brat!

Michele McLaughlin said...

I love the blocks you've been doing but don't have time right now to take this on. This quilt is going to be wonderful!!! I also love your new inner curtains! What a great way to upcycle the chenille and I love the effect on the window! Seamus would like Hermioine, he loves pussy cats! Would she like him ? :D
Have a wonderful day dear!
Hugs, Mickie

Sharon - creativity and family said...

Oh Hermione!! So glad your back is getting better Allie, great to hear you are back at your machine, the block is lovely. xx

Unknown said...

Thank you, Allie. This is a beautiful block :)

Anthea said...

Sweet block Allie... keep on looking after your back!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It's going to be really cute when you get them done. =)

donna said...

Your block looks great. Love seeing it come together.
Your curtains are awesome. What a great idea.

Rachaeldaisy said...

That is such a lovely block, the bird looks so sweet and chirpy. Hermoine is so cute resting on her quilt with a little pillow. It's a great idea to use a chenille spread as curtains.

Águeda said...

Lo está usted haciendo perfectamente bien. Recuerde que es un regalo que nos hace, y que le estamos agradecidas por ello sin importar el tiempo que pase entre un bloque y otro. Muchas gracias.

Sandra :) said...

Any day you can put in sewing time, is a good day :) It was too windy this morning to go walking with my neighbour so I hunkered down in the basement to make a boxy bag and a double zip bag. That's a GREAT way to spend a morning, lol! Of course, now my housework awaits, but that's the way it goes, lol. Your curtains are pretty (I love an upcycle), and your blocks are gorgeous, as is Hermione! Please give her a kiss from Auntie Sandra - I so miss having a furbaby around.

em's scrapbag said...

Cute applique blocks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Allie. This is such a wonderful design. I can't believe you are giving it away. =)

Fiona said...

how gorgeous is that block Allie... love it


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