Sunday, September 20, 2015

One More...

...for the Christmas Box, yay!  As sick as I've been, I've managed to finish another mug rug for my brother.  Dream Cruise Number Two, the '62 Corvette Mug Rug....

62 corvette

Available in my Craftsy shop as an instant download.

62 corvette

And boy am I SICK of having to edit Flickr's code on my photos now.  I've been with Flickr since 2006, I have over 3,000 photos there, most of which are linked to my blog...I don't want to find a different photo site.  But having to edit the code on every single photo....grrrrr.  Makes me CRAZY.  [As if I needed a reason, lol.....]

Off to find something else to stitch...and maybe take a nap...and blow my nose a few thousand times, ugh....

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Day After [Random Rambling]

Yesterday was a holiday here in the States, and I hope it was a happy one for all my state-side friends.  I felt like I was back in Texas, it was so hot here.  And speaking of Texas, I have to show you what Billie gave me while I was there....

DSC04099    2

the sweetest fabric, such yummy colors of floss, and the most darling little floss holders!  We were laughing trying to figure out how to hang them, and hey Billie - I figured it out!

DSC04104    2

I have this great antique double lamp that sits next to me while I stitch, and the bunnies hang there perfectly!  Now I can cut my floss lengths and not get them tangled up.  How cool is that!

I realized last night that I've been a bad blogger - I uploaded my Caboose pattern to Craftsy and forgot to blog about it.  It's in the shop now.

DSC04089    2

That pattern has been on my mind for over 20 years, I'm glad to have it done.  Hubby doesn't even do model trains anymore....sigh.  That's ok, I like it.

I pretty much stayed inside all weekend, drawing, not doing much else - like I said, it was h o t.  And the bees - egads!  We have an apple tree that overhangs the driveway, and as we drive in and out we hit the branches - apples fall everywhere - and then we smoosh them with the car.  The bees are very grateful.  They like driveway applesauce.  But trying to get in the car without an extra passenger is getting to be impossible.  Sometimes I feel like I'm in a Hitchcock movie, just trying to go get groceries....

Oh I know what I wanted to tell you - Jenny is going to be starting a free stitch-along on her blog, it is just the cutest thing!!!

It's a six-week stitch-along, starting September 14th, don't miss it!  Isn't that clever?  I think I'll have to make more than one!

Ok, coffee is gone, time for more - and I guess I'd better get back to the drawing board, literally....see you soon!

DSC04106    2


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