Thursday, May 28, 2015

Email Woes


Folks, if you receive an email from, please just delete it, as of 5/28/15.  I'm using a different one now - I've been spammed.  I am so very sorry if this causes any problem.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Home Again

I went to my aunt's last weekend, to spend four days while she was in Atlanta - I took lots of hand stitching and hardly accomplished anything.  I'm going to blame her cat.

DSC03766    2

Because, really, what's she going to do about it?  *G*

I did go to Joann's for their Memorial Day mega-sale, all I bought was embroidery floss -

 DSC03788    2

90 skeins.

 DSC03785    2

Doesn't really look like much, does it?  I mean, pretty pile and all that, but it all fit in a tiny little bag.  I'll have fun winding them all on cards.

Saturday I got the call every parent dreads, although both boys were ok.  Sam totaled his car.

 DSC03759    2

I'm not sure why they totaled it, unless the frame is bent - the insurance people came out today.  I'm going to have my brother look at it and see if it's salvageable.  He hasn't had that car very long!  But, both boys are ok, and that's what counts.

On Sunday, we went to my mum's, it was my brother's birthday.  My little brother is 45 years old!  I'm not putting his pic up, he hates having it taken and he doesn't want to be on the here's mum after cake and ice cream.

 DSC03764    2

I'm awfully behind in emails and blogs.  I'll have to try to catch up before I go away again this weekend.  I'm not getting a lot of stitching done....but it IS summer, and I'll have all winter for that, right?  Summer speeds by in a blink, but winter is 9 months long.

See you soon....

Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Sweet Home"

Sweet Home

I can't believe it - another finish!!  Wendy and all the gals at FNSI have motivated me.  This time it's a free pattern for you - now available in my craftsy shop!  Just click HERE> Allie-oops Designs

I dearly love this one.

Sweet Home free pattern

I'm terribly fond of vintage embroidery patterns, and that's where the inspiration for this one comes. Oh to have a red-roofed cottage on the shore!!!  Well, at least I can stitch one.  And now, so can you!  The pattern is for the stitchery only, I haven't included any finishing instructions - so what you use it for is up to your imagination.  I may put mine on a pillow cushion cover...lots of free tutorials for those!

If you make it, I'd love to see, just drop me an email!

 I finished at 7:30am this morning - and just as I did, the clouds took over, and for the life of me I couldn't get a great picture.  As soon as I finished creating the pattern, pictures and all, the sun came out.  Figures, right? Now it looks like it might storm all day.  I don't think our lawn will ever get mowed.  It's like a jungle out there!

I think I'll go see what else I can finish......enjoy your day and happy stitching!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

FNSI For May

I can't believe it - I actually accomplished what I set out to do for our Friday Night Sew-In!!  I was working on this pattern....

DSC03717    2

and wanted to complete everything but the wording, so I'd only have one color left to complete.  And I did it.  That's some kind of first, lol.

2015-05-16 04.10.18    2

Now I can breathe a little....and maybe go make breakfast, as it's 4:30am Saturday here.  A fried-egg sandwich is sounding very good right now.  I actually accomplished all this stitching without any snacks, maybe that's why I got so much done. *giggle*  Didn't have to stop to wipe the chocolate from my fingers.

Thank you to our lovely, lovely hostess Wendy - who has just moved cyber-house and still found the time to upload the new block in her darling free pattern, the Friends Block of the Fortnight!  It's darling, go check it out!

I'll be stitching the wording on my pattern for the rest of the weekend, and going visiting - I need to see what all you FNSI'ers have been up to!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fair Winds for Milady

The sailboats are here!

DSC03707    2 cover

Sailing away on lace-covered waves, dreaming of distant islands....

DSC03714    2

DSC03711    2

DSC03712    2

This one is my favorite.  If I could find that sail fabric in wallpaper, I'd even cover my ceilings with it.  

DSC03707    2

Vintage buttons on all the boats....

DSC03710    2

Sigh.  I do love this pattern, I hope you do softly romantic, don't you think?

Now available in my craftsy store, just click HERE > Allie-oops Designs

I've been a bit of a cotton-headed ninny-muggins today, I was out of allergy meds and took Nyquil instead - it was far too strong and there was not enough coffee in the world today!  I sure slept well though.  I haven't even been able to stitch tonight.  Tomorrow, I'll be working flat-out on that cute little cottage'll be free in my shop the minute I'm done!    I'm joining in with all the gals over at Wendy's on Friday as well, for the Friday Night Sew-In.  Friday is the night we take mum grocery shopping, but afterwards I collapse in my chair and stitch to my heart's content.  Won't you join us too??? I'd love to see you there!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Now I Can Sleep.

I finished the binding on Fair Winds for and pattern coming soon!  Only took massive amounts of chocolate to finish this little quilt, lol.  You'll know why when you see the quilting.

Did you all have a good Mother's Day?  We sure did - my boys took my mom, my aunt and I out for dinner.

mother's day 2015

The boys gave me a card with my favorite style of green paper in it [cash] and Sam got me the most beautiful pen...

DSC03694    2

from Japan, it has plum blossoms and a warbler in gold foil on it.

DSC03695     2
DSC03699    2

Hard to photograph.  I feel so elegant using it, lol.  I can write my grocery lists in style now!

My allergies are going nuts, we've gone from high summer back to winter, and will be going way up to high summer again by Monday.  Crazy weather!  But good for stitching.

Guess I'd better get back to the grindstone - have a new pattern to write with my new pen....

DSC03650    2

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Whole World Is Pink

Well not really, but if you're looking out my sewing room window, you'd think it was!!  My pretty tree has blossomed, and it casts a pink glow in my sewing room.  I adore this tree and take far too many pictures of it every year - but the pics do get me through winter.  {Bear with me - it's already past peak blossom, these are the last pics.]

DSC03631    2
DSC03623    2

I really do love that my barkcloth curtains match it to perfection.  No pic, it's almost impossible to photograph curtains during the day, lol!   But that's not all that's pink around here.

DSC03626    2

I've been head down, needle up for days now, doing nothing but quilting.  My fingers are incredibly sore, and slightly swollen.  Sam has been bringing me motivation home from work, so I can have enough energy to finish it....

DSC03627    2

I'm getting there.  I'm on sailboat number three, only one more after that!

Today was far too hot to quilt though, the "feels like" temp was 110F.  It's now after midnight and finally cool enough to pick it up.  So I'll be here a few hours, watching yet more Poirot on Netflix, waiting for my boys to get home from work.  And watching for more thunderstorms to move through - although most seem to be hitting the western side of the state.

I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day, my Sam is taking mum and I out to dinner Sunday, yay for not cooking!!!   And just for you, some funny mom quotes....

And my personal favorite, my weekly outing....

Happy weekend, everyone!!!


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