Saturday, January 24, 2015

14 Days

Fourteen days since I last blogged.  I'm in the January slumps - I find myself playing endless games of solitaire on the computer, and not much else!  A bit of stitching, a lot of cleaning [sewing room, pics someday] and that's it.

DSC03311    2

We've had a bit of snow, but only a bit, and a few sunny days.  Even that wasn't enough to get me motivated.  My aunt bought me some new shoes, as a reward for my getting over my fear of chamber pots, lol....ugh.  Kitty loves my new shoes.

DSC03318    2

Not sure if you can see it in this pic or not, but she loves to face plant in the corner of the box.

DSC03323    2

It's not quite big enough for her, but don't tell her, ok?

Mum and I went for a visit to our friend Shirley's, she's been busier than me.  She made this for her grandson, from a picture he had...

DSC03325    2

It's drawn with marker, and colored with markers, and stitched.  Then she made this for her great-grand-daughter...

DSC03326    2

From a coloring book, made with the same method, but she also used silver glitter paint on the dress.

DSC03327    2

Shirley always inspires me to get stitching!

Mum was actually having a good time, although she didn't show it in this pic.

DSC03332    2

Carrie from A Passion For Applique had a post about the robot-defeating captcha on the comment form on blogs.  I also use a pop-up box for comments, and you do NOT have to check the "I am not a robot" box, you can completely ignore it and your comment will still go through.  I too don't like the embedded comments - I like to scroll through the post again while I comment, and the pop-up boxes work great for that.  So if you'd like to leave me a comment, just ignore the robot box, ok?  Your comment will still go through.

I've decided [although I'm apt to change my mind] that Saturdays will be my blogging days.  I'm scrolling through my Old Reader today, catching up on your blogs, and thought I'd better post something as well!  I'd love to get on some kind of schedule, for ANYTHING, and this might work for me.  We'll see how it goes, lol, we all know about best-laid plans.  Now to get more coffee and do some more reading - I'm looking so forward to catching up with you all!

DSC03320     2

Saturday, January 10, 2015

One More Week

Yep, mum has one more week of treatments - one more week of running back and forth to my aunt's, one more week of her wearing that silly shoe [that keeps causing her to FALL], one more week of her getting up at 5am to get to the hospital.  At least, that's the plan, lol - and we all know about the best-laid plans.

Other than running mum back and forth, I've been really busy.  I picked out my fabric for Jenny's new free BOM, Vintage Kitchen....still need to get the red spotty though.

DSC03302    2

I bought that fabric a few years ago just because, and I'm so glad I did!  It's perfect for this design.  Are you making Jenny's pattern too?  She also has a new free stitchery that is so darling, click here for that - The Word of Our God - and so much more.  That girl is so busy!  And so talented!

Another reason I've been so busy is because I'm working on a new stitchery pattern.  A very large stitchery pattern.  Nine blocks - all designs are now completed, and traced onto fabric, I'll start stitching tomorrow.  I'm very excited about this one!

DSC03308    2

I started last year, but we all know how my year  By the way, that's not a syringe, that's my pen.  The ink writes black although in the pen it looks red, like blood.  I love that pen.

I'm hoping to get around to your blogs tonight and tomorrow.  I'm up late these last few days, Sam gets home from work around 2am and I do stay up til he's home.  With all our weather lately, and the massive amount of accidents [including a 200 car pile-up] I can't sleep til he's home.  He does spend 8 hours out riding around in cars on the highways, makes me nervous even though I used to do it too, and I know the folks who are driving him, they're excellent drivers.  Still....I'm a mum....

Stay safe, my friends, and in the US, stay warm!  I'll see you all soon!


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