Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Monday

Because, really, what else is Monday good for?

We've all had colds all last week, I think we're finally on the mend.  Sam and I went to see mum and my aunt yesterday, I got to drive his new car and it's more comfortable than mine.  That's not fair.  But we had fun.

DSC03099    2

I came home with my aunt's crutches.  I have a subluxated tarsus or something unpronounceable.  Colonials are fun with crutches.

The leaves are falling fast.  It's getting a bit brown around here - but there are some bright spots, the mums are gorgeous.

DSC03105    2

On the way to my aunt's, we saw this lady I've been seeing on the road for over a year now - she has a bright green car, and she decorates it for every holiday!

decorated car

You should see her Christmas decorations, they're wonderful!

decorated car2

She saw us taking pics, and smiled and waved and honked - I would LOVE to meet her.  I bet she's a lot of fun.

It hasn't been all fun and games around here, I actually have been stitching my little fingers off - wanna see?

20141027_070828    2

Hm, must have cropped that a little close.  Well, you'll see it sometime.  *G*

Have you been to Jenny's lately?  Did you join her new stitchery club?  *swoon*  And today she has free Christmas designs for us!!  Anything Jenny creates makes me so happy....that girl is too talented for words!  I'm so blessed to call her friend and sister-in-Christ.

So do tell - how is your Random Monday going???


Terry said...

That's funny about the lady decorating her car! We were coming back from the doctor one day, and passed an older car on the highway...sticking out the driver's side rear window was a skeleton like kind of freaked me out! LOL

Karen said...

That car is such a hoot! Bet she's a fun gal, too. And I agree that Jenny E is such a talent on two legs. When I grow up I want to be like her ;) Today, I'm catching up on all the paperwork that I found in the mail after being gone for 2 weeks+, but so far its not so bad. A beautiful day outside, so want to get out to do a little painting of a credenza I've had stored in the garage ForEver! Have a great Monday, Allie...

sunny said...

Well that was certainly random. Glad Mum and Aunt are both doing well. I'd love to meet the owner of that green car, too. What a hoot! Enjoy all the outdoor color you can, for soon, it will all be......white.

Sandra :) said...

I often think "I wish you were my neighbour!" when I see a post or story about someone doing something so funny - I bet she IS a blast to have around!

So far my Monday is going well - I had aquafitness this morning and my swimming buddy and I met someone in the pool who likes to sew, who likes to fondle fabric, and who loves Pinterest. We ended up spending half an hour after class, bopping around the pool chatting, lol. Fun!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Great post! Nice picture of Mum! A decorated car? Who would of thought! What a hoot! Those flowers are stunning. I'm not ready for cold weather! Ugh.

WoolenSails said...

I guess everyone is getting that bug going around, I had it too and still a bit off this week. Looks like you have kept busy as usual, hopefully you can settle down and enjoy some holiday sewing.


Jocelyn said...

Cool car. I hope your foot is better. Glad to hear you are stitching again :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that leaf at the end! Yes, I joined Jenny's Stitchery Club right away. Who could resist? We agree completely on Jenny! That car is too terrific. I'll bet she IS a lot of fun. And brave. Anyone who drives a lime green car has to be brave. =) I have mums just that color. They've been blooming for a MONTH! I think this weekend when the high is 46 will kill the blooms, though. I'm so glad your aunt and mom are up and around, next it's your turn. Sit and stitch some more, give that unpronounceable something a good rest. =) Stitching looks great, you big teaser!

Carrie P. said...

Glad to see your mom up and about.
So sorry to hear you have something going on with you. Sounds like it might be painful. Feel better soon. Saying a pray.
Those mums are so pretty. I wanted to plant more in my yard but just couldn't get around to it.

Dorothy said...

Glad to see your Mom is on the mend,
but sorry to hear you're having issues now. Hope the crutches won't be needed long.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Glad to hear the colds are clearing up. Sounds like you had a nice trip.


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