Thursday, July 24, 2014

Checking In

Not much blog-worthy going on in Allie-land lately, but you knew that, right?  I miss miss miss my blog, and I miss you too.

My auntie is doing well, apparently hips take a very long time to heal - and she's still using a wheelchair mostly.  She's still having quite a bit of pain.  So please pray for her, I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

DSC02750    2

Snickers has discovered she can see through her new favorite table in the family room.  It has a glass top.  It's been fun watching her try to dive through it.

DSC02756    2

She's queen, you know.

DSC02774    2

We've been having a little excitement here.  A couple of weeks ago, Jane found a tree frog in the living room, and managed to get it outside.  The other night, Snickers was going crazy in the family room, staring at the fireplace brick, and I saw a tree frog on the brick!  It ended up on the mantle, frustrating Snickers no end.  Jane was soundly sleeping [after a major pain pill] and I could NOT bring myself to get close enough to capture the critter.

Then I remembered Sam was working that night, so I called him to come over after work.  And sent him this picture.

DSC02778    2

He laughed, of course, I know it's not a great pic but I wasn't about to get close.  He came, captured it, and it only got away 3 times - the 3rd time it landed on his neck where it promptly pooped!   Even with that, he now wants a pet frog.  Um, no.

Since it's summer, and there are flowers everywhere, I wanted to show you a picture of my grandmother's roses.  These roses have been growing in my aunt's yard for 40 years.  She's going to take cuttings for me.

DSC02761    2

Aren't those gorgeous?  I still miss my grandmum.

That's about all - I had Sam bring me my sketchbook the other day, I'm itching to be designing again.  I miss sewing so much!  I just got Jenny's newest pattern, Under the Apple Tree, have you seen it?  So darling and I'm dying to start.

She's having a give-away to celebrate, go enter!

One last thing - I'm planning a little vacation for mum and me - up in the Oscoda area.  If anyone knows of any beach rentals, cottages or motels, MUST be on the beach, please let me know!  See you soon, my precious friends...


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