Sunday, June 8, 2014


is what happens when you're making other plans.  And my life has taken a slight turn this spring that I wasn't expecting.  3 weeks ago, my aunt fell and broke her hip - so I'm staying at her house, helping her out.  The day after she fell, and was in hospital, my mom fell at my aunt's house.  Fortunately, mum bounces like a rubber ball, and only bruised some ribs.  This past week, I fell at my aunt's house.  I seem to take after mum, only bruised my sternum and severely wounded my pride.

While I miss my sewing, I am enjoying being at my aunt's house.  This is her kitty Snickers, who was really missing her mum and wanted to go visit -

2014-05-25 20.27.05    2

I did go home last week, and Hermione ignored me for awhile before she consented to let me pet her.  She's not happy with me at ALL.

2014-06-03 17.57.27    2

Mostly because my boys don't feed her enough treats, I think.

We're getting on quite well, my aunt is in a wheelchair for a bit, she can't bear any weight on that leg.  Three more weeks of that.  A bonus of me being here is that she lives only 5 minutes from where I work - and I'm driving her gorgeous car, lol.  She may not find it too easy to get rid of me.   Oh and a new quilt shop just opened, right down the road.....Kindred Spirits in Oxford, MI....must go visit.

 I brought my Daisy Days stitcheries with me, and you really need to go visit Jenny if you haven't lately - she has a gorgeous new stitch-a-long!!!  I do miss my sewing machine [and cutting table, and sketchbook and pencils and....] but I'm really too busy to do much.

DSC02396    2
a local resident

So I guess this blog will go into sleep mode for awhile, even more than it has been.  Hopefully I'll be back in about 4 weeks, refreshed and ready to stitch my little fingers off - I have to many projects I want to do!!!

DSC02381    2
the view from the garage


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