Sunday, August 25, 2013

Look What I Made!

Well, 19 years ago, was Sam's birthday.

DSCN0590    2

We had a lovely day, I hope he did mother was being her usual silly self.

DSCN0618    2

Told Sam that it looked like she was getting ready to backhand him in that pic.  Still don't know what she was doing.

DSCN0620    2

My job is going well, I do enjoy it, but after 20 years of not working [outside the house, of course] it's an adjustment.  Must say, it's nice getting a paycheck.  I'm not getting a lot of sewing done though.

Our temps will be soaring starting tomorrow, summer is coming back with a vengeance.  I'm planning on hiding out in the a/c when I'm not working, and getting my new patterns written and finished - I'm really wanting to start something new, but I'm forcing myself to finish SOMETHING!!  I know, nobody can relate to that at all, lol.....

Have a great week everyone, I'll see you soon!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Time To Go To Work!

Thank you all for praying, I got the job!!!!  I start next week.  I'll be a test driver, and that's all I can say. *G*  My dream job.  Life is very, very good right now....

But that means blogging will take a backseat.  I do, however, have a couple of designs going, one will be free.  I'll put those up when I'm done stitching them, they'll be in my craftsy shop [link on sidebar].  Oh yes, I have a craftsy shop!!  I forgot to blog about it, lol.  There's one free design over there now.  I don't want to give up on stitching and designing, but I sure won't have as much time!  I'll let you know when I'm done stitching them.

I'm going to miss having lots of hours to read your blogs and chat with you.  But a paying job has to take precedence.  Those of you who have been here awhile know how long I've been looking for work....this is such an answer to prayer.

Be good, I'll see you when I can.  Love you all.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Already....

Where does the time go!!!  I have a feeling I'm not alone, feeling this way....

I've been spending a LOT of time ferrying my mother around.

DSCN0456    2

She's been going to physical therapy, 3X/week, so I've gotten a lot of reading done.  I've been reading the Miss Julia series by Ann Ross while we're there, they are laugh-out-loud funny.  I've startled the receptionists at therapy a number of times.

It's also time for flocks of old cars to come out of garages and show off.  Look what we parked next to today....

DSCN0455    2

It needed work, not sure it'll be in the Cruise or not.  Which we're anxiously waiting for...we like to see these old cars in large herds.  If you click on the link, you can see some of the 40,000 gorgeous rides.  I'm hoping for cooler weather this year.

In between reading and taking mum to PT, I've been working.

DSCN0457    2

Hope to show you soon!  If anyone out there has a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine, I would dearly love to know if you've been successful with any invisible thread...leave me a Designer 1 seems to loathe it.  It might just be the brand though, I've only tried the Sulky.  Let me know if you've successfully used something else.

And before I forget - I have to run out in the morning and get a copy of my driving record.  I have another job interview Monday morning, for a DREAM job, so prayer warriors, I'd appreciate it if you would pray for me!!!  This one has my brother spitting nails, he's so jealous.....*G*  See you soon!


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