Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catching Up And A Puzzle

Wow this post is hard to start, it's been so long I forgot how.  My backspace key is getting a work out.  Let's see, what's new...well, my Sam let me cut his hair, how about starting with that?  Here's his "before"...

DSCN0123    2


DSCN0135    2

And what we're sending to Locks of Love!

DSCN0140    2

What a relief to get all that hair gone.  Let's see - did you all have a wonderful Mother's Day?  We spent the day with my mum, she's doing well, and says "hi" to everyone.

DSCN0113    2

And now the riddle - I recently made a purchase at the thrift store, I'm not sure what it is!  It's like a duvet cover - two sheets, stitched all the way around, but this one really is stitched on all four sides.  The fabric is like a luxurious vintage high quality sheet, all cotton and silky smooth.  The riddle part comes in with the opening in it - it's smack in the middle of one side!  All lace around the edge of the opening, no tearing or anything.  I upped the contrast on these pics to make it easier to see:

DSCN0026    2

The above pic is the cover laying on my bed, the hole is huge.

DSCN0027    2

See the lace around the hole?  And there are these pretty peacock panels around it as well...

DSCN0031    2

So.  The hole is deliberate, there are NO other openings anywhere on this.  Does anybody have a clue what this is???  Normally, a duvet cover has an opening at one end, but this does not, only the hole in the middle.  I'm so confused, lol.  I'm using it for cutting up and making stitcheries, so it's not important, I'm just curious.

And now the projects I've been working on -  with the fabric from that cover - both designs from my precious friend, Jenny of Elefantz.  One of her latest patterns is All Things Bright, I just fell in love with it -

DSCN0124    2
DSCN0129    2

Isn't that the sweetest???? But before I could finish it, she came out with a free design called Lord Bless you, and I had to start that!

DSCN0126    2
DSCN0128    2

I used variegated floss for this and just loved it.  I especially enjoyed doing the roses, oh my love them so so much.  Jenny-girl, thank you for creating such delightful designs for me to stitch!  If you'd like to stitch them too, you can get them here, at Jenny's Craftsy store.  And don't forget to check out her blog to see what's coming up in the next issue of her e-zine!   Does this sound like a commercial, lol?  Can't help it, love her so much.

I hope you're all enjoying spring [or autumn, down under], I'm reveling in it myself.  And all the wildlife, wow - my boys say we've been Disneyfied, we have so many rabbits burrowing in our yard [eating the dandelions, gotta love that], groundhogs and deer, birds everywhere.  And the scents of spring - I can't stop taking in huge lungfuls of perfumed air.

DSCN0120    2

What I don't love is pulling out all my summer clothes, to find they no longer fit....after 40 years, I quit smoking in January, and I've steadily put on pounds since.  While I'm quite happy to have quit, I'm not happy about the weight!  My main worry is diabetes, as we have a family history of it.  I'm riding my exercise bike and working out daily, but it's not helping.  Has anyone been through this and have any advice to share?  I'd welcome it!

I'll go now before this post gets any longer - apparently I've not only forgotten how to start, but how to STOP.  I'll be back sporadically, and I'll see you on your blogs!  Oh yes, I've switched to Feedly for my reader - and you're all safely there. *G*

DSCN0078    2


Anonymous said...

I believe it's still a duvet cover as you said hole is large. It likely draped over abed nicely without any duvet popping out comforter showing on any side...and stayed put.

Dolores said...

A big hello back to your mom. Sam, well, what can I say. He is simply handsome in the new do and good for him to donate all that gorgeous hair. Don't know anything about your white bedding. Not a clue why there's only one hole.
Don't ask me about weight gain and losing - it's a losing battle with me. Metabolism is totally gone. I am, however, using Jack Lalanne's juicer and drinking my veggies now.
And now, a HUGE congratulations on quitting smoking. I applaud you 'cause I know how hard it is (not from personal experience but from seeing others go through it.)

Karen Schurr said...

I agree! Congrats for quitting! Woohoo!!! I quit several years ago, and its not an easy thing to do. I'm so proud of you. Love you're new projects, too, Allie. Jenny gives us such pretty designs, and you did a wonderful job with the rick rack and apron fabric. It looks wonderful, reminds me of home as a kid. ps...I just enlisted in Feedly as well, happily. Seems to be doing a good job.

Joanne Lendaro said...

HI ALLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been MIA too!! Life has just gotten way to busy!! I hate it!!

FANTASTIC cut! And for a great cause, hugs to Sam!

Clueless on the cover and the weight loss, if you figure out the weight thing, write a book, you'll make a million!

HI, Mum!!! Good to see her smiling face!

Hope life is otherwise treating you well, hugs!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry said...

Wow! Sam looks like a different person! I have to say I like the new Sam better! LOL Love your stitcheries too! :0)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

A Big Welcome back!! So glad to see you posting again. Love the embroidery.

sunny said...

Congrats on the NO Smoking! That is Huge. Sam is incredibly handsome with the shorter hair - it's kind of him to donate his locks. Glad to see you back in blogland. Come back more often.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hey gorgeous girl, it is so good to see your blog smiling back at me today. LOVE that bunny eating the dandelions, and doesn't your young man look hot?! :-)
LOVE how you stitched my designs. You always make my jaw drop when I see how you add Allie's twist - layout, colours, fabric. Wow!
Big hugs my friend

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful thing to do and a nice way to help others. Love your new stitcheries, beautiful pieces.


MB in MI said...

Welcome Back Allie! Love your dandelion/bunny picture!! :-)

Mary-Kay Colman said...

Wow! What a difference with the short hair. Tell you son, I like the new do and congrats on donating the old. I've never seen a duvet cover like that and I've had duvets for ages. I'm curious about it also and can't wait to see more comments about it. And a giant congratulations to you for quitting smoking. Doesn't food taste wonderful now. You know that's the problem with quitting. When I quit, I drank 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and it helped but I still gained a few pounds. What you really have to do is keep very, very busy so you can't eat. Do things so your hands are dirty or wet and you would have to wash and/or dry them to eat. Also, if you smoked in your house (even if you didn't), clean it thoroughly from top to bottom and get rid of anything that smells like smoke. This helps keep you busy and gets the spring cleaning done too. Good luck and congratulations again! Oh yeah, hi to your mom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allie good to hear from you again,i love Sam's new haircut he looks so handsome and hi back to your clever mum for me please.Very intriguing that cover,i love to know what it is also,lol.,lovely stitching s Allie,enjoy your day my friend.xx

paulette said...

Hey, what a handsome young man!!! And what a thoughtful way to help others! It's a win,win for everyone!!
Love your stitcheries!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Hi 5 to Sam...well done. Well done to you also on giving up smoking. It does take a little while for your body to detox and you are doing all the right things...just have to keep at it. It us no easy feat so hats off to you. So lovely to read about your doings. Love Jenny's stitchery...gorgeous. I hope it won.t be too long before our next helping of Allie...hugs xx

joan said...

Oh Sam is gorgeosu!
Congratualtiosn on quitting smoking.I wish you lived closer you could come to my support group! You are doing the right things and the weight gain will subside. I encourage my clients to change activites once in a while because your body gets use to the same routine. (Maybe short walks outside two or three times a day instead of the bike) Your metabolism has slowed down because of the nicotine being gone out of your system. Also watch your high caloric foods. Raw veggies for snacks and fruits will help. If you crave a cigarette and sweets seems to be what you desire reach for cinnamon flavor (even a cinnamon stick)Clients like those little cinnamon hearts. The flavor of cinnamom turns off the craving. The important thing to remember is it is a powerful addiction and addictions are treated not cured so one puff will lead you back to more than what you smoked when you stopped. Hang in there you have done great. And remember also you will not die from a craving! Hugs to you! Aliie inbox me anytime for support.

Debbie said...

Sam looks great without all that hair! Like a different guy. Very handsome.

Don't have an answer about the hole in the cover, but I hope you'll let us know as soon as you do! The peacock is gorgeous.

Congratulations on keeping off the cigarettes! Good for you. Please keep it up. I never took a puff in my life, but my son was smoking for a while. I used to complain about the smell on his clothes, but he didn't care. His girlfriend made him quit about three months ago. He has not put on any of the weight that he lost over the past year or so, which was a lot. He says he eats a lot of nuts and drinks a lot. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, things that are time consuming, I guess. Also chews gum (although I haven't seen him do so.)

Shari said...

Sam looks great! And so does your Mum. And a very well done on ditching the cigs. Totally keep at it. As for the weight - the usual eat healthy, whole foods (not processed) and exercise. No magic formula. You can try chewing gum or mints and of course drink more water.

Lovely to see your stitcheries and your photos of spring. We are finally entering the cooler weather - what a relief. And we've even had rain! That can get very exciting in this very dry land.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Such a big change for Sam. He is handsome in both pictures but I like the clean short look. I bet that took some getting used to for you and him. Takes alot of weight off his head and it is probably much cooler for him.

Beautiful stitcheries as usual.

Hi Mom!! Looking good.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I bet your son feels naked....grin.

My son had long hair not quite that long, but had to cut it to go to Christian School. His first Christian school was fine with it, but not the second. It was a really hard decision for him.

Sandra :) said...

I like the short hair - lucky Locks of Love! No answer for the weight gain - I'm still trying to lose my quit smoking weight :D CONGRATS on such a major achievement - it's a very big deal, so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

jan said...

Good on you for ditching the smokes! The weight can be frustrating, but one thing at a time. Smoking is definitely the greater risk.

I am intrigued by the linen! I hope someone has an explanation!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Hi Allie. So nice to see your post. Love Sam's new cut. I see it was not just his hair on his head. Handsome kid. My grandson is still trying to get his hair long enough so he can donate too. Sure hope it comes soon. Congratulations on quitting smoking! I'm clueless about the duvet cover. I gave up trying to lose weight after I hit a "certain" age. Good luck! Wonderful post.

Mama Pea said...

It's so good to hear from you! Glad you are doing well. Love Sam's new cut! And how cool to share his hair! Your stitching is just beautiful! As always. Did you figure out what that thing is? It's pretty! I have no idea!

Mama Pea said...

Oh, and congrats on quitting smoking! That's huge! Heck, I have trouble with the pounds even without that, so don't ask me! :-)

Val Spiers said...

I love the haircut and there is so much to send away. It really was long. All your stitchery projects are so pretty. The fabrics are perfect. I was thinking of you today as I used a little seam measuring gadget that I got when I won the give away one month for Christmas through the year, years ago. I use it all the time. Glad to see you are still happy and well.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hello sweetheart!!!! Gosh sweetie, lots going on! First of all, Sam looks wonderful with short hair... he looked gorgeous with it long too, but now you can focus on his face and he's a handsome lad! I bet he felt a bit lost there for a while?! Liberated, perhaps?! Your stitcheries are gorgeous Allie, and I love the wavy quilting in the 'Lord..." one... love the fabrics you've used too, just so special. As for the doona cover, really not sure what is going on there... but what a great find. The embroidery is exquisite and I'm sure you'll find a great use for it. But most of all what I want to say is CONGRATULATIONS for stopping smoking... I don't say 'give up' because that sounds like you've had to compromise or lack something, you've 'stopped' and I'm so proud of you! I used to smoke too and stopped 9 years ago, even now I sometimes get cravings but it's not something I'd ever do again. I fell pregnant with Rosie soon after but did put on some weight. It sounds like you are doing the right things but I don't know much about metabolism... just that smoking is much worse than a few extra kilos. I'm reading a book called The Pritkin Diet at the moment, it's about 20 years old but gets back to basics... I'll let you know if that's any good. Lots of love sweetie!!!! Vikki xoxoxoxo

Carrie P. said...

Your son looks very handsome with his new makeover. So glad to hear he donated his hair. I did that once but now I keep my hair short.
Love your stitcheries. Your fabric choices are perfect.

Cheryl said...

This is such a sweet post.....I think your son is amazing!!!! What a wonderful thing to do to donate his hair. Your sweet mom always makes me smile....I think I heard her say hi to me personally ... :-)!!!!!!

Ivory Spring said...


Haven't heard from you for a while, so wanted to check in to make sure you are alright! Miss you.

Beautiful stitchery. I am making a pillow with that design for a girl going to college in the Fall!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hi ya sweets!
Sure have missed you!
Sam looks very handsome. Totally cool to donate his hair. Hi to mom. she is so darn cute. I could squeeze her! hee,hee,hee. I have no idea what that hole is in the duvet. I'm so proud of you for quitting smoking! Yipeee!!! A friend of mine started chewing bubble gum when she quit. She said it helped her from eating everything in her frig. ;) Love all the stitchies you've done. Beautiful. Love, hugs and friends, Shell

Brenda said...

Hi Allie! Good to see you bloggin again. I was on vacation for a couple of weeks so I am just catching up with my reading. Lovely stitching, both projects are just perfect. Good for you to quit smoking. Hubs has been working on it for quite a while now. He has not quit completely but is closer. The weight gain, I have been doing weight watchers for 6 months now. Only thing that has worked for me since I turned 40..55 now. Have almost lost 25 pounds, my goal is about another 5. Have a wonderful weekend!

Ally said...

errrm regarding the sheet with the hole, now im just putting this out there as an idea oklol years ago I heard a story about sex through a hole in a sheet. When I saw your sheet I thought nah, just a story? when u research "modesty sheet" u do come find information on such practices. Ignore the medical ones and research the modesty sex sheets. Of course I could be totally off track here but its very interesting if this turns out to be such a sheet lol although the lace around the hole might lose its beauty somewhat if it is lol


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