Monday, May 20, 2013

Soggibottom Give-away

Midge over at Soggibottom is having a give-away - one of her bespoke Dartmoor Hares!  Too darling, go see.  Midge lives in a 17th century cottage in England and her blog is lovely...she's also a very precious and dear friend.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catching Up And A Puzzle

Wow this post is hard to start, it's been so long I forgot how.  My backspace key is getting a work out.  Let's see, what's new...well, my Sam let me cut his hair, how about starting with that?  Here's his "before"...

DSCN0123    2


DSCN0135    2

And what we're sending to Locks of Love!

DSCN0140    2

What a relief to get all that hair gone.  Let's see - did you all have a wonderful Mother's Day?  We spent the day with my mum, she's doing well, and says "hi" to everyone.

DSCN0113    2

And now the riddle - I recently made a purchase at the thrift store, I'm not sure what it is!  It's like a duvet cover - two sheets, stitched all the way around, but this one really is stitched on all four sides.  The fabric is like a luxurious vintage high quality sheet, all cotton and silky smooth.  The riddle part comes in with the opening in it - it's smack in the middle of one side!  All lace around the edge of the opening, no tearing or anything.  I upped the contrast on these pics to make it easier to see:

DSCN0026    2

The above pic is the cover laying on my bed, the hole is huge.

DSCN0027    2

See the lace around the hole?  And there are these pretty peacock panels around it as well...

DSCN0031    2

So.  The hole is deliberate, there are NO other openings anywhere on this.  Does anybody have a clue what this is???  Normally, a duvet cover has an opening at one end, but this does not, only the hole in the middle.  I'm so confused, lol.  I'm using it for cutting up and making stitcheries, so it's not important, I'm just curious.

And now the projects I've been working on -  with the fabric from that cover - both designs from my precious friend, Jenny of Elefantz.  One of her latest patterns is All Things Bright, I just fell in love with it -

DSCN0124    2
DSCN0129    2

Isn't that the sweetest???? But before I could finish it, she came out with a free design called Lord Bless you, and I had to start that!

DSCN0126    2
DSCN0128    2

I used variegated floss for this and just loved it.  I especially enjoyed doing the roses, oh my love them so so much.  Jenny-girl, thank you for creating such delightful designs for me to stitch!  If you'd like to stitch them too, you can get them here, at Jenny's Craftsy store.  And don't forget to check out her blog to see what's coming up in the next issue of her e-zine!   Does this sound like a commercial, lol?  Can't help it, love her so much.

I hope you're all enjoying spring [or autumn, down under], I'm reveling in it myself.  And all the wildlife, wow - my boys say we've been Disneyfied, we have so many rabbits burrowing in our yard [eating the dandelions, gotta love that], groundhogs and deer, birds everywhere.  And the scents of spring - I can't stop taking in huge lungfuls of perfumed air.

DSCN0120    2

What I don't love is pulling out all my summer clothes, to find they no longer fit....after 40 years, I quit smoking in January, and I've steadily put on pounds since.  While I'm quite happy to have quit, I'm not happy about the weight!  My main worry is diabetes, as we have a family history of it.  I'm riding my exercise bike and working out daily, but it's not helping.  Has anyone been through this and have any advice to share?  I'd welcome it!

I'll go now before this post gets any longer - apparently I've not only forgotten how to start, but how to STOP.  I'll be back sporadically, and I'll see you on your blogs!  Oh yes, I've switched to Feedly for my reader - and you're all safely there. *G*

DSCN0078    2


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