Friday, November 2, 2012


One more week - one more week of therapy for mum, and then I can get back to blogging.  I've missed you.

My heart is very heavy for those who were affected [and continue to suffer] by Hurricane Sandy.  The response has been dreadful, although you won't see it in the news.  Please keep them all in prayer, and if you can, please give to the Salvation Army, whose response has, as usual, been wonderful.

My sweet friend Kelly, at I Have A Notion, got so excited at Quilt Market that she fell down and broke her hand.  She had pins put in today, if you'd like to go give her a shout-out, I'm sure she'd appreciate it.  But do tell her not to reply, because knowing her, she'll try.  You just can't keep a good woman down.

I've not been doing a lot of stitching.  I am still working on four stitcheries, but you know I'm slow with them.  I did get an early Christmas gift, from my son John....

DSCN0126    2

A Happy Light!  Oh did I need that.  And it works.  I used it today for the first time, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon - and I never lost my energy today.  I felt so alert all day.  Really unusual!  With the grey days we're having now, I've been wanting to do nothing more than sleep.  Hopefully this light will continue to work all through the long, cold winter.

I also got an early Christmas gift from my mum!  I told her I really wanted to get out and browse the thrift shops for a teapot, and she told me not to...I asked why, and in a small voice she said "because I got you you want it now?"  Did she have to ask?????

DSCN0130    2

So nice having my Earl Grey in the evening, and I don't have to go downstairs to keep filling my cup.  No emails from tea purists, please, telling me how bad bags are....because I love them. *G*

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend Patty came up from Florida.  We think it might be as long as 36 years since we've seen each other.  It was lovely!  She came up to enter a quilt into a quilt show.  Her mum made quilts, all original, and always supported the festival at a church near here.  Her quilts are AMAZING.  Here are some pics of Patty's mum's quilts....

DSCN0004    2
DSCN0021    2

The one above was incredible.  She pounded real flowers into the silk, then embellished by hand with beads, and inks.  All hand quilted.

DSCN0006    2

This one, above, told the story of - oh dear, now I've forgotten - her uncle's life?  It was amazing, and had stories and family signatures all over it.

And now, the one Patty made, to honor her mum - Patty is not a quilter, but I think she should be.  This was gorgeous.  Silks, some from her mum, laces from her mum, the pictures do not do it justice.

DSCN0001    2
DSCN0003    2

DSCN0015    2
Her mum made the flower panels.

DSCN0016    2
DSCN0017    2

I think it's brilliant, and it made me cry.  Her mum was the sweetest woman you could ever meet.

I'll leave you with more quilts from the show - and then I'm going to bed - I get to sleep all weekend!  See you soon!

DSCN0012    2
DSCN0026    2
DSCN0025    2
DSCN0027    2
DSCN0029    2
DSCN0055    2
DSCN0045    2


Sweet Woodruff said...

I will pray for you Allie. I hope your mother is ok. It's good to see you. I LOVE all the beautiful quilt eye candy.

Cheryll said...

Good to hear from you again. Take care for the remaining week... as we miss you too! :)

Jocelyn said...

So good to see you post again. And you tea pot is so sweet. I too love tea bags. Just don't let them steep too long. Take care of your sweet Mum :-) She is a precious gift.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Loved this blog post...and aren't your boy and mum so precious!?
What a gorgeous tea pot - and filled with my favourite tea. One day, we must share a pot my friend. xxxx
LOVE Patty's mother's work...oh my, just exquisite.
Love you,

Unknown said...

What amazing quilts. Absolutely beautiful! Sharyn:)

Michelle Ridgway said...

Healing hugs to your Mum Allie. In do hope your friend is better soon also.I love your sweet teapot. Thank you for the beautiful quilt photos.

Dolores said...

Hope your mom is getting better. Thanks for the quilt photos. They are lovely.
When my daughter lived up north there was a room in the hospital that people could use for light therapy in the winter.

Mama Pea said...

I have missed you, Allie! Hang in there. Glad to see you and hear things are going okay and everyone's doing better. How nice that you get these early Christmas presents. ;-) Your friend's mum's quilts are amazing!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

A Happy Light is on my list.

Hang in there....

Sue said...

I bought a light therapy box for my daughter who has a rough time during the winter months here in Michigan and she says she can tell a huge difference.
All the lighting in my sewing room is full spectrum lighting and it makes a big difference on my outlook during wintertime. They are a great investment.

Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D as well.

Take good care of yourself and your mum.


Terry said...

I must have missed something...what happened to your mum? Love the light you got. I'm going to look for one of those for myself! :0)

Val said...

Hey! Just wanted you to know that I am finally back to blogging! Whats wrong with your Mum? I have a lot of catching up to do. I will pray for her now! I sure have missed you!!! I hope everything is ok.

Sandra :) said...

A Happy Light - what a great idea - I'm glad it's helping! Lovely teapot - and amazing quilts! Glad to see you posting - I'll be happy when you get back to regular posts, lol.

Sweet Woodruff said...

Awesome to see you. I sleep with your blanket every night. Even in Florida in the summer. It's the perfect weight. I think of you often. (((hugs)))

Brenda said...

Good to hear from you Allie! I love the tea pot! It is beautiful! Shannon has a blog now and is sharing her homeschooling. If you get a minute, I know you are really busy, it is here:
Have a restful weekend!

Sharon said...

I liked that Sally Ann allowed me to pick a zip code to have my donation used in that area. Not saying that peeps on the west don't need help, but nothing compares to the NE right now.

Wendyb said...

Oh Allie, how lovely to hear from you again...have been missing you! What beautiful gifts and how thoughtful your family are!!! We'd never think of energy lamps living in the tropics but SAD is not a nice glad it works!!! Love Love Love the teapot...just my style!!! And your friends mother's quilts......perfect, as is hers for her mum!
Glad to hear all is well with you
sugary sweet hugs
Wendy :O)

Soggibottom said...

What a beautifully written post Allie and so much colour.
Will someone please tell this auto spell check that we spell colour like that .... no argument about the beauty of the quilts though Allie.
Thanks for showing them :-) X X X

Wendy said...

we miss you too! I hope your mum's getting on ok with her therapy.

Sensational quilts

Michele McLaughlin said...

Allie, thanks for mentioning the Salvation Army. They usually are the stand right alongside the first responders and for some reason, the search engines aren't mentioning them. Your treasures are fab, that lamp is something to think about for me....Also , thank you for sharing those quilts, they are FANTASTIC! You're right, she IS a quilter and a great one at that!
Hugs, Mickie

quilthexle said...

These lamps are so helpful !! Got one too - and now these awful grey and dark days don't bother me anymore ;-))

Michele said...

I'm in Florida and somedays I could certainly use a Happy Light! I wonder if it helps if you do have plenty of sun? I'm glad it's working for you :-) Wonderful that you reconnected with a friend that you haven't seen in 36, I think, years! What a fun time you must have had!

Valspierssews said...

So many lovely quilts and I just love your teapot.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm going to look out for a Happy Light, it sounds great! And the teapot is beautiful. So many wonderful quilts!! I love the photo of all the quilts on the pews in the church. Beautiful!

Binsa said...

Hello Allie, enjoyed catching up with you..I am not a tea or coffee drinker...but your teapot is gorgeous...loved seeing the quilts ..Hugs Lyn

Claudia Bugh said...

What a thoughtful gift from your son! You'll have to let us know if that makes a difference this Winter ~ so much in this post from the cutest Teapot from your mum ever to that amazing quilt and I agree with you it is brilliant and so incredibly meaningful - wow wow wow.

I hope your mother's therapy goes well and you are back in your space soon ((hugs))

Kim D. said...

Hi Allie, I hope your mom has a speedy recovery. I have one of those Verilux lights also and just love it, it's perfect in my sewing room and gives out a lot of light. Love your new teapot, it's adorable and such a special gift from your mom. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous eye candy.

rosie said...

Ally, I am so sad that your beautiful Mum is not well. I hope everything soon rights itself. xx

Carrie P. said...

I should get my daughter one of those lights. She doesn't do well in winter either.
Your tea post is just so pretty. love it.
love all the magnificent quilts too. thanks for sharing.

Teresa said...

Oh Allie... I've missed you and I'm so behind in catching up with yours (and many others blogs)... I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your friends quilt to her Mother is... absolutely and purely made with love.
I also love your teapot... how very, very special.
The quilt photos are amazing.
Okay... on to reading more of your posts... in order! xx

Ivory Spring said...

WOW! Such eye candies - the teapot and the quilts!!!

Linda in Calif. said...

Let's talk about that teapot. It's BEAUTIFUL! I didn't know people actually used them. But it certainly would be handy not having to run back to the kitchen all the time. My mother is just like you guys - can't wait. Me, I can wait forever. Just knowing I have a present waiting for me is so much fun.

Wish You Were Here Mom said...

Oh my! Just saw this one, too! I'm so far behind! Loved all the pictures you shared of Mom's quilts. Thank you, Allie! I believe her legacy will live on forever ;o) Hugs, Jan


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