Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Maintaining Radio Silence

I'm taking a break from blogging for a week or two - life is crazy busy and I have to concentrate on family for a bit.  I hope to be back to regularly scheduled broadcasts soon.

Turning off comments, back soon!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bad, Bag Blogger....

Yes I am.  I've barely turned on my computer this week.  It's been a busy one!  I thought October would settle down, silly me.  But guess what I did today!  For the second time in my life, I went to a quilt show.  And boy was it a good one.  Put on by the Great Lakes African American Quilters Network, do you want to see some pictures?  I promise you there are lots more over on my flickr, in a set.

Here are some that had no names attached that we could see.

DSCN0184    2
DSCN0186    2
DSCN0071    2
DSCN0059    2
DSCN0053    2
DSCN0041    2

There was also a room of vintage quilts.

DSCN0088    2
DSCN0076    2
DSCN0089    2

Marcia Derse was there!  Her fabrics caught my eye, I stopped at the table, and saw her name and said "hey, I KNOW YOU!"  Meaning, of course, that I had seen her fabrics all over blogland, not that I knew her.  She understood.  What a great gal she is!  And her fabric is just gorgeous!

DSCN0182    2

Ok, now a few of the quilts, with the artist statement - can't believe I remembered to get those!

DSCN0180    2
DSCN0181    2

DSCN0175    2
DSCN0176    2
DSCN0177    2

One of my favorites, the detail on this was incredible.

DSCN0158    2
DSCN0159    2
DSCN0160    2
DSCN0161    2
DSCN0163    2

DSCN0152    2
DSCN0153    2
DSCN0154    2

DSCN0150    2
DSCN0151    2

DSCN0145    2
DSCN0146    2
The quilting on this was INCREDIBLE.

DSCN0100    2
DSCN0101    2

DSCN0096    2
DSCN0097    2

DSCN0094    2
DSCN0095    2

DSCN0080    2
DSCN0081    2

There are many more over on flickr, I didn't want to make this blog post 3 pages long.  WHAT an inspiring quilt show.  These ladies are marvelous!  I'm already looking forward to next year.

I get to stay home in my jammies tomorrow, hopefully I'll get around to all your blogs AND work on my new quilt design - although after the quilt show today, it's looking kind of washed out - vintage sheets, kind of cottagey, but after this show I'm craving color!  I hope you enjoyed the show too!

PS - I'm going to disable anonymous comments - I'm getting a lot of spam, although it's not making it to the blog, it's still annoying.  We'll see if that takes care of it!


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