Saturday, August 18, 2012

World's Best [Biggest] Street Party

That's where we went today.  The Woodward Dream Cruise.  Fasten your seat belts, we took lots of pics.

DSCN0139    2

16 miles, 50,000 classic cars, 1.5 million visitors from around the globe – New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Russia, England among them.  A couple was just interviewed on our local news, they’re from New Zealand and are back for their second year.  Last year they bought a classic car, drove it to California, and had it shipped home.  This year, they bought another one and will do it again.

These guys did it right - had a picnic table in the back of the truck, just chillin'.

DSCN0142    2

Woodward Avenue is also known as Highway 1.  The first paved highway in the United States, it was lined with drive-in restaurants and popular shops, and quickly became a cruising mecca for hot rods.  My mum remembers cruisin’ on Woodward.  In 1995, a small group of volunteers looked to recreate the good ol’ days while raising money to create a soccer field in a local city, and 250,000 people came – ten times what they expected.  It has quickly grown to become the world’s largest automotive event and street party.

This guy was cruisin' with his doors up.

DSCN0145    2

Cars line both sides of the divided highway, while others cruise.  The smell of exhaust is intoxicating.

DSCN0146    2
DSCN0151    2

With special cars in the grassy median.

DSCN0154    2
DSCN0171    2
DSCN0158    2

I think there is every type of car ever made.

DSCN0161    2
DSCN0175    2
DSCN0177    2

Including the Batmobile.

DSCN0186    2
DSCN0188    2
DSCN0189    2
DSCN0208    2

I know, it's not a quilt show.  We'll get back to quilting soon, promise.  But look...look at that.

DSCN0220    2
DSCN0221    2
DSCN0225    2

And the weather - 76F.  Could not have bought a better day.

DSCN0226    2
DSCN0229    2

This was a BelAir TRULY set up for cruisin'.

DSCN0236    2
DSCN0240    2
DSCN0247    2
DSCN0253    2
DSCN0257    2

After we cruised for awhile, we ended up here....

DSCN0273    2

with all these guys.

DSCN0271    2
DSCN0272    2

Gotta love a drive-in restaurant.  Too bad I couldn't have a rootbeer float this year.
See ya soon.....I'm going to go dream of seeing the USA in my Chevrolet...


Marilyn said...

Wow. How amazing. A wonderful day out.

Anonymous said...

What fun!! I think I used to own some of those kind of cars. Me or my brother or my dad. I can remember going to the A&W root beer stand for a frosty mug of root beer. It was a family affair. The car hop would hook a metal tray of mugs to your window. And yes, I used to watch Dinah Shore. She sang that song every week. Great memories. Great pics.

Nancy J said...

What wonderful cars and photos, and a mention of Murray and Val Toms from here in NZ. I will try and contact them when they get home and maybe get a photo to post for you. Too many cars to choose from, all polished and shone for the day, but I guess, no I am sure, they are like that every day. Cheers, Jean in NZ.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh my gosh Allie!!! I'm so glad you posted the Dinah Shore video. Just yesterday, my hubby and I were at an old fashioned 'drive-in' for a sandwich and fries with a cherry coke. There was a car show just up the road from where we live so there were several old cars parked there for lunch and I was singing this very song...just yesterday, LOL. When I finished all the words I could remember (most of them) I told my hubby "Dinah Shore sang that!" Too funny! Thanks so much for sharing. Ya know, in 1969, we drove a 1968 Camero Rally Sport, white with a black vinyl top and a four on the floor. Wood grain look for the dash and gear shift panel. Very cool car...8 miles to the gallon, LOL. Of course, gas was cheaper back then. Boy, I wish I still had that car! Hugs...

Anonymous said...

thankyou for sharing Allie lots of beautiful cars there.xx

Debbie said...

So, cool, Allie! Thanks for the photos. I think I remember you did this last year, too!

Jan said...

YOu're such a petrolhead, Allie (BTW, that's a compliment!) Cool cars, great day out.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

OMG what an amazing display Allie...

paulette said...

Wow!! Incredible...VROOM VROOOM...screech...CRASH! I touched the wrong button on the Bat Mobile! Splat!

Sue said...

What fun, I think those car mad guys might love there cars more than we love quilting!

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a cool post!! Imagine seeing the Batmobile in real life!!

unfinishedquilts said...

Oh how I wish I would have known! My son would have LOVED this! Will be watching for next year so he can check it out! He used to love our yearly trip up north for the car show, but that was when he was like 10. At 20 I bet he will appreciate it even more!
Looks like a wonderful day :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That would be so much fun to see! I love seeing the old cars. They were really something back then, weren't they? So much character and charm.

Jan said...

What a fun day! The cars are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

With Glowing Hearts said...

Fabulous car show / cruise. We saw it on TV. Love your pictures Wish we were there but to far to away to drive our Chevy.

sunny said...

What fun! There are a lot of car show is our area, and it's always cool to see one of the classics driving down the road. Mmmm... A&W!

Sharon said...

Oh, I love it when you show all these cool old cars! I don't know why, but I love them! What a fun day!

Have you ever been to the car museum that used to be in Kalamazoo? Don't know if it's still there or not - it was a looong time ago that I went!

Mama Pea said...

What a great weekend! My hubby would have loved that!

Brenda said...

Great cars and Dinah Shore too! Thanks for sharing Allie! My first paying job was a car hop at the Dog and Suds drive in. I served a lot of root beer floats!

Talin's Corner said...

I love those cars! We are going to a car show next month, I hope it's as nice as the one you took pics of.

Vroom, Vroom...I wish hubby would buy one.

Joanne Lendaro said...

LOVED the show!! Thanks so much for sharing all of the great car pictures! Would have loved to see it in person!

Carrie P. said...

what fun! I saw the bat mobile. so cool.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Some of them brought back such great memories from the past. I especially loved the A & W sign. When I was a child, we went to A & W drive-ins, with carhops, and had chilled mugs with rootbeer - except I always had orange drink instead! Thanks for sharing this great event!

Fleurette said...

What a show!Those cars are amazing. wonderful photos!

northierthanthou said...

Now that is an impressive bundle of classic you have in this post. Wow!


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