Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Epic HST Quiltathon, Or, What Was I Thinking?

End of Day One.

DSC06378    2

End of Day Two.

DSC06388    2

I'm thinking there's an Accuquilt Go! Cutter in my future.  This was insane.  My feet hurt from so many hours of standing and cutting!

I have a lot more white fabric to cut.   However, when the heat comes back, my son will be using my cutting table for his computer, as I have the only room with air conditioning.  I think I have enough cut so that I can sit and sew squares together for hours.  I'll worry about cutting more when I run out.  I'm going to stitch the squares together around all the edges, then cross-cut them from corner to corner.  I've done it that way before and I really like it.  Not so much stretch.

I'm really loving watching the Olympics so far - of course I'm rooting for the Americans, but I'm always so pleased for whoever wins.  You know how hard these athletes have worked - dedicated their lives to this - and the joy on their faces chokes me up every time.  Are you enjoying it too?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Preparing For The Olympics

Opening ceremony coverage begins in 30 minutes, yay!  I'm getting ready.

DSC06366    2

I've succumbed to the hst quilts I've seen on pinterest and in blogland.  I can't take the cuteness.  I have to make one [or two, or three].  I'm sure I'll have enough hst's to make several quilts - some for family for Christmas, and some for charity.

I'm also playing with a couple of new designs.

DSC06369    2
DSC06367    2

And some not-so-fun sewing.

DSC06372    2

While keeping an eye on this.

DSC06374    2

That's north of me, but the threat will continue til around 10pm.  As long as we have power, I'll be glad!  We desperately need the rain.

I've been doing awful at my 15-minute/day challenge from Sandra.  I've also been terrible at visiting blogs.  Part of the problem is that hubby has been gone for 8 days, and I'm enjoying it so much that I can't seem to sit down to sew.  Watching the Olympics is just the incentive I need to sit.

So tell me - how are you preparing for the Olympics???

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Yes, I wish I was at a water park - it's been a wee bit warm.  105 yesterday, and my sweet a/c unit in my sewing room only cooled the room to 90.  I DID get my 15 minutes in though, thanks to Sandra!

DSC06332    2

I'm almost done with the words, then to start on the bears.  Loving this so much.

This is another reason I haven't been getting much done....

DSC06329    2

That's supposed to be my sewing table.  But really, when it's that hot outside, mum's room is THE place to be.  It's fine, I enjoy the company!

And now I have to show off some pics.  My sweet Jenny from Jenny of Elefantz made my Pam's Poppy design - so quick off the mark!  Look at how clever she is.

Jenny-girl, you bless me.  I love it even better than mine!

I think I'll go get my 15 minutes of stitching in, then work on a new design I've been creating...the math part is bogging me down.  That's if I can stay awake today, I got up at 5:30am just to let some cooler air into the house.  Maybe a nap is in order first!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's been a much cooler week here in Allie-land.  I only hope it is elsewhere too - so many millions of folks were without power in truly dreadful heat.  My aunt was without power for 5 days after five storms came through July 3rd, knocking out our holiday grilling party.  102F with no a/c?  I don't think so.

Not much sewing going on.  Lots of this though....

DSC06101    2
DSC06187    2

This poor bunny.  The chipmunks [can you see him?] were mad at him for eating the seed under the bird feeder, and they would run right at him and under him.  He would jump straight up in the air, look around wildly, and resume eating.

DSC06204    2

Cheeky little things.

DSC06209    2

It was lovely getting up at dawn and watching the birds come in for breakfast.

DSC06264    2

Those pics are all taken at my aunt's house, before the storm.  I love her house...this is my favorite room...

DSC06253    2

Doesn't that look so inviting?  When the air conditioning is working, anyway.

My friend Sandra at Sandra Sews has issued me a challenge.  She wants me to sew for just 15 minutes a day.  You know, I think I can do that!  By hand or machine, only 15 minutes is not too bad.  I do have a new pattern....

DSC06325    2

I saw it on Pinterest, and had to have it.  My son bought it for me, isn't that sweet?  Someone raised those boys right.  *G*

I've uploaded a free pattern for you, to my google docs.  It's Pam's Poppy.  Can't remember exactly when I finished it, but I finally uploaded it.  I'd love to see if you make it, especially in batiks...I really, really want to make it in batiks.

DSC05223    23

The link to the pdf file is here.  I'll add it to the free pattern page as soon as I remember how. [edit: pattern is no longer free.  Can be found in my craftsy shop, link on sidebar.]

I hope you all have a great week, I think I'm finally back to blogging a bit more.  My google reader is cleaned out, but it sure builds up fast.  We have another heat wave coming, hopefully I can talk hubby into putting the a/c unit in my room so I can stay home - I miss sewing, and internet when I'm not here!  Have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The heat wave has broken - it was over 100 again today, then a cold front moved through and I can breathe outside without searing my lungs.  Regular blogging should resume shortly, as soon as I remember how to use my computer for something other than solitaire.  There are over 1,000 unread blog posts in my Reader and I despair of ever catching up....I might need to fortify myself with ice cream.  See you soon!


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