Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's All Good

Well, spring has disappeared again, typical March.  Things are greening up, but it's chilly enough to have the furnace on and to wear winter coats.   NOT HAPPY.

Can anyone tell me what kind of tree this is?

DSC05357    2

Is that a Weeping Cherry?  I love it whatever it is.  My favorite springtime tree.  I think.  At the moment, anyway.  They look like a fairy tree!

I won a give-away a couple of days ago, from Marybeth at MB in MI - a darling Reunion charm pack, 2 small journals [fit perfect in my purse!], CHOCOLATE and sunflower seeds!!!  Thank you so much Marybeth, I love it all!  You should go see what she's up to - she's making New York Beauty blocks and are they marvelous.  I love that design but it scares me half to death, lol!

DSC05371    2

Last night I finished listening to Crooked House by Agatha Christie, 5 discs, 70 minutes each.  THAT is what gets me through frantic hand quilting.  I'll be starting a new Agatha Christie tonight.  Good heavens, it's almost 6pm, I think I'd better get started!

I'll leave you with a pic of mum and Greta from last night - Greta really, really wanted the cracker in my mum's hand.  Or maybe it was the peanut brittle...I don't think Greta cares either way.  For that matter, neither does mum.

DSC05361    2

Monday, March 26, 2012

Not Much, How About You?

Well, it looks like spring, and last week it felt like summer....

DSC05356  2
DSC05349    2  3b
DSC05335    3

But now we're back to freezing.  I'm still working hard on the green quilt, I got nothing done on it last week because it was far too warm to hold it in my lap.  This week, it's keeping me warm!

DSC05301    2

I wanted to share a product I won from Kelly at I Have A Notion, last December.  I gave it to my mum, but recently borrowed it for quilting.  It's the Beam N Read light and WOW is it wonderful.

DSC04911    2

It has two settings, one for 3 lights, and one for 6 lights.  I've been using the 3 light setting on the lighthouse quilt, which is navy thread on navy waves on a navy background....this one....

DSC05185    2

and believe it or not, with the Beam N Read, I can actually see the waves without being in the sunlight!  I can even quilt this at night.  Amazing.  Kelly has an online store where you can get it, and her customer service can't be beat.  She also has a great blog where she reviews products and more, she's the most upbeat, wonderful person.  Her store is HERE.  If you struggle to get enough light on your hand work, you need the Beam N Read!

I've also joined a mini-challenge that Kelly is doing.  It's called Bling Your Thing, and I'm having fun with it!  Although I'm having a hard time coming up with THE idea - I've come up with four so far, now to pick one, lol.  I'm using a crystal applicator and crystals that I bought about 5 years ago and never tried.

So I'm actually busy, working on various things, but nothing to show.  I've also been trying to draw up some things, but seem to be in a very dry spot creatively.  Maybe I need a finish or two first.  I hope to have something to show you soon, besides foliage, lol!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hope You're Celebrating

Comments are closed - go enjoy the first day of spring tomorrow!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Are You Watching???

In honor of International Quilting Day, The Quilt Show has offered all shows, Season 1-9, FREE.  Oh I am loving it!  Click on the link, and at the top of the page, over by the log-in, you'll see a green button that says "International Quilting Day, Here's what to do".  I've already found two new techniques I want to try!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We're experiencing some rare spring days here in Michigan...feels more like May than March!  Makes it hard to stay inside and quilt.  I took the day off yesterday to run errands and go visiting, so lovely to get out and enjoy it.  This was all the clouds I could see in the sky....

DSC05320    2

Yes, I know they're not really clouds.  *G*  These little guys were enjoying the sun at McDonald's, waiting for a stray french fry to fall their way.

DSC05307    2

Later, while visiting our friend Shirley, I stepped outside and saw Jupiter and Venus side by side in the sky, amazingly bright!

DSC05325    2

Don't you just love this time of day, that cozy feeling when everyone's home, the day is winding down, time for laughter and a shared meal and a catch-up of your day....

DSC05330    2 open to catch that first little chill of evening...bliss.

And yet, as much as I'm enjoying this taste of spring, I'm waiting for that other shoe to drop, to wake up to howling winds, grey skies and white stuff falling from the sky.  I know it's lurking in the wings, waiting for me to let my guard down...all part of the charm of spring in Michigan!

I'm also getting that spring cleaning urge, wonder if I can enlist some help around won't be voluntary, I know that!  Are you feeling the urge too?  I'd love to hear any tips you might have for making it as painless as possible!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Where I've Been

DSC05306    2

and what I've been doing.

DSC05303    2
DSC05302    2
DSC05301    2

I think I have about 60 more hours of quilting to go.  I've been spending 8-12 hours per day on this....ouch.  Lots of Lucy being watched, lots of audio books being listened to.  It really makes for a boring blog, though!  I love hand quilting, I love doing it for hours on end, but it means nothing to talk about here.

Later today I'm going to trace off Jenny's free BOM, just to give my brain a rest.  I have the fabric all picked out for it.  I'll work on both projects, switching back and forth.

We've been having gorgeous weather but today it's raining.

DSC05304    2

At least it's not snow.  Speaking of snow, yesterday I pulled out the summer clothes, so Michigan, get ready for a blizzard.  It never fails that I pull out the summer stuff and it snows.

Hope you are all doing well and keeping busy - I've been visiting your blogs but not commenting much - can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I posted last.  Time is flying!


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