Monday, October 31, 2011

My Memories Give Away Winner!

The winner of the My Memories Give Away is Sue B!  Sue, I'm emailing you, congratulations!  Sue has a new grandson and I know she'll get good use out of it, lol!

How I arrived at the winner - I copied and pasted all the names to a word document, and numbered them, in the order they were left on the comments.  Some folks didn't want in on the give-away, and one was having her own!  So I skipped those names, and added a few from the previous post - a few left comments there instead of on the official post, but I think I wasn't really clear on telling you to do that, so I added them.  Then I went to mr. random number and let him do his thing.  I want to thank you all for playing along, I wish you could all be winners. 

If you still would like to get the software, you can click on the link on my sidebar and use my code STMMMS68739 [copy and paste] to get $10 off the software and $10 to use in the store.

I'll be back tomorrow night with our Christmas Club give-away, see you then!


Jeanneke said...

Congratulations Sue! On winning the Give Away and on the birth of a new grandson.
Allie, thanks for offering a chance to win.


Fiona said...

Excellent for Sue B... great win... Have a great day Allie ... or night?

Cheryll - SwaP MaMa said...

Well congrats Sue B... errr... guess I'll go buy mine. :)
Thanks Allie for a chance!

Sue said...

Well congrats to the OTHER Sue! How lucky for her. It will certainly come in handy for the new pics she'll be having with her grandson!

Sharon said...

Congratulations to Sue B! Now I think I'll go buy my own software!
;-D I was impressed with how reasonable the prices are on the software and the design packs.


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