Saturday, September 10, 2011


My boys were 7 and 9 the day the world changed.  It was hard to tear myself from the unfolding horror on tv and take care of them....but I did.  For the next few weeks, I bounced between joyful boys and the heartbreaking sadness that I couldn't keep myself from watching.

I remember standing outside while the boys played, looking at the empty skies, listening to the silence.  Flags everywhere.  Shock evident on every face.  Listening to the stories that started to trickle out, the stories of heroic acts, everyday kindnesses, and uncommon courtesies.  The feeling of kinship with perfect strangers.  We were united by a grief that was bigger than any of us.

Today, I will remember.  I will never forget.  I will pray for the survivors, for the heroes, for the families who lost loved ones, and for my country's loss of innocence.  For our soldiers and our leaders.  For our enemies who mean to harm us.  And for this land, this beautiful and bountiful land that I love with all my heart. 

America, I love you.

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