Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Happened To Spring?

Hi everybody!  I've missed you so new bloggy schedule isn't working out.  I'll have to do something different, but I'll get there.

Today was a winner of a day.  High of 82F and very humid - I think 40 degrees warmer than yesterday.  My friend didn't realize it was so warm, and went to church with her winter coat on!  Tomorrow will be cooler, then we'll bottom out again.  I spent the day [last few days] helping my friend Cathy move - today we got her quilt frame up, woohoo!  So I was able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I've been wanting to show you what Cyndi did.  You know she sent me that gorgeous purse - which I get compliments on every time I take anywhere - well, she also sent me a gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop for my birthday.  The girl has a heart as big as the universe.  They had a sale on Kona Solids, so boy did I get some, along with my favorite at the moment print!

DSC02562    2

Seriously, how cute is that print?

DSC02566    2

I added a bit to the gift certificate, as hubby forgot to get me anything for my birthday. *G*  I'm trying really hard to stick with solids, I want to make some things from the Liberated Quiltmaking II book that I got, and I have so many novelty fabrics that I'm not sure what to make with.

As I said, I've been helping Cathy move, and last Thursday on the way over we saw that our local church was having a rummage sale.  I dropped her off at home to pack [shame on me] and went to the sale.  It was a LOT smaller than it usually is, so I was in and out rather quickly - which was good because I was feeling guilty.  I did pick up a few things, all together less than $3.

A very large oilcloth tablecloth:

DSC02572    2

Four napkins:

DSC02571    2

A brand-new bear towel for my mum, for Christmas [she loves bears]:

DSC02570    2

A card-table sized tablecloth:

DSC02569    2

And a vintage apron that I forgot to take a pic of.  Not bad.

Before I forget, I uploaded a bunch of vintage embroidery designs to my flickr, here's a few.

vintage scans 020
vintage scans 032
vintage scans 052

Now don't download from here, go to the flickr set so they all come out the same size.  You'll find the full sets there of these designs.  If you're not familiar with flickr, let me know, and I will walk you through how to download them.  It's easy, once you know how.

As I said at the beginning, I'm giving up on scheduling my blogging.  By Wednesday, I had 192 posts in my Reader.  And I got no sewing done this week.  Looking back, I'm not sure what I DID do!  I know Thursday and Friday I helped Cathy move, but before that it's a blur.  I think I'll just try to get past the mindset that I need a big chunk of time to get sewing done, and work on utilizing those small moments that I tend to blow off.  And maybe get a different computer chair - this one is far too comfortable.  I sit here way too long!


Linda said...

Look at all those goodies! That print is so much fun! Can you believe the weather?? Oh I loved it! Just feeling the warmth of the sunshine on my skin, made me feel human and not a hermit!! Lol!

WoolenSails said...

Great goodies, fun to treat ourselves. Mine just asks what I want, he is too lazy to think and shop, lol.
Great finds, I need to start hitting the yard sales soon.


Anonymous said...

I love your retro print fabric Allie,and what good bargains you got from the rummage sale

West Michigan Quilter said...

Wasn't the weather today fantastic! Glad you got to spend some time in it. You are a true friend helping your friend move. What a job. Love your sale finds. I especially like that vintage apron. Thanks for the vintage prints too!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Love your vintage treasures! It's good to hear from you. I've missed you :-)

Debbie said...

I like those Kona solid colors that you chose, Allie! And, it's so attractive the way you arranged them, out of order. Good to see you writing again.

Shelley said...

That Santa table cloth is so adorable. Well, so is the green one! I can't believe people sell their stuff. And you only spent $3.00? Wow!

Yeah, 82F would be way too hot for me right now. We are still trying to be 50....
Well, hope you can work out your blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Allie!
I just love your blog! I've been going through the past few posts and enjoyed it very much. Love the embroidery patterns also!

Tonight I had to turn my AC on because it wouldn't come below 79-80 in the house, and that is way to warm for me! I also sit on leather furniture! LOL

Hope you are doing well...and your family!

unfinishedquilts said...

Love the card table cloth! Too cute!

I keep my sewing set up in the dining room. With teenagers nobody is really around for a 'real' dinner. I try to keep it where I can move it all out of the way for a family dinner if it works out. Seems to work for us, hubby definately doesn't mind and everyone teases me about my 'sewing' room and their lack of table, but it is all in good fun.

I didn't get anything done this week either, as far as sewing. Not sure where the week went, hopefully more sewing this week, but am totally sidetracked with formulating the 'perfect' bar of soap for us.

The weather was great today, unless like me, you are working in front of two 500 degree ovens. Yuck.

Hope you get more done this week!

BubzRugz said...

Yummy fabrics and great bargains.... love the embroidery prints.... I hope I can find time away from blogging to do some of them!!

jan said...

Your day was warmer than ours! I don't mind putting off the heat, though! Love the goodies! I am loving the Kona solids, these days. Such gorgeous colors! Congrats on the bargain treasures!

Cheryl said...

Love those solids and that sweet print. Great finds at the rummage sale. I think our weather has switched places with yours!! Snow all melted today and we were back in the 60's!!

Ivory Spring said...

Oh my!!! I love love love the tablecloth.

Val said...

Hi Allie, I had to comment so I will reply here too. I just love the old fashioned print and the table cloth is just beautiful with those little people. They look Austrian or German. I can only smile when you say you can't manage to stay away from the blog. I tried to only post twice a week but I was bursting to put stuff up nearly every day! So I just did it and tried not to blog instead of sewing. I used to read when I was at a loose end, now I just do blog things. I hope you can work it out.

Carol said...

Love your vintage treasures...hmmm, a less comfy chair...sounds like the perfect solution!

Terry said...

I could never stick to a schedule like that either Allie. I just jump back and forth between blogging and sewing and laundry and all the rest of the stuff I do every day. LOL Love the fabrics you got! :0)

Mama Pea said...

Great stuff you got. I love your solids
, that novelty fabric, and that tablecloth. I know what you mean about keeping up with the blogs. I just had to star prioritizing which ones I read. That has helped.

Mama Pea said...

Sorry for typos. Having a hard time getting used to iPad keyboard!

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Maybe the reason you are on a sewing break is because you don't have a project that you are firmly committed to yet and that you have all the supplies you need. It sounds like now that you have the solids, your liberated quiltmaking can start.

How's your son's job going? I hope they will keep him on for a long time.

Mickie said...

Love your goodies! I think my favorite is the kitchen fabric :) Isn't it wonderful to have some warmth again? Hope it stays nice in your neck of the woods! I think with the warm weather, we all get behind on blogging, too nice to be inside!
Love the embroidery patterns too!

Sandra :) said...

Girlfriend you wouldn't believe how much you can get done if promise yourself as little as 15 minutes a day of sewing. If the project is ready to work on, you'll likely see substantial progress each time you work on it, and you may find that you won't stop after 15 minutes because you're in "the zone", lol. I turn on the TV while I'm sewing and it's amazing what I can get done during a 1 hour drama show! (I actually named one quilt Grace Under Fire because I finished it while watching that show, haha).

Sue said...

Cyndi is a sweetheart. I have been wanting to get one of her purses too. I need to email her. She makes the loveliest bags and purses! She does have a heart as big as the universe!

Wasn't the temp. yesterday heavenly? I loved it. I was actually a little too warm sleeping last night and thought about turning on the air-conditioning! Tonight the low will be 35:/

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Love the Kona solids and the kitchen print.

I remember the Santa tablecloth from when I was growing up. My Grandma (I lived with my Grandparents) always had different holiday tablecloths.

It's so easy to lose track of time when I get on the computer. I used to only sew when I had large chunks of time too. Then I realized that if I kept my sewing area clean and organized I could sew for 10 minutes here and a half hour there. I was surprised how much I could get accomplished in those small bits of time.

Cathy said...

Allie, you did good with your shopping trips. I love the conversational fabric you got with your solids. Too cute. Nice finds at the rummage sale. Wasn't that weather yesterday something else. Dreary but cooler today. Watching the Tigers play as I type. Feeling better. Hugs.

em's scrapbag said...

Perfect birthday gift. Love the fabric you chose. Cute vintage embroidery patterns.

Cyndi said...

Hey there, girlfriend! I'm so happy that you were able to get some of those Kona solids that you've been wanting...and that retro kitchen print is so darn cute! You really did do a great job of thrifting... all of that for $3.00 is amazing! Love those napkins!



Carrie P. said...

Love your new fabrics especially the print. So cute. You got some excellent buys for your $3. The green tablecloth is my favorite.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm lusting after your Kona cottons....oh they are beautifu. I toy with the idea of buying a blot in every color to split with a few friends....but then....reality sets in and I realize I don't need that much fabric...LOL


Talin's Corner said...

I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who has not found the time to sew these past two weeks. And like you, I keep trying to figure out what I have so busy with. Well, hopefully we will find the time in the upcoming days.

Val said...

Oh I love your goodies! You did great! I totally understand about this blogging schedule. If I ever start looking it is over. I usually check my email in the mornings and then at night I try to visit a few blogs. I actually did get some sewing done at "Our little Hilton" this weekend. It was so fun!!! I linked up to you for the Christmas Through the year even though I am early....or should I say late....go to my blog and you will see what I mean. lol

MrPuffy said...

Love all your pretty new fat fabric squares! I wonder why they call them that? Nothing more enjoyable that spending birthday money ~

I learned years ago that you can't keep up with every blog post written. Some of my on-line friends blog every other day! I just pop in when I have time and don't worry about using a "reader" anymore.

Too many eggs said...

Love the fabrics, nice bright happy colors and the print is just fabulous

can't believe you are getting ready for summer and i am getting my coats out to air ready for the cooler mornings

Joanne Lendaro said...

LOVE the vitage kitchen fabric!!! How great are those solids!! Your "finds" at the sale are so fun!!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

That folky table cloth is soooooooo fabulous! I love it!
xx, shell

Shasta said...

What beautiful solids - they come in such wonderful colors nowadays. The card size tablecloth is great - what a wonderful design.

Cindy said...

Cute little downloads! If I didn't already have 30 UFO's I would download them!!! LOL Love the solids! BEAUTIFUL! I can also relate with sitting in front of this computer! A little sunny here for a minute but this dreary Michigan weather..... I guess it is kinda helping me get into the studio a little more! :) Maybe I'll get my new block design done!!!


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