Friday, March 18, 2011

Where Does My Money Go?

I thought you'd like to read Jo's post today about Global Giving.  You can read it HERE.

One of the questions on Jo's blog was, "do I have to donate to Global Giving?"  When she first started this rolling, Global Giving was one of the first to get a charity page up - these are charities already on the ground in Japan, today they gave $725,000  to six charities in Japan.  You can read all about them on Jo's post.

However, if you are more comfortable bidding on my quilt and donating to another charity, we'll take it.  You will still need to email me proof of payment.  If the Red Cross is more comfortable for you, or the Salvation Army, or whatever, that's fine!  What matters is that the money gets to Japan.  People are still very cold, without food and water - I know the focus in the media is on the nuclear aspect, but children and mums and dads and grandparents are suffering.

I was going to post a picture of the moon for you tonight.  We went outside, I set my camera to twilight, and none of them came out - well, they came out BLURRY, even with the tripod.  I guess I should have used the time delay setting, but I couldn't find it in the dark.  I have so much to learn with this camera!  So sorry, no pic today.  You'll have to go outside and look at it yourself, lol - although tomorrow night, the 19th, it will be even more impressive!  I wish you clear skies!

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Val said...

You are so right. It doesn't really matter where it goes as long as it helps the people!


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