Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday, Blogger, And More

Coming out of hibernation to post today, it wasn't all I thought it would be - my youngest, Sam, has been sick since Friday and I've got it too.  Which means not a lot got done!

But hey, it's

so I had to post.  What's tickling me today - the postman came with a sweet little package from Midge!  The prettiest Christmas panel;

DSC02345    2
DSC02346    2

I think it might become a pair of sweet pillows for Christmas, but I'm hanging it on the design wall in case of further inspiration!  Thank you darling Midge, I LOVE it!  What's tickling you today?  Join Cheryl and I for some fun!

Last week, my friend Nikki came from London Ontario with her boys for a visit.  It had been a very long time since we'd seen them, but as with good friends, felt like yesterday once they got here.  Nikki loves scrapbooking as much as I love sewing [she also sews!] and she had made me the prettiest gift, a bookmark and little book with index cards...

DSC02350    2

Thank you darling Nikki!  The bookmark has really been put to good use since I've been sick, all I want to do is read.  And with 10 inches of new snow, that's about all there is to do, lol.  This is the view from my window yesterday.

DSC02343    1

I have been working on my February Christmas Through The Year gift.  Not done yet, although I did make a muslin of it, doing it MY way.  It didn't work, so now I'm doing it the right way.  I'll show you when I'm done.  How are you going on your gifts?  Carmen sent me some pics of her finish, and a couple others.  Here's her finish, a gorgeous mug rug....

Carmen's Mug Rug for February challenge

A close-up of her beautiful stitching.

Carmen's Mug Rug center close up

And then this.

I know why the caged bird sings-final

My birdcage design - oh how I love it!  But wait, look at THIS!

I know why the caged birds needlebook-closeup final

Oh my word, she took the Castle Doors Needlebook design and combined it with the birdcage design!  Carmen, that's brilliant!

Carmen also sent me a link to a lovely tutorial, a doily table runner....I have to make this!  And I found a great tutorial on Made By Rae for a boy's Scavenger Bag.  You can get the tutorial at Sew Grown.  It would make a great book bag too!

One thing I wanted to talk about today was Blogger's Spam Detection.  You may have noticed that I removed the word verification from the comments.  I no longer use it, and I don't moderate comments.  The spam detection is great - I have had some spam, but blogger picks them up and keeps them off the blog.  Yay for easier commenting!

And finally, I would like to ask you all to join me in prayer for the people of New Zealand.  I'm sure you've heard by now that Christchurch has been hit by a truly horrific earthquake.  There is great loss of life and terrible devastation.  My heart goes out to all those affected by this tragedy. 

Today is the 22nd, I will be back tomorrow or the next day to put up the Mr. Linky post so you can all show off the gifts you've made, and be entered in the give-away.  Not sure how much visiting of blogs I'll be doing in the next couple of days, I have to finish my own gift!  Thank goodness for you all keeping me accountable in doing this!  See you soon.


Loralynn said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, Allie. I finally broke down after 10 days of coughing and went to the doctor. I have bronchitis. A shot in each hip and a perscription. I should be feeling better in the next 24 hours.

Love the needle case/bird cage combo! What a clever girl Carmen is! Now I totally have to steal the idea!!!

Lydia's Garden said...

Allie, thanks so much for showcasing my stitchery efforts :) I feel like a star but your designs made some of them possible. You keep designing and I will keep stitching! I am making a whole set of those mug rugs and your birdcage design is the second month of my own personal Wallhanging of the Month project :) Thank you for designing!

Terry said...

Love that panel! I can see so many possibilites of things to make with that! Love the birdie needlecase too! So much cuteness! :0)

Mama Pea said...

Sorry you aren't well and hope you feel better soon. It really must be going around. Seems like everyone in blogland has the crud. And doesn't this weather totally stink? Love your new panel and all the projects you showed. Very cool. Hope you have power! Lots of people here don't.

Jocelyn said...

Oh no! I hope you are feeling better. What a bummer.

Linda said...

Hope you are on the mend soon! My gosh there is a lot of illness going around!! Love the Christmas panel!

Anonymous said...

Hi Allie...
I'm praying for the earthquake victims and families. My heart breaks for them.

You must be so proud of those that have done your bird cage design. Isn't it interesting how people can make the same thing so personal?!

Hope you and your son feel better real soon. I just got over a 2 week flu!!! It was terrible!

I wish I could have joined your Christmas project list but I'll start working on something soon. I don't usually join lists because it does the opposite of motivate me..it usually discourages me and I quit. Isn't that weird?! :)

Aunt Spicy said...

that christmas panel is amazing!!!!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. It does seem to be going around. This weather doesn't help either. I hope it doesn't come my way. I love what others have done with your cute stitchery. Thanks for the info about the spam. Some nut kept leaving links to porn on my blog. Maybe it's safe now to change it.

Aimee said...

I love the Christmas panel and hate that you are sick! You haven't gotten a break lately. There is so much going around everywhere, it seems. Hoping you feel better soon...

Joy said...

So glad you got some lovely gifties in the mail to cheer you up, how horrid that you're crook you poor thing!!! Hope you're feeling better soon!!! Honestly Allie, that piccie with the snow looks like an old fashioned Christmas Card ... it's just so beautiful!!
Totally in love with Carmen's needlecase, soooo pretty :o)!!!
You take care, sending big hugs,
Joy :o) xx

Cyndi said...

Hi Allie! So sorry that you've not been feeling well...stay in bed, get lots of rest, and feel better soon!

What great gifts you've received...it's so fun getting packages in the mail, isn't it?

And the earthquake that hit Christchurch was horrible. It just breaks my heart for all the people affected by it. I'm definitely keeping them all in my prayers!



De said...

Love the Christmas panel!

Its always nice to spend time with a friend

Soggibottom said...

The Christmas panel looks better on your side :-) Get well soon Allie :-) x x x

Michelle said...

I hope you get to feeling better.


Carrie P. said...

sorry you are not feeling well and all that snow.whew!
Oh, that Carmen is really smart. Love her design using your patterns.
Off to see the links.
Get well soon.

Sharon said...

So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I hope you're better soon!

Thanks for the links - that doily tablerunner is soooo cute!

And thanks for the info on the spam detector. Good to know.

Your stitchery designs always are so cute, and Carmen was very clever!

Val said...

Hope you feel better soon. I hate to be sick. I have not done too good on my projects this month but the month is not over, right? I am praying for those poor pitiful people that have went through this tragedy. I loved seeing those stitcheries and the mug rug. I have got to get my act together and get busy. This has just been such a busy month with weddings, showers, birthdays, etc.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Such a lot of inspiration in this post ~ and what fun seeing your birdcage design being worked up. It's so pretty outside your window ~ a lovely fir tree perfectly flocked with snow! Hope you are feeling better now ~ Steve has caught a terrible cold so I know what you are going through. {Hugs}

PS Thank you for mentioning New Zealand such a lot of suffering there and also concerned for the people in the Middle East.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I sorry your feeling so bad sweets. Not fun at all!
Love that panel and can't wait to see what you do with it.
The birdcage stitchery is just sooooooo pretty!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Feel better!! Soooooo ready for spring!!!

Ivory Spring said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty. I always love seeing all the pretties on your blog.

Have a lovely day!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Sweet gifts! Love what Carmen did with your adorable patterns!!


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