Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No-Reply Bloggers And Give Aways

Happy Wednesday, everybody!  Here in the bitterly cold north country, the sun is shining brightly although it's doing nothing to warm the air.  But that's ok, because spring is on the way, it will get here, the weatherman assures me this is so.

On my give-away post, I've received many lovely comments from you all.  However, some of you are no-reply bloggers, and have your profiles set so I can't view them.  Which means I have no way of contacting you.  How do you know if you're a no-reply blogger?  Well, I do respond to each and every comment on my posts - if you've not had an email from me, that's one way to know I can't reach you.

The other way is to follow the instructions below, to change it.  Make sure your settings on your blog are correct.  If you prefer to stay private, then you'll have to include your email in your comment, otherwise you can't be entered in the give-away.

Here's how you change a no-reply. Go to your blog, sign in, and go to your dashboard. Over on the left, click on "edit profile". There are two things where you show your email addy, and I'm not sure if you need both of them or just one of them checked, so we'll do both. Under where it says Privacy, make sure 'show my email address' has a check mark in the box, then scroll down to Identity and make sure your email addy is in the box for Email Address. SAVE your changes.

I really do appreciate your comments, and don't want anyone left out who wants to be in the give-away..  If you make the changes, or want to be entered in the give-away and haven't heard from me, please go back to the post and leave another comment with your email.  Thanks, and have a great [warm] day!


Soggibottom said...

What size are the boxing gloves ha ha :-) x x x

Val said...

I am so excited that you shared this. It is frustrating especially when they ask you a question. Thanks.


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