Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's 2am, Do You Know Where Your Mother Is?

Good, cuz I don't.  She's out running the streets with a friend.  They're both night owls and they like to shop without crowds.  And her friend just bought a new home, they might be there drinking tea and discussing paint colors.  I come by my night-owl-ism honestly, it seems.

A couple of weeks ago, Jenny had a give-away and I won - and today the parcel arrived from Australia.  I wish Jenny had come with it.    So beautifully wrapped....

PICT0020  b

Look at these darling scissors, and the sweetest scissor fob you've ever seen, stitched by Jenny's own sweet hands!

PICT0023    e

Jenny has a matching pair, so we can snip together across the miles.  But that was not all....oh no....

PICT0024    f

THE most gorgeous calendar diary in the world.  With attached bookmark, no less.  I have no excuse for forgetting appointments this coming year!  It will be such a pleasure to use, I'll have to write something each day even if I stay home.  I know - prayer requests!  I think that's perfect.  Jenny, thank you so much my friend, my dear sweet kindred sister. *sniff*   I wish the picture was better [my crummy camera and all].  It was dark when I took these, it's dark by dinnertime now, the picture doesn't do it any justice at all.

And now a picture of what I'm working on. 

PICT0029    k

This is going to be a tutorial, I've already started taking pics of the process.  A fast, easy, doesn't have to be perfect tutorial.  I should have more time tomorrow to finish up, after the Y.  Just don't expect better pics - it's pouring rain, I know it will be dreary.  Oh, and dark early, sigh.  I'm also working on some hearts for Shirley.   She's collecting them for the families of the miners who lost their lives in New Zealand.    Every family will be getting quilts.  If you'd like to help, pop on over to her blog and scroll down to see the post. 

I'll be back soon with the tutorial - I think I'd better go try my mom's cell phone, and tell her to get home or else!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy Week Ahead

Hi everyone!  I hope my American friends are recovered from all the turkey and shopping happening this past weekend.  I only did a bit of shopping - my cutting mat had worn out, and Joann Fabric had them half off, so I got a new one.  Bonus, it is marked on both sides, so it will last twice as long.  'Bout time they thought of that one, eh?

I'm working on a new design for you.  It was born out of a need for a gift, for someone who needs nothing.  However, she has just moved, so mum and I decided a holiday table runner would be quick and easy.  I'll have that for you early in the week, I hope.  It's pieced applique, using fusible for a quicker finish.

Jeff [hubby] and John went to their very first hockey game tonight, to see our beloved Red Wings play.  John bought the tickets for Jeff's birthday last week.  And of course our Wings won.  [They're first in the league].  The boys took pics, but they came out so terribly that I think my chances of a new camera for Christmas might be good.  My camera can take good close-ups, in ideal lighting, but outside and apparently sports arenas come out awful.  So if you have a favorite all-purpose camera, let me know in the comments!

I wanted to share a pic that Sue sent me.  She made a Lemon Tree pillow and I love it!

I really love the lemon yellow backing.  Great job, Sue!

Tomorrow, I'm taking my friend from Florida back to the airport.  I read something that pretty well disgusted me the other day....you know those pat-downs they do for security?  Well, it turns out they do not change gloves with every passenger.  So if the person in front of you has lice [or worse], or some kind of open wound, or an infectious disease, it's going to get wiped all over YOU.    Remember, they check inside the waistband of your underwear!  Some of the security people carry extra gloves in their pockets - um, not quite sanitary - so if I were to fly, and had to do the pat-down, I would insist on clean gloves from the box.  These people aren't trained in medical procedures, and the gloves are only to protect them.  Not you.  Mum will be flying in December, and can't go through the scanner - she'll have to have the pat-down.  Being in fragile health, I've already told her to insist on clean gloves. 

I think I can safely say I'll never fly again.  I've been avoiding it anyway - too claustrophobic the last time - but going through all of this is just too much.  Safer?  Don't you believe it.  Follow the money and you'll see why these scanners are in place.  And that's all I'll say about that.  You can thank me.  Seriously - I could go on, and on, and on.....but I won't.

I found my pile of vintage transfers [under all the projects I have going on] and remembered that I was going to upload them for you.  So I'm hoping to get to that too - oh golly I have so many things going at the moment!  There is fabric everywhere, in piles according to projects, every surface is covered with drawings, thread snips and floss all over.  I can't turn around without tripping on something, and I keep stubbing my toes on a pile of books on the floor next to my computer. I really have no business being on the computer, lol - so I'll say good night and sweet quilty dreams, see you in a couple of days!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


No commenting on blogs tonight, today was hubby's birthday and tomorrow, of course, is Thanksgiving.  I hope all of you that celebrate have a safe and blessed holiday.  I am so thankful for all of YOU!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Break Time Is Over

Gosh, I hated those words when I worked.  Fortunately, I'm retired.  Not really, but I like saying it.  I had a bumper sticker on my car that said "I'm retired, go around me".  People used to ask me how I could retire so young [I retired from working OUTSIDE of the home when my oldest was born] and they no longer ask.  It stings a bit.

My break time was totally unproductive.  Well, not totally - it just didn't work the way it was supposed to.  I spent two days raking leaves at my mom's.  [Not a good idea, with fibro and arthritis...]  The boys did most of it the first day, but then one of the traitors young men decided to go someplace with dad, and I had to rake and bag 9 large bags with my younger son.  Running my mom around and visiting friends that just flew into town took up the rest of the time.  NO sewing was done, at all.  I'm very thankful for my mum and I love my friends too, I guess I didn't pick a good week to take a break!

I did remember to take a pic of those solids I got from Sue's shop.

kona solids

A Liberated quilt will come from these and the fabric Mary sent me.  I just can't stop petting them.

We've not finalized our Thanksgiving plans yet.  We don't have a working oven at the moment, so I know I won't be hosting the big event - we'll probably go to my mum's.  I need to get a turkey Monday.  How are your plans going? 

I'm working on a new design.  This one will be secret though.  Until after Christmas.  I'm trying to get very serious with designing.  I have so many things in my head and I'd love to get them into fabric.  I'm finding it very satisfying to create something that's never been created before - the whole process of creating is giving me a reason to get up in the morning.  When I'm working on something, I don't notice any pain or discomfort, and when I don't have time to work I find myself getting very stressed.  It's like a drug but without the nasty side effects.  Too bad I can't bottle it, I'd make a fortune.

Have a good and safe week, find something to be thankful for!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Time For A Break

I'm overwhelmed at the moment - soooo many designs demanding creation, and going to the Y every day really eats into my sewing time.  So, I'll be staying off the computer so much this week, just checking emails in the morning.  I was hoping I'd get used to working out and it would give me more energy, but that's not happening.  I can't give up going, as I have to shuttle the boys anyway.

Oh yes - I just ordered some Kona Cotton solids from Sue at Blueberry Buckle  - oh my are they gorgeous!  I'd love to take a pic but the batteries are defunct in my camera.  Sue has a shop on etsy called Simply Solid Fabric and I think she must have every color in the rainbow and some I've never heard of.  I ordered the 7 yards Custom Kona Order, you get 7 yards for $36 and let her know in the message which colors you want.  What I LOVE is that she labels each cut with the color and number.  So easy if you need to order more, or want to make sure you aren't ordering doubles.  What a clever cookie she is!  This will be making its way into new designs.  It also came very fast - she's on the ball!  Thanks Sue, I'll be back!

So be good, and if you can't be good, be good at it.  Back in a week.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just A Quick FYI....

My free download for Lemon Tree will be coming down next Saturday....so you have a week to grab it if you want it!  Nothing new to report, but lots of designing going on - the floodgates have opened and I'm wearing out pencils fast.  Fun stuff!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Mushrooms Have Landed

Sounds like a 60's song, doesn't it?  But no.  Remember the offer for bloggers from Meyer Imports?  It came!


Oh my.....


Can you stand it?  Is this not the cutest?


Look at those adorable little vials of glitter!  And the sweet little mushrooms! They have little kits of gnomes, creatures and people too, so I'm thinking a wee scene for my mum for Christmas.  She LOVES that.  Maybe like a little terrarium?  I'll have to make myself one too....I know I'd want to keep it.

The offer for this kit is that you get it free with any order in November, and if you blog about it, you get the kit free.  Many thanks to John, for a brilliant offer and a lovely product!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Do You Take Pics With Your Phone?

And then upload them?  If you do, you need to learn about geo-tagging - and how someone can use it to get within a meter of you, by the information from your picture.  This was just on our local news, minutes ago, and there is a website that has information on how to turn off geo-tagging for your phone.  On the right-hand side, you'll see "Help Me Fix This!" The website is called I Can Stalk U, and they are trying to spread this information.  Make sure the children in your life who have smart phones have this turned off!

Things And....Stuff And....Hmmmm

I wonder if authors have a hard time coming up with THEIR titles.  I finished the baby quilt, and wouldn't you know, only got one picture.


That's my mom peeking out over the top.  Not the best pic but you've seen pieces of it before.  Mum is 5'2, so the quilt is a good size.  All washed and wrinkly, ready to hug a baby.  And here's the proud mum-to-be, Danielle, with her little niece....


Hard to believe I've known her since she was born, and now she's ready to be a mum herself!  Isn't she a beauty?  She was very happy with the quilt.  My mom had made some crocheted afghans, and a crocheted dress, with a beautiful crocheted bib - and some lady latched onto her and got her name and number, might want some commissions!  I wish I had a pic of what my mom made, I'll try to get some when I go visit.

And now the books I've been wanting to tell you about.  I had won the give-away over at the lovely Joanne's, the $25 gift certificate to I Have a Notion - talk about happy!!!  I got this book that I've been wanting since it came out:

PICT0279  4654688877

You see where it says no rules, no ruler?  Is that my kind of quilting or what!
Joanne and Kelly, thank you SO much - I'm just thrilled with this book!  And as always, the service from Kelly can't be beat!

The other books I wanted to tell you about I got from the library.  Here are two of them, the camera died before I could take pics of the third.


I am so, so in love with Gwen Marston's quilts.  Quite some time ago, Mary from Mary's Quilting Notes was  clearing out her stash, and sent me half a ton of solid color fabrics.  Well, ok, not half a ton - I exaggerate - but close.  I've been looking for THE project ever since, and I think I've found it.  There are quite a few quilts I'd like to try in these books, but I think what has amazed me so much is how many of the quilts are showing up around blogland right now.  They're called something different, but they're the same quilts!  Both of these books are on my permanent "must get" list.

The third book is Stitched So Cute from Mary Engelbreit.  Folks, it's Mary's pictures, STITCHED.  With just basic stitches, or applique, and colored in with markers [I'd used colored pencils].  And my teeny tiny library had it!  It's now also on my permanent list.

I think that's all for now, I guess I'll go read blogs - I way overdid it at the Y today, rode the recumbent bike for over four miles.  And yes, I'm paying for it.  I've decided I have to stay off the treadmill as my right foot is not happy with me, which stinks because I LOVE the treadmill.  It has handles so I can hang on and not fall down, lol.  Can't do that outside!  Be well and happy, find something that makes you giggle!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Give-Aways To Tell You About

First, Meyer Imports is giving away a Free Mushroom Kit with every order - and for bloggers, if you blog about it, send them the link to your post and your mailing address and you'll get the kit free!  Link is here, on their blog - oh my what a yummy blog.  I can't go there without a bib on.  Check them out, they have such beautiful things - I'm crazy about the vintage silk prints, going to have to get some of those!!!

Second, the gorgeous Jenny of Elefantz is giving away the most darling pair of scissors you've ever seen!  And check out her new pattern, Spotty, Dotty Snails - oh my gosh you're going to love it.  I can't wait to make it!  PLUS - she's having a buy one get one sale in her etsy shop!

I finished the baby quilt, it's in the washer now - pics to follow probably Monday, along with a give-away win that I've been dying to show you.  Don't forget, if applicable, to turn your clocks back - yay for an extra hour of sleep!


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