Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Almost Well

I hope!  And I hope nobody else gets it.  Laid me out, it did.  Didn't sew, didn't blog, hardly looked at the computer....and taking two types of cold meds gave me a bad, bad day of depression.  Meds and I don't get along.

But look what's starting to come to life outside my window!

PICT0047    1
PICT0042    1

That's right, the messiest crabapple tree in existence.  It's been in need of serious pruning for years, but since it's always covered with bees, I leave that to others.  Others who never do it.  But the flowers sure are pretty!  I hope all the blossoms survive, we've had some frost.

Here's what I haven't been working on.

PICT0045    1

I did manage to get it basted today, still waiting for inspiration to strike on how to quilt it.  And I need to get some trim - some kind of gold braid, I think, to go around the border, like a rope.

PICT0043    1

It's really hard to photograph something with white on it!  I could take it outside but I'm not feeling THAT good yet.  Do you like it?  It's going to be a free pattern on my sidebar as soon as I finish writing it.  Almost done.

I want to thank everyone for the lovely messages you left on my last post.  You all made me feel so much better!  I'm sorry that I got so behind on my blog reading, I had to clear my reader to start over - I'm so glad to be back, but I know I'll never get caught up.  I read all your posts, but my head was pounding so I couldn't sit long enough to comment. 

And now I'd better go get my tea, it's almost time for "Lost" and I don't miss that show - it's the only one I watch, lol!  Be well, stay healthy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Down But Not Out

The Spring Crud has come to our house for an annual visit - we're all sick.  I'm taking a bit of a bloggy break until I can focus my eyes again.  Behave yourselves.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Give-Away Alert!

Go see Mary at Quilting in the Sunshine State - she's having her one-year blog anniversary and is giving away two groups of fat quarters - they're lovely!  And so is her blog...I guarantee inspiration! 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hooray For Rainy Days!

Today is a lovely day - rain, rain, rain, which means lots of sewing time.  My new iron is working like a champ...the glue on the fusible is behaving like it darn well should.  Here's the hero of the day:

PICT0031              1

I recently found another indispensible tool.  If you have one of these -

PICT0036              1

then you need one of these.

PICT0039              1

I hadn't seen one since I was a kid!  I've been using lint rollers to remove all the cat hair that gets on my quilts - because fusible web won't work if the fabric is covered with cat hair - and they work, I thought.  I found this lint brush at the dollar store and remembered my grandma having one.  They're incredibly superior to lint rollers, and they last!  The hair is easily removed with a swipe of your hand.  Yes, I stocked up - I bought three, lol.  My cat has a LOT of hair.  Even so, I think I have a lifetime supply.

In other happy news, my blog is mentioned over at the Be@Home blog.  Every month they have a Carnival of Shopping post, and they mention some great blogs!  Check them out - it's a fun place.  I like to virtual shop, lol!

I'll leave you with another photo of Hermoine.  I can only hope I don't look like this from the back!

PICT0032              1

The Best Laid Plans

Today, I was committed to spending all day in the sewing room.  Determined to get this pattern done, I knew I had to buckle down and not get distracted.  Due to the fibromyalgia, it really takes it out of me to leave the house - not just the leaving, but all the prep time [getting dressed, drying hair, etc].  By the time I come home, I'm tired and don't feel like sewing.  So, NO plans to leave home today meant a good sewing day, right?

First shot at applique, and the glue won't melt on my fusible.  I shake the iron.  I turn up the heat.  I give it my best "I'm the mom, I'm in charge and you're in trouble" look.  I hold the iron on there long enough to scorch it.  Nothing.  Guess what?  I have to leave the house and go buy a new iron.
End of sewing.

But.  It was a gorgeous day, although a bit humid [100%].  I picked up my mom and we went off with the sunroof and all the windows open.  T-shirt weather.  I ended up being glad that I got to leave the house!

Would you like a peek at the pattern?  This is just a corner.......


Tomorrow is storms all day.  Excellent sewing weather, provided we don't lose power!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Celebration and A Question

Yesterday was my birthday.  Can you believe I forgot to take pictures?  Not so hard to believe I guess, I forget so much as I get older.  The other day Mr. Allie told me he's taking some pills for his memory - I asked him what they were, and he said he couldn't remember.  Maybe he's contagious.

I have a question for you ladies that love applique.  If you do needleturn, do you stay away from patterns that are for fusible web, or do you find it easy to add the seam lines?  I'm creating some patterns now, and I've never done needleturn, and I have no desire to learn - I'm all about fast and easy projects.  So I know nothing about adapting patterns if someone prefers needleturn.  I would appreciate any input you'd like to give me!

And may I say I have a new-found respect for those who write patterns.  It's not as easy as it looks.  When you make something up, you will make mistakes - I spent part of my day ripping apart some borders.  Not my idea of a good time, but it's part of the learning curve.

I hope you all have a happy and blessed Easter - hopefully with some warm sunshine as well.  Part of my day involved finding all of our summer clothes, it made it to 80 degrees today - the fans were going flat out!


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