Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Over The Moon

In a vintage balloon! The mailman came yesterday. Don't you just love the mailman? I do. He brought me two packages!

The first was a give-away win from Jan at Just-A-Mere. She was downsizing her apron collection and look at the beauty I won!

PICT1157    1

Mustard and grey. With black rick-rack. GORGEOUS.

PICT1161    1

Looks kinda blue in that pic, but it's grey. And she sent a card that matched perfectly - not intentional, she says, must've been her unconcious artists' eye!

PICT1162    1

Thank you Jan, I love it! That pocket will come in handy for holding my phone!

The second package was from Dawnie at Itching for Stitching. She was my Hug Swap partner, and am I glad. I only hope she likes her gift I made for her half as well as I love mine. Dawnie says she had a hard time doing pink, and retro, it's not her usual style, but I think it should be - she did a fabulous job on this!

PICT1175    1

Look at the sweet little label she made too!

PICT1169    1

She even drew a mug on the letter she sent. This girl has it going on.

PICT1170111    1

Needle-turn applique heart on the mug hug. *swoon* And her stitching is exquisite.

PICT1172    1

Dawnie, I love it so much, and I think it's the best one out of everybody's - thank you dear one!

And now for something I need help with. I made this block for Terry's quilt.

block for terry maybe

The long-armer says she's going an all-over quilted pattern, and it will go over the lettering, which is kind of dense - I'm a bit worried that her needle will get stuck in the lettering. I'm thinking of making something different. What do you think, ladies? I could do a different block with handwritten lettering instead, or just make a normal block. Any input is welcome!


Linda said...

Such beautiful parcel you received Allie. As for your block, I don't think I'd do another block. Think you'll find the all over quilting will be fine and your block won't be ruined.

Anne said...

I see why you are so delighted with your mug hug swap - it is definitely a set to be treasured.
Can't help with advice on your block, I'm clueless about that.

Allie said...

Congratulations on your fun packages!
I've quilted over embroidery before and it worked out fine. I'd leave it like it is!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I love aprons! What a beauty that one is :) and your hug swap partner sent you a beautiful gift.

I love the verse you chose. I have several memorized that I repeat when life gets difficult and one is very similar to that one.

Mary said...

Love the apron the matching card - I love it when those kinds of things happen by chance (or by design). The mug hug from the hug swap is adorable. The block is beautifully done - I wouldn't change a thing. I guess you could always ask someone who does long arm quilting about whether or not the denseness of the embroidery would present a problem, but I don't think it will(?)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great packages from the mailman! Wow, love your block. Do you think the long arm quilter could possibly just go around the words??

Kim said...

I guess i didn't think of that Allie. I think it should be ok. Mine is more detailed than your block.

jan said...

Glad you are pleased with the apron! I am pleased that it is yours, now!

I love the block! I think it will be fine. You could hand embroider the verse on another block and use this one for something else, if you are concerned, though.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What lovley goodies you have received..keep the block Terry will love it and I am sure it will be fine when quilted Allie..

Anonymous said...

Hi Allie,

Cute packages. I can tell you from experience the embroidered label shouldn't be a problem. When I quilt over them, I barely notice they are there.

Carrie P. said...

Wow, that apron is so beautiful and how very nice that you won it.
And Dawnie know how to try something different. She did a great job. They are all so cute.
It looks like some have had experience with quilting over embroidery like you have on the label and it looks like it will be okay from what they all say. I don't have any experience doing that.

Anonymous said...

OH love the presents! I've been thinking of making myself an apron. I have a lot of one soft looking fabric that I just love.

I don't know very much of the longarming process so I really have no idea. Mary at Quilt Hollow is a professional longarmer and one of the longarmers who volunteered to work on Terry's quilt. Perhaps pop over and ask her.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh wow...that is a beautiful block, Allie-girl! Such a blessing to Terry and her kin.

That Mug Hug is BEootiful!!!

Terri said...

I think you block is just fine my dearest!! Love the apron....and how cute are your mug hug and mat are!!

DAWNIE said...

How funny it is so see something I have made on your blog - glad you like it. I just love the one you have done for me and will do a post on it now. Thank you great swap.

Jenileigh said...

beautifully blessed you are!

Lauranie said...

Those are so great!! Love the mug holder, beautiful stitching.

Your block is so sweet! You just have the best heart! I think it will be fine, maybe the longarm quilter will decide to just go around it!!


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