Friday, September 11, 2009

Joy, Frustration, and A Reply to Barbara

Last night, I was surfing around, answered some emails and read some blogs, when suddenly I couldn't get anywhere. Turned out our internet was down throughout the house. Just as I was getting ready to do this blog post, too. Hubby called our provider's tech support, and they had him on the phone for almost 2 hours, checking settings and all kinds of things I'd never heard of - and after all that time, finally realized the internet was not only down in our entire city, but it had been reported BEFORE we called. They realized this at 1am.

I know I'm getting older, I hope I'm not turning into a crochety old lady - but it seems like all the intelligent life has left the planet. At least in the work force. I guess we're just all busy quilting.

On to joy. I recieved my parcel from Diane yesterday, from her blog give-away last week. What a treat! She sent a truly lovely parcel. Her birthday, and I get the gift. Look and see:

PICT1061     1

The candy is gone. I had some for breakfast and the rest for dessert last night. Chocolate is not safe with me! She sent a couple of orphan quilt blocks, one of which is destined to become a placemat, a couple of charm packs [she has LOVELY taste in fabrics!], and the sweetest little Christmas stocking made from a vintage quilt that her grandmother made. The stocking brought tears to my eyes - you can tell the quilt was very well loved, it is so soft. I hung it on a peg in my sewing room and there it will stay.

PICT1067    1
PICT1066    1

Thank you Diane, I love it all and would love to go fabric shopping with you - you have superb taste in fabric! Go check out her blog and see the post she made about her grandmother's quilt.

And now, a reply to Barbara. She had left a comment on my last post about the embroideries, and I'm sorry Barbara, but I had no way to email you. You came up as a no-reply blogger, so I thought I'd answer your comment here. I did try the iron-on stabilizer, and the puckering on the embroidery was just as bad. I went to the dealer and tried everything - consulted all the experts and tried all kinds of stabilizers, all to no avail. The designs are just too dense. I thought about taking them into my software and reducing the density, but I'm not that familiar with the program and the thought of testing and tweaking all those designs made me crazy, lol. With all the layers I have now, the stitch-outs are the best I've had, so I'll just grit my teeth and stick with it. I must say I've NEVER had so many problems with any embroidery - I'll not do these again. I even took one design down to my girlfriend's, to see if it stitched out any better on her machine, but no. Thank you for reading and commenting, Barbara! I appreciate your help!

I'm off to finish reading my blogs - didn't get to last night. Have a wonderful weekend!


Quilter Going Bananas said...

I love the story about the grandma's quilt and now a bit of it is now a stocking. Enjoy it, it's precious :^)

Carrie P. said...

Oh boy, I was just talking to my husband last night that it would be so much easier if we didn't care about things.
What a great giveaway you won. The stocking is precious. Congrats.

Michelle said...

What a nice giveaway! And it came with chocolate!!! I too love the stocking, very sweet.

Barbara said...

Sorry about not having my email available to answer me, I thought I clicked it to be available to you.
Since you tried the iron-on I would say it is the designs fault, whoever created them made them too dense, and since I never tried designing my own with my software I haven't a clue how to fix them.
I am sure it has been very frustrating to you, I would be growling, grin, but perservering!
this time I made sure to click to show my email addy with Google, but if all else fails try:

Isabella said...

Love the stocking, would have gone nuts with no PC GRIN

Di~ said...

Allie~glad you like!
p.s. I looked at your friend's house, where is Melbourne Village? My daughter is moving to Florida. I wish I were to be able to buy your friend's house!

jan said...

What a lovely packet of goodies! Too bad about the design flaw - It is so frustrating to be tripped up by something like that and to be thinking that there is a solution, when there turns out not to be!

Sharon said...

Oh boy, do I ever agree with you about Tech Support and other such things. Grrr! I feel like I'm getting old and cranky too. And my DH - well, don't get him started. He used to manage a Tech Support dept.!

Great haul on the giveaway! Lucky you. And sweet stocking.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Yummy -- what a treat-- the fabric and the candy! That story behind the stocking is really neat, and the stocking is ADORABLE!

Victoria said...

I like your humor about the internet going down!
Congrats on that lovely giveaway!

Lauranie said...

How special to have such a sweet piece of someone's history!! But I know it is in the right hands! :) Grrrr is right about tech support! I try not to be a "difficult" consumer, but I feel if I am paying our hard-earned $$$ for a product it should work and always be available when I need it!!! I have been growling alot to our trash p/u because they switched it to only ONCE a week and sometimes "forget" to pick mine up!!! I am expecting a big FAT credit!! :D

Jennifer Paganelli said...

hey Allie good to hear from you ..I love that little stocking you got!!!
precious beyond words and quite the legacy.


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