Friday, July 17, 2009

The Epic Tag Post

I have been tagged by three people. THREE! So get ready, cuz you're about to find out all kinds of things you never wanted to know about me. *giggle*

First up is Lauranie. Check out her blog, she is a creative whirlwind! She gets more done in a day than I do in a month. I don't know how she does it. She tagged me to post six unimportant things that make me happy.

1. Moose Tracks Ice Cream. You might see this one a lot.
2. Rainbows after a storm [just saw one today!]
3. New fabric.
4. The color of the ocean, right next to a sandy beach.
5. The sound of my boys laughing uncontrollably.
6. My kitty purring on my lap.

Next is Cheryl. You have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but they have to be true. This one is called Honest Scrap, and I can't seem to link the picture. And then you have to tag ten people, but I never know who to tag, so if you're reading this and want to be tagged, go ahead and post - link back to me and let me know, so I can come read it!

Ok, my ten things:
1. I Love Lucy is my all-time favorite tv show. I own all the dvd's and like to watch incessantly.
2. I'm 50 and still think I'm a teen-ager. I don't know when I'll grow up. Maybe never.
3. My idea of camping is the closest Sheraton.
4. Sticking with that theme, I have a horrible bug phobia. I really, really hate bugs.
5. I've always wanted to live in a caboose.
6. I hate to cook. Even opening a can hardly seems worth it.
7. I have an embarrassing [to my kids] habit of taking a popular song and making my own lyrics, on the spur of the moment. The lyrics are usually about my kids.
8. I'm mostly Irish with a squeak of American Indian.
9. I didn't become a mom until I was 33.
10. Any time I've ever gone for a job interview, I've gotten it.

Whew. That was hard.

And now, last but not least, Kelly from Charming Chatter has tagged all the members of the Charming Girls Quilt Club. You get an extra entry in this month's draw if you answer it. How could I pass that up, lol? I have to share five things about myself. Five more?? Hope you're up for it, lol.

1. My Favorite Fabric Is: Anything Sis Boom! Jennifer Paganelli is a genius with color and design. Check out her beautiful blog.
2. The pattern I'm most looking forward to sewing is: one of my own!
3. The food that is my weakness: Moose Tracks. See above.
4. If I knew I couldn't fail, I'd: open a quilt shop and design my own patterns.
5. The best "life" advice I know is: Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Ok, that's it, the end of the epic tag!


Cheryl said...

Now we know all kinds of things about you!!!! Great job on doing all three tags...I think this may be some kind of bloggy record! I can so relate to the cooking thing. We have lots, and lots in common.

Jocelyn said...

You HAVE been a busy girl :-)

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Such fun info about you -- a caboose, huh? Thanks for sharing with us! I hope you're right --and that you never grow up! I'm still not sure whether to thank you or be mad at you for getting me hooked on the Moose Tracks. I'll go have a bowl while I think it over (giggle)!

Lindah said...

Good job answering 3 sets of questions! That was a fun way to get better acquainted with you. Since you mentioned living in a caboose, I thought I would tell you about my parents. They were married in 1935, an era if great financial struggle for most people. They left the midwest immediately and headed for CA in their old jalopy with $5 to their name and little else. Dad found work in a gravel pit and they were allowed to live in an abandoned caboose that had not been fitted out for living. The folks were resourceful...Dad made a cookstove out of a large tin can (for outside use), they hauled water in buckets, burned kerosene in a contrived lantern, bathed/laundered in the creek. BUT, they made it! And they were thankful for that caboose. By the way, my hair salon is in a cute caboose. I get a kick out of walking in there.

Judy said...

It's been fun reading everyones answers!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Allie. Love reading them all. I agree the caboose one is a lot of fun! And who wants to ever grow up. I hope I keep a youthful spirit like you have!

Thanks for sharing and no no tagging. I've already been caught ;)

Mary said...

This was a very interesting post since most of us don't know each other in person. It is fun to see what our fellow quilting bloggers have in common with us other than the obvious things like fabric collecting (or hoarding in my case). Mmmmm...Moose Tracks is definitely one of my favorites too. Proverbs 3:5 - yes, definitely.

Lauranie said...

I say OPEN UP THAT QUILT SHOP!!! I don't think you will fail, especially after reading your post. Let's see, 1) You already have gone from 1 or 2 comments to about 14 to 20 on you know how to increase your audience! 2) Every job interview you gone to, you've you are likeable AND successful, career-wise! 3) Think of all the FABRIC you can stock up on!! You have excellent taste in colors, combinations, and are able to get ppl to GIVE you samples! And last but NEVER least 4) Proverbs 3:5!!! So, there you have it. No excuses now! :) xo

Rebekah said...

you are lucky to have this be true for you!
"10. Any time I've ever gone for a job interview, I've gotten it. "

Paula said...

You've always wanted to live in a caboose? That's awesome!


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