Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wonky House Give-Away!

My block finished for the Wonky House Give-Away from Jenny!


To enter, you must have completed at least one block, post it on your blog, and link back to hers. The sweetest little wall-hanging of a wonky house block, stitched by the talented Jenny, is the prize. I'm very excited that block number 4 is coming out on May 9th, I can't wait!


Sweet Woodruff said...

We call our Ally, Ally Ooop too. LOL Too funny. I bet you're sweet as sugar too, just like my girl. I haven't met a bad Ally/Allie yet.

I LOVE all the embroidery and quilting you are doing. I'm going to have to make those too. I quilt, crochet, etc...but embroidery is closest to my heart. It's my favorite.

How old are your homeschool kids. I have and 18 and 13 year old. Time is flying *sniff*

Anonymous said...

Awww This is just too cute. Love it!!

susan m hinckley said...

I love the idea of "wonky houses"! Wonky is actually one of my favorite words. I often complain of a "wonky trolley" at the grocery store, but I hadn't considered applying it to houses. Obviously I'm out of it since there's a whole "wonky house" thing going on that I had no idea about . . . thanks for keeping me informed!


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