Friday, May 22, 2009

A Hug From Down Under

I woke up crying this morning. I needed a hug. God is good - He saw that I got one.

PICT0285 1 ps

Shortly after I woke up, the mailman came. It was my package from Jenny at Elefantz - her Wonky House Give-Away! Jenny is just the sweetest, most caring person. Look at the beautiful ribbon on the package, and the card with a ROSE on it -

PICT0285 2 ps

And inside? Oh my.

PICT0286 ps

This absolutely gorgeous wall-hanging, stitched by Jenny's own sweet hands:

PICT0287 ps

And this fabulous fabric with Australian wildflowers! Isn't this pretty! I'm going to turn this into something really special, and it will always remind me of Jenny.

PICT0289 ps

And look at this. This took my breath away. A Shabby Rose block with MY NAME in it. How special is THAT????

PICT0288 ps

Jenny, you sure know how to make someone feel better. Thank you dear one!

I felt so much better after that hug, I decided to finish the binding on my quilt for Italy. But first I took a couple of pictures:

PICT0293 ps

PICT0295 ps

It's now completely done and will hopefully be mailed this coming week. I have to tell you - I had just finished stitching the birds on, and hubby walked in and looked at them, and said "Nice baby seals". I could've kicked him. Do they really look like baby seals??? EEK!


Tanya said...

Your quilt is lovely!!! All the colors! You might have a thousand colors there yourself! No. Your birds look exactly like birds. Your husband needs to buy new glasses!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

No, they do NOT look like;-) I love your Italy quilt, the colours and the BIRDS are gorgeous!!

I'm so happy you liked your are one VERY special lady and I am enjoying getting to know you, a sister in Christ and a new friend. :-)

jan said...

I love the birds! I would never have thought they were added to 'disguise' an oops, they look perfect!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

No, they don't look like seals at all! They are very cute little birds.

I love that wall hanging too! It's so sweet.

Glad to hear that you were cheered up :)

Anonymous said...

Your quilt looks so beautiful!! I love those birds. You're right they add something special!

Again I'm so sorry about your loss. I love your hug. It is beautiful in many many ways!

Allie I also went alone while traveling. I rarely if ever went with people because I traveled cheaply, often sleeping in my car, not many people wanted to go with me. China was the first school involved trip I went on and the only person I knew when leaving had been my Chinese Politics Professor.

Kelly@CharmingChatter said...

So glad to have you back, Allie! I missed ya. Love that you got that hug, too! And, I love your quilt -- someone in Italy is going to be smiling from ear to ear when they receive your wonderful gift!
Oh, and my experience with hubbies is that they just don't see very well -- they are clearly birds!

Rebekah said...

What a charming gift. That embroidery is adorable!

I love the coin quilt that you looks great with that additional applique

roberta said...

the quilt is beautiful and the birds really complement not worry, men sometimes seam to have a distorted vision of what is around;))
can't wait to hug and handle the quilt!!!!
Love, roberta from Italy


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