Saturday, April 4, 2009


Of all the gifts God gives to us, a good friend is right up there among the best. A friend that understands your tears, makes you laugh, and doesn't tell you you're being stupid when it's quite obvious that you are....well, I'm blessed to have friends like this. And one of them sent me a gift today.

PICT0010 2

This is a necklace, with a picture of Russell covered in his quilt that I made him. She MADE this for me. Betty, you've no idea how you've touched me. No idea at all. I will treasure this my whole life. I'm sorry the pic is so blurry, I'm still learning about macro and breath-holding.

She also sent a mini-quilt she found on her trip to Oregon.

PICT0015 2

If you click on it, you'll be able to see the large size and read what it says. It is SO ME. How nice to have a friend that knows you so well, lol!!!!!

On the home front, Sam's quilt is quilted, the binding is on the front, and I'm halfway done with stitching down the back. It will be nice to get this done.

PICT0020 2

Blogger seems to be cutting off my pictures on the right side. I'm not sure what to do about it, maybe try a different layout.



Allie said...

That necklace is fabulous! Great friends are such a blessing.

Pam McL said...

Wow! Betty is a gem, that's for sure. Love the necklace...LOVE the little quilt and it's quotes.
Can't wait to see a pic of Sam's quilt when it's finished. You go, Girl!

Victoria said...

Yes, a great friend is a wonderful blessing.

Eileen said...

That is the nicest gift.. the picture of Russell in the quilt. I am sure you will treasure it forever.

Not sure how it goes when importing photos from Flickr.. but I know when I bring them over from my own website.. I have to resize them down to around 410 pixels first, or else they get cut off. I like to use the "minima" template.. same as you are using I think.. because it is so nice and simple and clean looking. But I don't know if maybe you would switch.. it might help.

Jenileigh said...



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